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Citizen 6

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Citizen4100427 v4.jpg
Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth Nov 20, 2010
Date of death 2011
Residence Arizona
Sex Male
Newspaper ECHELON Data Uplink
Ambassador of USA
March 23, 2011 – N/A
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Citizen 6, sometimes referred to simply as "6" or "C6", was a citizen of the United States of America Icon-USA.png .

He has served as an adviser to both the US President and Congress in the capacity of international ambassador.

6 was also believed to be a high ranking, perhaps even founding member, of the clandestine group commonly known as IKS.

Icon history.png History

Due to his secretive nature and that of his professional affiliations, not much is known about 6.

He is believed to have been born on the Day 1,096 of the New World, which according to that day's horoscope in The Daily Absorbent and Fresh-smelling Times, surprisingly suggests that he just so happened to be born on the most favorable day in New World history, ever.

To date, most data suggests that he has lived primarily in the USA, having surfaced in California, New Mexico, Connecticut, Hawaii, and Arizona. He has also been spotted in both Brazil and Argentina, and even Venezuela while the country was under Spanish occupation just prior to the outbreak of the Indonesia-USA War. It is rumored that he may maintain a number of safe-houses in South America, particularly in the Andes regions.

Icon zeitung.JPG Newspapers

Citizen 6 is listed on public tax records as being the owner and senior editor of The Daily Absorbent and Fresh-smelling Times, often also known as DAFT News. Considering the populist nature of the publication, some experts have suggested that DAFT News may very well be a part of a well crafted deep-cover scheme, designed to thwart counter-intelligence agencies working against him.

Additionally, documents written between Citizen 6 and high-ranking US officials have been recovered from the ECHELON Data Uplink on occasion, and have even been leaked to the general public from time to time. It remains unknown at this point if such leaks were intentionally part of yet another elaborate intelligence operation, or actually secured without his knowledge.

Icon position party president.gif Politics

Citizen 6 was a member of the Libertarian Party of the USA.

Icon advisor president.png Dark Mountain

Citizen4100427 v3.jpg

Official portrait of Citizen 6 in full dress uniform during
Executive Order: Dark Mountain.

In March of 2011, Citizen 6 was granted the office of US Ambassador to the country of Montenegro under what was known then as Executive Order: Dark Mountain. The purpose of the EO was found in the lack of established communication between the countries. According to the USA government documents, Montenegro's citizen and political communication network were all but non-existent, or at the very least outside of the purview of the US intelligence community. Up until Dark Mountain there were no significantly established relations between the two countries and 6 was therefore charged with the task of resolving the communication black-out. Serving in the capacity of Ambassador of the United States, Citizen 6 headed a team of IKS operatives whose chief task was to establish an embassy in the unknown country and work toward more peaceful relationships between the two. Because of this, Citizen 6 would become the first USA-Montenegro Ambassador in New World history.

At the time Montenegro was still destabilized due to a recent region swap with Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). This would ultimately allow the latter country the ability to attack Italy during what would eventually be known as World War V. It was the hope of the US government that Dark Mountain would hopefully prevent such an event from happening again in the future, and if it did, the USA would have some advance notice regarding the operations of the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and neighboring Serbia.

On April 5, 2011, the initial phase of Dark Mountain was successfully completed, and the first US-Montenegro embassy was established in New World history, with Citizen 6 designated as Chief Executive Officer of the ambassadorial mission.

User_talk:Citizen 6 IKS and the Button-men

I Kill Spies.png

The official seal of IKS, depicting the characteristic
Golden Eagle, and the group's motto;
"Bello, Pace, et IKS".

Citizen 6 is believed to be a founding member of the international group commonly known as IKS.

Though the group has protected levels of access, both internal and by its counterpart departments in various member-nations, available records do seem to indicate that Citizen 6 did have some significant role in the overall development of the organization in both the planning, development, and recruitment phases of the organization. As such, he is considered to be one of its high-ranking administrative and operations leaders.

Enrollment in IKS was apparently open to all citizens of any country that had ambassador status by their country of origin at the time. This status was verified by the official government department that oversees ambassadors, or by the Country President of the prospective member. Any individual, from any country, could also apply to be an IKS Historian based upon their willingness to be active on the official eRepublik wiki. Those seeking membership were welcome to send an in-game message to Citizen 6, or to leave a message here.

Icon - Congress.jpg Congressional Runs

6 has run three times for Congress under the Libertarian Party ticket, once in New Mexico in Dec 2010, and later in Connecticut in Jan 2011. The New Mexico race ended in a tie, though he did not win the seat. He lost in the Jan 2011 Connecticut race by two votes. After these defeats, he served as a blocker in races designed to counter potential political takeovers of the US.

Citizen 6 would reemerge on the political scene in April of 2011 with a Congressional run in the state of Hawaii, however, would lose badly by placing fourth under three incumbents running for the hotly contested seat.

New state flag campaign

Citizen 6's running platform is often characterized by the promise of introducing new state flags for the state in which he runs. During his New Mexico bid, Citizen 6 proposed introducing a new State Flag for that state based upon the existing flag, but with the inclusion of a taco. The new flag was intended to support the long tradition of the state's culinary speciality of "hard tacos" and also in response to the impending December 2010 invasion of Mexico during Operation Spring Break, the eventual result of which was the temporary wiping of Mexico from the map and the considerable littering of the beaches of Cancun.

In April of 2011, Citizen 6 would reenter the Political scene, by running for Congress in the state of Hawaii. Once again his platform was to introduce a new state flag, this time focusing upon Hawaii's long tradition of keeping invading nations out of the US homeland.

Flag-Hawaii v2.jpg

Proposed "New" Hawaiian flag, including the proposed new state motto of, "You cannot into USA. So aloha ... and GTFO!". The motto was designed to represent Hawaiian pride at being a front-line state in many invasions of the USA by enemy nations. First presented by 'Citizen 6 'during the April 2011 bid for the Hawaii congressional seat.

Flag-New Mexico v2.jpg

Proposed "New" New Mexico flag, including the historic "hard taco". First presented by Citizen 6 during the December 2010 bid for the
New Mexico congressional seat.

Citizen4100427 v2.jpg The Faces of 6

6 has been identified using a number of different appearances including War and Peace tribal marks, however, most recently he has been seen wearing full IKS uniforms, as in those seen below.

Citizen4100427 v2.jpg


Citizen4100427 v5.jpg


IKS Portrait

Executive Order: Dark Mountain

ONE invasion of the USA

IRibbon addition - Gold Award Star.pngKRibbon addition - Gold Award Star.pngS

War Journal.png War Journal

Citizen4100427 v4.jpg

Official portrait of Citizen 6 in full dress uniform during
The ONE invasion of the USA.

Icon-art-of-warfare.gif Canada-UK War
Icon-art-of-warfare.gif Operation Spring Break (aka Second USA-Mexico War)
Icon-art-of-warfare.gif Indonesia-USA War (aka The Great Pacific Fire Drill)
Icon-art-of-warfare.gif World War V

During the build up to World War V, Citizen 6 conducted diplomatic negotiations with Montenegro as part of appointment as US Ambassador. After Montenegro was conquered by Croatia during the Croatia-Montenegro War, most diplomatic ties had been severed. As Montenegro became liberated, ONE began its invasion of the US Homeland, forcing him to focus his attention back state-side.

When the ONE invasion of the USA commenced, Citizen 6 fought primarily on the Indonesian front, attempting to first defend Hawaii, followed by the California capital. Eventually, the war forced him to Alaska and then finally a staging base in Far Eastern Russia, from which he continued to fight for the liberation of the USA. As the war continued he relocated to one of his safe-houses believed to be in Zona Central, Chile.

Theater deployments during World War V:


Citizen 6 has completed the following in-game missions:

  • Mission01.png Mission 1: We are all warriors
  • Mission02.png Mission 2: Food is scarce
  • Mission03.png Mission 3: Join the rebuilding effort
  • Mission04.png Mission 4: Image matters
  • Mission05.png Mission 5: Offense is the best defense
  • Mission06.png Mission 6: A future Hero
  • Mission07.png Mission 7: Working days
  • Icon mission super soldier.png Mission 8: Super Soldier
  • Icon mission find el dorado preparation.png Mission 10: Find El Dorado - Prepare for the journey
  • Mission11.png Mission 11: Healthy Hard Worker
  • Icon mission find el dorado the search.png Mission 12: Find El Dorado - The Search
  • Icon mission find el dorado now or never.png Mission 13: Find El Dorado - Now or Never
  • Icon mission la resistance.png Mission 14: La Resistance
  • Icon mission true patriot.png Mission 23:True Patriot
  • Icon mission champions breakfast.png Mission 24: Champions' Breakfast
  • Icon mission tales of bravery.png Mission 25: Tales of Bravery
  • Icon mission role model.png Mission 26: Role Model
  • Icon mission special bonus health.png Mission 27: Special Bonus Health
  • Icon mission special training.png Mission 28: Special Training
  • Icon mission hit and go.png Mission 29: Hit and go!
  • Icon mission defend your land I.png Mission 30: Defend your land (I)
  • Icon mission defend your land II.png Mission 31: Defend your land (II)
  • Icon mission defend your land III.png Mission 32: Defend your land (III)
  • Icon mission the food factory.png Mission 1a: Join the rebuilding effort
  • Mission02.png Mission 2a: The daily bread

Wiki Editor Icon.png Wiki Contributor

Citizen 6 was a contributor to the eRepublik Wiki and has a user page available here for those interested in improving the wiki and bringing it current. C6 has spent much of his early wiki career as part of an elite (and highly cool) group of editors dedicated to improving, expanding, and creating War Articles. He also has worked in the labyrinthine halls of the wiki Military Records Department, and has contributed extensively to the documentation of World War V.

It is believed that during this time Citizen 6 also became a founding member of IKS, a group dedicated to updating and maintaining the integrity of the wiki.

For his work, Citizen 6 achieved the honor of becoming a recognized Uber-Editor on May 6, 2011. Since that time he has been awarded two of the highly coveted Icon achievement Wiki on.gif eRepublik Wiki Awards.

Icon skill architect.png Achievements

Icon skill strength.gif 4,066.30
Military rank Field Marshal
Icon rank Field Marshal.png (1,387,663 / 1,600,000)

Trophy icon.png Medals

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 12x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 0x Congress Member
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 0x Media Mogul
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 16x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 0x Resistance Hero
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 0x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Country President on.gif 0x Country President
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif 0x Society Builder
Icon achievement Wiki on.gif 2x eRepublik Wiki Rewards.