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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth 21st August 2008
Date of death Sometime in 2017 (est)
Residence Orissa, India
Sex Male
Congress member of India
July 2009 – September 2009
September 2011 – October 2011
Congress member of Australia
March 2009 – May 2009
Congress member of UK
December 2008 – January 2009
NHS Director of London
November 2008 – February 2009
Sardar of National Police Force of India
July 2009 – August 2009
Succeeded by Ugo Raffaele
Minister for Fun of India
January 2009 – January 2009
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force**.png Legendary Force**
Aircraft rank Senior airman 4.png Senior Airman****

DonMogul's First Days

DonMogul was born on the 21st of August 2008. He wanted to join Icon-Australia.png Australia but couldn't because at that time, Australia had been annexed by Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia. He elected to then join the Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom owing to a lack of knowledge of the Indonesian language.

He initially joined The United Kingdom Reform Party (UKRP) but soon became disillusioned with the in-party fighting that was rampant at the time. Upon leaving the UKRP, he joined The Unity Party (TUP) where he remained for the rest of his days in the United Kingdom.

During his early days, DonMogul contented himself with analysing the inner workings of a thriving nation and watched with great interest the political and military power-plays being played by both PEACE and ATLANTIS.

DonMogul's Involvement in the UK Government

When DonMogul was approximately 3 months old, the UK formed its National Health Service (NHS) and he became the first Director of the London Clinic. It was his duty to track, maintain and improve the wellness of citizens in London. The Clinic ran very well, but was marred on the rare occasion by a mixture of RL illnesses and friends-list bugs.

Once he saw that the Clinic was running smoothly, DonMogul stood for Congress in London. He was honoured by a number of citizens with their votes and became Congressman for the first time. Throughout his term, he worked very hard trying to improve the NHS system and tried to persuade the UK to come to the rescue of Austria who was under threat of a second term of a Serbian run Congress. DonMogul attempted this because in the previous month, the Serbian majority moved a lot of GOLD and ATS from Austria's Bank account to their own citizen & organization accounts.

DonMogul's hard work for the UK was recognised and was appointed as Under Minister for Health. It was his task to approve budgets for the NHS clinics and to aid the Minister for Health in his bid to improve the NHS.

DonMogul's Military History

DonMogul began his military career as a Private in the UK's Royal Guard. After much training and fighting was accepted into the UK's elite fighting force, the Paratroopers. Whilst serving in the UK's armed forces he fought in many theaters of war, from the shores of Lower Normandy to the sunburned lands of Icon-Australia.png Australia.

DonMogul also made a brave stand (as a private citizen) against American oppression of its very young and very much weaker neighbour, Mexico. He did everything possible to aid the Mexicans against the political and military takeover they were being over run with. DonMogul did his best but was unable to prevent America taking over some Mexican regions.

After spending two terms as Congressman in Australia, DonMogul decided to travel the world as a self-funded mercenary. He fought in many theaters of war from the deepest parts of Asia to the training wars in the USA.

At the end of this brief stint as a mercenary DonMogul was promoted to the rank of Icon Colonel.jpg V1 Colonel.

DonMogul in Australia

DonMogul joined Australia on the 24 March 2009 and ran for Congress in the Northern Territory. It was a tight contest but the people of the Northern Territory elected DonMogul for his first term as a Congressman in Australia. He was re-elected in the following term.

After DonMogul returned from his short stint as a mercenary, he noticed that the quality of the Australian media had degenerated into childish taunts and cheap mudslinging. Over the course of the following month he became increasingly disillusioned and frustrated with this and left Australia to join Icon-India.png India.

DonMogul in India

DonMogul began life in India fairly quietly and it wasn't until his second month of residing in India that he gained a seat in Congress. Shortly after the following Presidential elections the new President of India Shail.back offered DonMogul his first important task. His new job was to form a police force that would function as an anti-political take over organisation and as a eRepublik Law enforcement agency.

DonMogul set to work after being effectively given carte blanche in order to set up the National Police Force. Within a short period of time he and his officers had reported and had permanently banned a large number of multiple identities.

However, the President of India was not entirely happy with this. Which became clearly evident when the month following his appointment he was replaced. DonMogul has never gone public saying why although rumours abounded for a short time.

After his unceremonious dismissal DonMogul became Minister for Fun until real life tragedy struck his girlfriends family and he disappeared until March 2009.

DonMogul in Indian Politics

DonMogul was initially always in favour of the established order in India [1]. Although those in charge at the time while they were more monarchs than presidents - they were great leaders and just what the nation needed at the time.

However, as the nation grew more and more prosperous and more and more citizens were joining India, DonMogul began to push for change. He became increasingly frustrated with the fact that the position of Party President was merely a token office. Party Presidents did not have a say in who was a candidate where. The president of the time would publish an article telling candidates where to move.

DonMogul became party president of the Democratic Party of India during this time and he planned on making good his promises to his party. A task made extremely difficult due to the above mentioned conditions.

DonMogul's Honour Roll

Dishmcds: This fine person led him through his first few days as a citizen of the New World and the United Kingdom. For this DonMogul is eternally grateful.

jerryGFL: Helped DonMogul along with Dishmcds to slowly build himself up. A fine approachable person ready to help new citizens. Ran the Ministry of Health very well and took the reigns of UK presidency when Final Destiny disappeared shortly after the February elections.

DonMogul's Wall of Shame

Final Destiny: In the leadup to the Presidential elections on February 5 2009, a Coalition of parties was formed in order to prevent the election of a candidate who was not sufficiently experienced to become President. Final Destiny was chosen as the candidate for the Coalition. After winning the elections on February 5, Final Destiny disappeared. DonMogul was especially frustrated due to his personal public defense of the Coalition in an article written for the then London Informant newspaper. This was not the first time Final Destiny had done this.

Chicco: Asked DonMogul for help in an Austrian Presidential election to ensure that an Austrian president was elected. Limited assistance was granted and Chicco became President of Austria. During this term in office, Chicco effectively sold out Austria to Germany. Austria was soon conquered by Germany. DonMogul was outraged, he had helped Chicco in the hope that he would protect Austrian sovereignty. Unfortunately, this did not happen.


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