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Badge - Knight Commander of the British eRepublik Empire.png

I, Frerk, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Dishmcds, Knight Commander of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.
Previously conferred: OBE, presented by Karacticus
MBE, presented by JerryGFL

Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth Dec 16 2007
Day 26
Date of death 2017
Residence Leeds, Yorkshire & Humberside
Sex Male
Newspaper Meximum Dio
7th President of United Kingdom
6 November 2008 – January 2009
Preceded by Rayf Drayson
Succeeded by Deathtoll32
17th President of United Kingdom
6 January 2010 – 5 March 2010
Preceded by Mr Woldy
Succeeded by Karacticus
Secretary of Defense of United States of America
2 January 2008 – 1 April 2008
Vice president of United States of America
2 April 2008 – 1 June 2008
Succeeded by Lucios Nava
President of United States of America
2 June 2008 – 1 August 2008
Preceded by Nave Saikiliah
Succeeded by Archibald
Minister of Trade of United Kingdom
1 September 2008 – 6 November 2008
Preceded by Frufru
Succeeded by Final Destiny
6 February 2009 – 2 March 2009
Preceded by Draaglom
Succeeded by Funky44
President of Mexico
6 April 2009 – 5 May 2009
Preceded by Mama Daker
Succeeded by pvr007
Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs of United Kingdom
5 July 2009 – N/A
Preceded by Hassan Pesaran
Succeeded by Necrosis
President of United Kingdom
7 June 2017 – 6 July 2017
Preceded by Sir Humphrey Appleby
Succeeded by Harambe the Gorilla
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force***.png World Class Force***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dishmcds was a Statesman of the New World, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (4) and formerly the President from the United States of America (2), and Mexico (1).

Personal Information

When Dishmcds first joined the New World the population of the United States of America was barely over 100, with its active population less than half that (estimated). Dish, as he was commonly known, was extremely influential to the development of the USA and the United Kingdom in Government and Society, creating much of the initial structure of the US Government, and further aiding to refine the UK legislative procedures.

He used to write in the Dead Man's Journal, previously known as Dish - Travellers Edition, which had 2000 subscribers, once top in the United Kingdom, although it has posted articles in many countries.

Positions Held

  • Secretary of Defense (January 08 - April 08) (resigned towards the end of the US/Canadian War)
  • Vice President of the US (April 08 - May 08)
  • President of the USA (June 08 - August 08)
  • Congressman in the UK
  • Minister of Trade of the UK (September 08 - November 08)
  • Lordship in the UK
  • Prime Minister/President of the UK (November 08 - January 09)
  • Minister of Trade of the UK (February 09 - March 09)
  • Comandante Supremo De Las Fuerzas Armadas Del Mexico
  • President of Mexico (April 09)
  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (January 10)
  • Party President of the UK Reform Party



Dishmcds, born in the barren town of Denver, Colorado (population 5) was eager during his fresh start in the New World. His first newspaper, The Daily Prophet, was mildly successful in publishing a couple of articles he wrote about his initial experience in Erepublik. He soon met another young citizen named Will Pilgrim, from Sacramento, California and they decided to join up and publish under the name USA Today.

Shortly after birth, Dish joined an upstart Political Party named Jenkins and Jenkins, where he met a man named Hop Frog Poe. He was the Party President at the time, and Dish began writing things such as Press Releases and the Party Description to try and organize the Party. It was here that he stayed until just after the January elections, learning the Erepublik system and influential people.

His first job came at a weapons factory where he worked roughly two weeks before meeting a man named Platonic. He joined Platonic working as the treasurer and craftsman at TransAtlantic Air, under the Yume Corporation umbrella. He worked at TransAtlantic until well into February.

Political Opinions Formed

During his stay in Jenkins and Jenkins, Dish met Korbin King, the 1st (and up until then the only President of the US, serving a total of 3 terms) President. It was during the January elections when the idea of Presidential Cabinets came about. Up to that point, the work of the Government was strictly done by the President. Most of the US, and the rest of the world for that matter, was leaning towards spreading the power. Around the second week of January, President King appointed three people as official cabinet members. Those were Platonic, the Economic Advisor, Jack (Korbin's RL bother) as the Foreign Relations Advisor, and Dish as the Secretary of Defense (it was actually made up to be the Military Advisor, but Dish named the Department after its RL counterpart).

Up until this point of his young career, Dish hadn't contributed greatly, but was willing to put the effort into learning. Initially, he set out to organize the Department using models to what each person could do relating to Erepublik. The other setback the US had been suffering from was that they, unlike most of the other large nations around the world, did not have an external forum as a means of communication. Dish decided that in order to communicate military orders that had to change. He founded the National Forums and immediately began posting for job openings.

Around this time, he changed over to the newly formed Republican Party. It was founded by Maalygos, and was building steam to catch the Democratic Party in members. Over his political career, he has been a member of Jenkins and Jenkins, the Republican Party, the Illuminati (founded by Platonic), and most recently the eRepublikans for Change (for which he was their Party President for 3 months). He also joined the UK Reform Party when he arrived in the UK.

The Saikiliah Days

During President Saikiliah's terms, the DoD mobilized during the US/Canadian War. While there were good and bad from it, the Department got to test its mettle and expose its flaws to improve. Dish has always looked fondly on those days, and would have admitted that they were indeed a time to remember.

During his stay at the Department of Defense (later known as the National Security Council), Dish founded the National forums, the structure in which our National defense is built on, and came to know many of the current heads of that department. At one point or another, influential Americans such as Benn Dover, Aegis, Peter Gibbons, Uncle Sam, Daphne Lilac, Esoom, Dnouser, and others have worked under Dish in some capacity.

Presidential Mandate

During the elections on June 1st, Dishmcds was elected to the Presidency, which was expected by a majority of America. While the elections were closer than predicted, Dish took office and appointed his staff. During his term, he placed the first Q4 Hospital in the USA, secured good foreign relations with all countries in the Americas and many in Europe (even some who were hostile beforehand), and worked diligently to ensure transparency in Government.

Dish served two terms as US President, deciding to step down as both RfC President and President for the August General Elections. During his term, the US ended up placing all three Q4 hospitals as promised (Austin, Washington DC, Springfield), named monuments for the United States, and helped usher in an era of prosperity and growth for the US. They were ranked 6th in the World overall when he left the office.

Post Presidency

Dish used to reside in Liverpool. Some of his closest friends moved there to join him, and he took somewhat of a different role in the United Kingdom. He is still outspoken, and wrote in the Liverpool Op-Ed. He joined the UK Reform Party and put his efforts into helping develop the UK further. He had always admired the UK and made quite a few friends there over his days, such as Final Destiny, Skinny Bones Jones, Kaleb, and KIA Sneak, the President of the UK during July, August, and September.

Politics in the UK

During the month of August, Dish spent the majority of his time trying to help organize and revitalize the UK Reform Party. Helping in roles such as the welcoming committee to input on the economic side of the manifesto, he became one of the UKRP's most outspoken and active members. Just before the Sept 1st General Elections, due to RL circumstances, then Party leader funky44 stepped down. Due to the large commitment necessary should the UKRP win the Presidency, Dish was chosen to run against KIA Sneak of the PCP party (among other candidates). He was highly criticised by the PCP for this nomination, he only lost the elections by 5 votes. After the elections, as he stated he did not run for Party Presidency, which was won by Rayf Drayson. He has since taken more of an advisor role in the UKRP, and will not be standing for Congress in the upcoming elections either.

After the elections, he was chosen by KIA Sneak to be the Minister of Trade for the UK. After the admin suspended all conflict until the release of V1, their goals were to help boost foreign trade to relieve domestic supply issues generated by a lack of demand. His apprentice was funky44, and he headed the Department of Trade for two months.

Back in the Hot Seat

During the November Elections, Dish chose to run for President in the United Kingdom for the UK Reform Party. He ran based on his activity levels, and had several initiatives he wanted to layout for the UK. Encountering a tough battle against Tim09, and another former President Final Destiny, he edged out Tim09 in the later hours of the election.

His main goals were based on the economy and health care. They had laid out a plan for the National Health Service, which was passed through Commons in October to counteract the abolishment of the Mayoral position and the duties of gifting citizens, but were having a hard time putting it to work. He chose JerryGFL to run the Ministry of Health, as Jerry had started as the original MoH when it was started back up.

Three days into his term as Prime Minister, the first attempt to free Australia from Indonesia was kicked off. In this battle, the House of Commons was greatly tested, as many of the veteran citizens of the UK were either Australians or wanted to battle against Indonesian forces. The PCP, primarily, lost 6 of their 9 elected Congressmen during the battle which lasted just over a day. Unfortunately, Indonesia managed to secure New South Wales, but later freed it in an agreement between the Australian Government in Exile and the Indonesian Government.

Another week passed, and several military events kicked off, including Brazil and Indonesia declaring war on Argentina and Spain declaring war against its long time enemy, Portugal. During these events, and with the resignation of many of the active Commons members, Dish struggled to keep an active level in Commons, either penning or proposing many of the legislative things during the period. During this time, they established the UK House of Lords (originally proposed by Stan Wephen), and a great many people tried to enter the HoL simply because they didn't want to be tied into a Congress position. Dish battled to keep some semblance of organization throughout Commons, while implementing his other ideas such as the Small Business Association to help companies survive during times of struggle and an expansion to the Department of Trade to offer loans for domestic companies.

War With France

As had happened before, the controversy came in Dish's second term as Prime Minister. Just three days after his election, the Congress decided to vote in favor of invading France. They stated that the French occupation of Switzerland, dating back to the France-Switzerland War, as well as retaliation for the PEACE Global Community declaration of war were their reasons for the decision. On the first day, the UK conquered Lower Normandy, and had their 4 following attempts thwarted by a coalition of PEACE GC countries, including Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Indonesia, and Brazil.

In the end, France regained all their original territories, and in an effort to push the UK to Peace, also liberated Belgium.

Dish was also chosen as the negotiator for the Peace talks between France, which were ongoing until he resigned. To date, this is the largest mass invasion of any country in Erepublik history, with Spain, the United States, Canada, Sweden, and the UK invading at the same time.

Retired from Public Life For a Bit

Dish retired just before the end of the War with France, for personal reasons. He considered himself fairly successful, with 4 Party Elections, 4 Congressional Elections, 4 Presidential Elections, and 2 Mayoral Elections victories under his belt. He will always consider the United States his birthplace, but will remain in the UK, as it has become his home. He stayed retired for the most part, until February of 09, when he rejoined as a Minister of Trade, being the original position he held in the UK, and something he was noted for doing. He wanted to bring economic prosperity back into the mix as a more traditional way of measuring the greatness of a country, rather than political alliance.

Returning to Ministry

Dish chose to undertake the reimplementation of the Ministry of Trade during the February term under Final Destiny, who won the Prime Ministerial Elections. The Ministry had long been dormant, and needed a revitalisation. His main goals were to benchmark local currency trades to remove the pesky Gold transfer aspect, and create a free trade system amongst nations in Erepublik, centered around Supply v Demand theory and rebates. He wanted to once again create the non-political atmosphere around economics, which seemed to be lost for some time.

He also reimplemented the RM Scheme he penned during his first term as Minister of Trade going into V1, where foreign based companies owned by UK residents could receive import tariff rebates to sell cheaper. Making decent progress on many areas that he set out to do, including trade agreements to Germany, Australia, and lowering the cost of diamonds and gifts, Dish resigned to aide his native country when they were invaded. Funky44 resumed the role he was prepared for, and Dish immediately moved to Mexico.

The Mexican Revival

When the United States of America declared war on Mexico, Dish returned back to his RL native country of Mexico. They were in need of someone with experience and ability in all areas, and he felt like he could contribute. After elections, which Mama Daker won, he was appointed the job of Minister of Defense. He changed the Ministry to the Fuerzas Armada De Mexico, a little closer to it's RL counterpart, and started organising it.

In April of 09, he was elected to the Presidency of Mexico. He immediately began to work on what he considered to be the foundations of a successful society:

  • 1. Consistent Monetary patterns (using normal regulation combined with Gold purchasing for Treasury Build-up).
  • 2. Promoting National Program and the Forums.
  • 3. Promoting Training through Foreign Travel programs in the Military.

In May, pvr007, one of the UnderMinisters of Defense ran against him in the elections and won. Upon pvr's ascension to the Presidency, Dish chose to allow his successor the freedom of not having someone staring over his shoulder. While remaining faithful to Mexico (he used to hold several companies there, and spent time looking at ways to improve it), he started working on his Newb Militia Program, and the Erepublik Global News Podcast, which was a collaboration between Dish, Squiddy, and Cristi Badea.

Return to the United Kingdom

Dish returned to the United Kingdom in May just before the Presidential Elections, and actively supported JerryGFL, a long time friend and co-worker within the UK Government. Jerry lost by a close margin, and Dish spent the month working within the UK Paratroopers and his own project, The British Empire Trade Federation, which was aimed at helping the UK economy set up in new countries introduced in Erepublik. The BETF has had small successes in the new South American countries thus far as we as some others around the World.

Dish spent some time off, for roughly 6 months as he cooled down, in a few small roles. He was a tank for the PEACEKeeper Army or various PEACE affiliated nations, spent a month as the Minister of Finance in Austria, a small yet growing community filled with many foreigners (mainly Brazilians and Americans), and moved back to the UK to finally return in a bit more active of a role. He spent 3 months as a behind the scenes advisor for both PEACE (and Phoenix once it was reborn), writing contracts, and advising Mr Woldy on various military and foreign affairs.

In late December, he announced his candidacy to run once again for the Office of Prime Minister in the UK. He had his break, and was coming up on a bit of a lull, so he felt he could return to the job, and do it well. He had the backing of all the right and Centre parties, as he ran against Nice Guy Eddie backed by the TUP and PCP. He won by a decent margin, and set to work to return to a task based, organised approach.

Reforms on Hold - The Siege of Britain

Just before Dish took office, EDEN started it's initial blocking phase of the United Kingdom, to attempt to drain damage from other Phoenix battles, most notably Germany and France (via Poland and Spain). This worked to a degree, however, uncoordinated timing from Presidents amongst EDEN left enough of an opening for the UK to eventually get into Spain's French held colonies, taking Lower Normandy, and temporarily giving hope of liberation in France.

Because of this, and EDEN's allies call to help Spain and Poland, EDEN began its invasion at the request of EDEN High Command in full force from the United States of America, Sweden, Canada, Norway, and Poland all attacked UK mainland at various times, led by the United States. Through Dish's first term, EDEN reduced the UK by two regions, but going into the second everyone knew another month of prolonged war would only serve detrimental to Phoenix.

During the second phase of the war, through tactical retreats to remove battlefronts, the UK was reduced to three regions. East of England, London, and East Midlands were the only unattacked regions the UK had at the time, but EDEN had made a strategic error in cutting off all but one front to their allies. This meant they either had to win the battle, or the UK had the upper hand.

Winning London, the UK drove the US back from its Fortress in London, while Phoenix started and won three Resistance Wars in Norway removing all their inner fronts. While both sides had come to a costly standoff (the UK spent a great deal for her own safety and her allies), and EDEN had spent a great deal trying to invade, Phoenix and EDEN came to an agreement regarding the war. All of the UK's regions were returned with the exception of Northern Ireland (which was held by the Irish, and RW'd 1 week later), and the UK signed peace with the six nations it bordered with open wars.

Most of the terms were fairly calm outside of the invasion. While many did not like the decision made to end the war, it was deemed by almost all of Phoenix Leadership and Phoenix countries to be a necessary move in order to preserve the alliance.

Return to the UKRP

After a term as Secretary General of Phoenix, Dish returned to the United Kingdom, where he was made a Lord once again (until it was repealed of course). As he wanted to focus on something he could stay out of the spotlight on, he joined the UK Reform Party, where he won Presidency in June of 2010. He was then made Party President. He spent two months helping the UKRP, growing their Congressional members back to 12 in a month (tied for most), and getting their candidate elected to the Prime Minister position.

He passed the baton onto others as he rode off into the sandy sunset.

Hiatus and Sands

In the second week of August 2010, Dishmcds relieved himself of his Titles and Duties. Some say it was because he was unhappy with V2 but whatever the reason nothing can remove the great differences he made in the USA and the UK. After a month, he returned to the lands of Pakistan, to worship Dio, troll Bovines, and establish a better World outside of crappy squabbles over legislation.

He was the Director of Bovine Affairs, Governing East Pakistan.

Last known activity


  • Former Aurum, Shareholder

Achievements and Accreditations

  • Banach Literary Award, From a General's Perspective;
  • US Unemployment Office;
  • Banach Literary Award for Grammar, "The Political Triumvirate"
  • Big Brother Big Sister Program;
  • US Foreign Recruitment Center;
  • Department of Defense;
  • US News and Classifieds (along with Maalygos, who founded and ran the SO and newspaper);
Government offices
Preceded by
Nave Saikiliah
3rd President of the United States of America
June 2008 - July 2008
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Rayf Drayson
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
6th November 2008 - 5th January 2009 (1st, 2nd Terms)
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Mr Woldy
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
6th January - 5th March, 2010 (3rd, 4th Terms)
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