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Game Tokens enable Citizens to safely and quickly exchange currency for packs, previously only available via purchase in the Gold and Extras shop. Buying Game Tokens was enabled at day change of the Day 4,273.

Obtaining Game Tokens

All 5 Game Tokens Packs in the Gold and Extras shop

Game Tokens can be obtained from the Game Token Packs available in the Gold and Extras section and carry a fixed value of Icon-Euros.gif 0.1 € per Token:

  • Tokens Pack XL - Icon - Game tokens.png 999 Game tokens for Icon-Euros.gif 99.9 €
  • Tokens Pack L - Icon - Game tokens.png 599 Game tokens for Icon-Euros.gif 59.9 €
  • Tokens Pack M - Icon - Game tokens.png 249 Game tokens for Icon-Euros.gif 24.9 €
  • Tokens Pack S - Icon - Game tokens.png 99 Game tokens for Icon-Euros.gif 9.9 €
  • Tokens Pack XS - Icon - Game tokens.png 49 Game tokens for Icon-Euros.gif 4.9 €

Trading Game Tokens

Game Tokens marketplace section

Game Tokens can be traded to other players for Currency using the new Game Tokens section of the Marketplace.

There are, however, several differences in the Market mechanics:

  • The Seller’s identity is not disclosed (only citizenship is shown)
  • The seller can choose markets where his offer will be listed (can target a country or an alliance)
  • Only the best 5 offers are displayed
  • A citizen can only purchase from the current Top (Best) offer
  • One citizen can have up to 3 active offers on the market at one time
  • A citizen can have up to Icon - Game tokens.png 10,000 Game tokens (in his inventory and market offers combined)

In order to address the currency inflation, all Transactions made through the Game Tokens Marketplace will be subjected to a 5% Buyer Tax. The currency collected via this tax will be removed from the economy.


1 Game token is put on the market for Money.png 100 CC.
The Buyer will pay Money.png 100 CC (what is displayed on the Market Page)
The Seller will receive Money.png 95 CC (100 - 5% Tax)
Note: The Seller will be able to see Tax/Unit when placing an offer on the Market, as well as the Net Price.


Since day 4,565 new limits were put in place when purchasing and using tokens:

  1. Citizens can spend tokens to purchase packs from the shop with the value of up to 500 tokens per day.
  2. Citizens can use the currency to purchase tokens depending on their Military Rank levels. Each day a citizen can purchase tokens up to the sum of their Ground and Air Military Ranks.

Example: If a citizen has a Ground Military Rank of Icon rank Titan.png Titan (Rank Level 66) and an Aircraft Military Rank of Flight lieutenant 0.png Flight Lieutenant (Rank Level 26) he will be able to purchase up to 92 (66+26) tokens per day.

Using Game Tokens

Game Tokens can be:

  • exchanged for Selected Packs and Items for oneself at a later date
  • used as an investment and sell them at a later date for a profit

Game Tokens cannot be used to send Packs and Items using the “Send Gift” mechanic but you can send a Game Tokens pack as a gift.

Important note

There is a Global Limit of Total Game Tokens in Circulation and once this limit is reached, Game Token Packs will no longer be for sale until the Total Game Tokens go below the limit.


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