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eRepublik Ambassador
Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth May 6, 2008
Date of death 2013 (est)
Residence Karnataka
Sex Male
Faith Gobbaism
Mayor of Vienna
Congress member of Austria
President of Austria
February 6, 2009 – March 5, 2009
Preceded by Azoo Lazzo
Succeeded by Silent Bob
Minister of Defense of Germany
March 5, 2009 – June 5, 2009
Preceded by Vaclav
Succeeded by L. Loki
Vice-Minister of Defense of Japan
June 5, 2010 – July 5, 2010
Succeeded by Clerica
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel**.png Lt Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
 Chicco is worse than Hitler! 
(Franz Sigel on IRC)

Chicco (pronounced [kɪko]; born May 6, 2008, in Vienna) was a Icon-Japan.png Japanese citizen of Icon-Austria.png Austrian descent. He resided in the Icon-USA.png USA where he served as a member of the Marine Corps.

Political Career

During Beta Times

Chicco started his political career as a four-term mayor of Vienna, Lower Austria. During this time he instituted the Bank of Vienna as a lending instrument to increase home ownership and business investment in Austria. Concurrently, Chicco served as a congressman in the Nationalrat under president Mapplna. However, he eventually fell out with the president and her finance minister bisiacco amid disagreements over fiscal and monetary policy.

Since V1

Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Shortly after the release of V1 Chicco left Austrian politics in favor of pursuing job opportunities in Brazil. He continued to watch the political scene in Austria, however, and in January decided to return to his native country when the Austrian treasury was looted by the then leader of the Serbian community, Azoo Lazzo, with the intent of bankrolling the development of a future Serbian state. Together with Hrvat, Q J Lincoln, Erwin Kroener and Torgo, Chicco organized the public opposition against Azoo Lazzo, recaptured the Nationalrat in the January 25th elections, and negotiated a settlement for the return of some of the embezzled assets.

In February Chicco ran for president of Austria on a platform of fixing Austria's long-standing problems of corruption, economic stagnation, and poor gameplay by implementing a union between Austria and one of its neighbors. Having captured two-thirds of the popular vote, he initiated negotiations with the then German president, Isy, and a final agreement establishing the Austro-German Union was signed in late February.

Following Isy's reelection in March Chicco was appointed Minister of Defense, a post he held until early June. During that time he worked with Isy and his successor Starkad Rorlikson on reforming and developing the Union's armed forces, the Bundeswehr. Moreover, Chicco organized the largely symbolic resistance against overwhelming enemy forces in the PEACE-led resistance wars against the Union's Austrian regions in March and the Swedish and Polish invasion of Germany in May.

By virtue of his vocal condemnation of Hungary's illegal conquest of Burgenland and his support for Isy snubbing Hungary's military alliance PEACE in favor of rival ATLANTIS, Chicco enjoys a degree of notoriety among Hungarians and PEACE bigwigs.

 the only ones who wanted a union where chicco and his possey 

Political Views

Chicco subscribes to the central tenets of libertarianism: personal freedom, personal accountability, free markets, and a minimum of government. However, he acknowledges that deficits in the game's design occasionally necessitate a greater role of the state in generating economic demand.


Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif

Chicco's newspaper was originally founded to further his political career in Austria. Having entered German politics, Chicco began to publish editorials on political or economic issues facing his new country. The paper enjoyed modest success, with its articles usually voted into the Top 5 of the German media and, due to their polarizing viewpoints, drawing a large number of comments from both supporters and detractors. Eventually, however, Chicco lost interest in journalism and he has not published a new article in almost one year now.

Business Activities


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif

Toward the end of beta times, Chicco created a gift company and acquired a housing company from Sebl, both located in Austria. V1 brought a fundamental shift in the game's economics, triggering a global recession. To support his fledgeling companies Chicco headed for Brazil to profit from the country's tight job market. After recovery of the global economy, he founded Austria's first and only Q4 grain company and took over the management of Metallon's Austrian-based food and weapons companies.

The remainder of the year proved challenging as Austria's mostly Italian population either died or relocated to Italy in the wake of Mapplna's departure, depriving the country's economy of skilled labor. The new year, however, saw a reversal of fortune as increasing numbers of Serbs flooded the country in anticipation of the impending creation of Icon-Serbia.png Serbia. In January and February, Chicco's companies enjoyed unprecedented profitability, benefiting from the devaluation of the Austrian Schilling and soaring food prices abroad. Consequently, he acquired additional food and grain companies to capitalize on this economic boon.

In the wake of the union with Icon-Germany.png Germany, Chicco transitioned his companies onto the German marketplace. With high wages and razor-thin margins, the German market afforded little opportunity for profit. This turned out to be the case, especially in the low-quality sectors, prompting the closure of his Q1 and Q2 companies. Around the same time, Metallon requested to terminate their business relationship, offering Chicco a fair share in profits generated under his management of Metallon's companies as well as the option of acquiring Metallon's Q4 food company at a discounted price.

Following the splitting of the Austro-German Union and the subsequent annexation of Lower Austria and Salzburg by Italy, Chicco grew tired of adjusting to ever-changing economic climates and decided to suspend production at most of his companies, redirecting his efforts instead toward his military career. Most of his Austrian companies have subsequently been sold.

During the Great War of 2009 Chicco snapped up a discounted Q3 weapons company in Florida to profit from the staggering surplus of highly skilled labor resulting from many American companies falling into enemy hands. In November of the same year, he swapped his Q3 company for a Q4 outfit located in California.

In early 2010 Chicco sold his last company and retired from the business module. Having deposited his entire wealth with t'jelle Bank, he now lives comfortably on interest payments and wages earned as a highly skilled manufacturing worker.


Chicco controls the following entities:

Military Career


Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif

Chicco did not participate in the war module until the inception of the Austro-German Union (February 2009), when he joined the German Bundeswehr to serve as commander of its expeditionary forces. Chicco resigned from the Bundeswehr in the wake of Germany's collapse brought about by the Swedish and Polish invasion. However, he continued to fulfil his duty on behalf of Germany until all German territories had been recaptured from Sweden and Poland.

On Day 592 (July 4, 2009) Chicco joined the United States Marine Corps (eUSMC) consistent with his traditional affinity for the Western world. Soon after, PEACE launched a full-scale invasion of North America in which Chicco saw heavy action as a tank. On Day 652 (September 2, 2009) Chicco was promoted to Lieutenant of the 2nd platoon of eUSMC's Charlie Company, nicknamed Teshub's Hand. However, on Day 690 (October 10, 2009) Chicco requested to be relieved of command, citing real-life reasons. He remains on active duty in the eUSMC.

On Day 749 (December 8, 2009) Chicco delivered his 500,000th damage point in the Battle for Kyushu, being only the third member of the eUSMC to cross this mark after Josh Frost and Lucius Varenus. He finished V1 on Day 959 (July 6th, 2010) with 3,899 fights and 1,247,244 total damage.


Chicco's Leopard 2—when this tank is spotted on the battlefield the Huns start running!
Chicco taking aim at a Hun position during the battle for Nunavut

Chicco is a veteran of the following major conflicts:

War Allegiance
PEACE-led Austrian resistance wars Germany-Austria
Romanian-Indonesian War Romania
Third Swedish-German War Germany
Second Polish-German War Germany
Great War of 2009 USA

In-Game Career

Only the dates for Chicco's promotion to Icon General.jpg V1 General and Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal have been recorded:

Rank Date RL-Date Notes
Icon General.jpg
Day 518 April 21, 2009 While fighting PEACE troops at Gujarat in the Romanian-Indonesian War
Icon Field Marshal.jpg
Day 589 July 1, 2009 In war games between Chile and Argentina


Chicco has been named Battle hero or Resistance hero in the following battles:

Medal Date RL-Date Battle War
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
? ? Resistance war at Shanxi Romanian-Indonesian War
Day 613 July 25, 2009 First battle for Hawaii Great War of 2009
Day 753 December 12, 2009 Resistance war at Vidin Romanian conquest of Bulgaria
Day 906 May 14, 2010 Resistance war at Gyeongsangbuk-do Japanese conquest of Korea
Day 908 May 16, 2010 Battle for Gyeongsangnam-do Japanese conquest of Korea
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Day 669 September 19, 2009 Resistance war at Kansas Great War of 2009


Chicco has been awarded the following campaign ribbons in recognition of his service in the eUSMC:

  • Ribbon - WWIII.png World War III (Great War of 2009)
  • Ribbon - Frostbite Ivan Campaign.png Frostbite Ivan (Russian-Norwegian War)
  • Ribbon - Operation Hungary Hungary Hippos.png Operation Hungary Hungary Hippo (Expulsion of Hungary from Canadian territories)
  • Ribbon - WWIV American Campaign in Asia.png American Campaign in Asia (U.S. Offensive in Asia)
  • Ribbon - Operation Deadcoat.png Operation Deadcoat & FT2: Dover's Revenge (EDEN-led invasion of the UK and France)
  • Ribbon - Operation Captain Kangeroo.png Operation Captain Kangaroo


Icon special achievement Ambassador.gif
  • On Day 665 (September 15, 2009) Chicco was named eRepublik Ambassador for his role in coordinating the effort to translate the game into German.
  • On Day 953 (June 30, 2010) Chicco shared in the dubious honor of being permanently banned as part of a citizen moderator's rampage. Although his ban was reversed the following day, he still lost his 19th Hard Worker medal.

Friends & foes


  • Mapplna: Invited Chicco into the game. One of Chicco's best real-life friends.
  • Torgo: Helped Chicco govern Austria during its transition toward the Austro-German Union and rebuff Hungarian attempts to derail it. Awesome writer.
  • Isy: A driving force behind the Austro-German Union. Welcomed Chicco to Germany with open arms. Memorable and funny president.
  • Nolan Pitler: One of the friendships to survive Germany's collapse in June. Great guy to talk to, both in and ex-game.
  • Starkad Rorlikson: The most level-headed guy in eRepublik!
  • Franz Sigel: Japanophilic oddball. A willing victim of Chicco's bitch-and-cry sessions on IRC.
  • Lucius Varenus: Encouraged Chicco to apply to the eUSMC. Chicco's brother in arms.
  • Herr Schmidt: Very interesting character with bipolar tendencies.
  • Alfred Ball: Chicco's e-nephew.


  • Silent Bob: Hungarian carpetbagger and thief. Staged a political take-over in Austria and embezzled funds from the treasury. Stole Chicco's second presidential medal.
  • Metallon: Helped split Austria from Germany, then acted as PEACE's puppet president in what was left of it.