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Nationality Flag-Czech Republic.jpg Czech
Date of birth 7 January 2009
Date of death 2011
Residence Southern Bohemia
Sex Male
Newspaper 2-3-2-3-0
Congress member of Czech Republic
26 February 2009 – 25 March 2009
26 April 2009 – 25 May 2009
26 May 2009 – 25 June 2009
26 June 2009 – 25 July 2009
26 August 2009 – 25 September 2009
26 September 2009 – 25 October 2009
26 November 2009 – 25 December 2009
26 December 2009 – 25 January 2010
26 January 2010 – 18 February 2010
Congress member of Czech Republic
26 March 2010 – 25 April 2010
26 April 2010 – 25 May 2010
Minister of Intelligence of Czech Republic
1 May 2009 – 2 July 2009
Minister of Communication of Czech Republic
1 May 2009 – 2 July 2009
Cabinet Secretary of Czech Republic
8 June 2009 – 2 July 2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic
11 July 2009 – 1 September 2009
14 November 2009 – 5 December 2009
Minister of Taking Care of the Forums of Czech Republic
6 December 2009 – 18 February 2010
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Martin23230 was a politician from the Czech Republic. He sat in the Congress of the First Czech Republic ten times and has been elected into the Congress of the Third Czech Republic twice. He has also held various higher government positions.

Early Life

Martin (as he is known to his friends) was born in Plzeň, Southern Bohemia to David and Lucie 23230. He has a degree from the Czech Technical University in Nuclear Physics, where he notably studied alongside Elbbom, who remained his good friend for life. His studies were directed towards the study of subatomic particles, but he also had a keen interest in politics and graphic design.

Political Career

Martin joined the United Slavs party when he was 18. In the Congress elections in February 2009, Martin was first elected as a congress member for Southern Bohemia, representing the United Slavs. As a congress member, Martin supported both the continuation of peaceful neutrality of the Czech Republic, but also the creation of the European Social Alliance to further strengthen the continent that has been so often ravaged by war. He was partially instrumental in the creation of the latter, but sadly the project came to nothing.

Martin lost his place when the Czech Republic was the target of a Political takeover attempt in March by Hungarian dissidents, but he regained his seat in the April elections. In these elections, he was one of the few congress members that kept their seats due to a takeover by British Paratroopers.

In May Martin joined the cabinet of President Franz Kafka, as Minister of Intelligence and Communications. He rose to this title after his good friend and the former minister Xavier Havel left the game and nominated him as the successor to the post. Martin opened his paper, 2-3-2-3-0, and used it to provide detailed and informative information to the Czech Public. He also took control of the Czech Secret Service. After supporting Kafka for his second term in June, Martin was also given the post of Cabinet Secretary of the Czech Republic. As MoPC, Martin created the official Czech Press Office, Tiskova Kancelar CR. He also worked with DaLe to create the new Czech forums.

In early July Martin had a bout of illness, which lasted for over a week and prevented him from taking part in public life. He resigned his positions in the Kafka government, knowing that when he recovered there would be a new President in Prague Castle. When he recovered in mid-July, he found that a New War was raging in North America, and radim was the new President. The government was in some turmoil at the time, and Martin was quickly returned to government under the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs, a very high up position in the cabinet. However, he had only a short week before disappearing from public life again, unfortunately just as the July congress elections were being held.

Returning after the elections, the Czech Republic was in chaos, with Masoneria, a Polish group, in control of the Congress after successfully taking over the United Slavs and Cesti liberalove parties. Radim was impeached and Martin's friend DaLe became president. However the Poles eventually left, and some normality returned to the Czech Republic. Sadly the United Slavs did not, and Martin along with logamac created the New United Slavs party to continue its legacy.

Throughout August, Martin continued in his role as MoFA, in particular, reforming and appointing new ambassadors to countries, a task that was hard to do amongst the inactivity of the country. After yet again missing the August elections, this time on a trip to Berlin, Martin returned to discover he had been elected in his absence anyway.

By the start of September, the demands of High Office began to take their toll on Martin. On the 1st of September, he formally resigned from the government of the Czech Republic.


Following his choice to leave the Czech Government, Martin was able to enjoy life and politics in the Republic from a different view. His decision not to stand in the October congress elections proved to be a poor idea, as one seat in his home in Southern Bohemia was left unfilled. However, due to his popularity at the time, he is still counted as a representative of Southern Bohemia for this month even though he did not sit in Congress.

Martin was also involved in a scandal in Czech politics involving the New United Slavs party, which he helped to form with logamac. After some dispute Red_Baxter became Party president of the new Czech Unity Party, which Martin remained a member of.

After three months of being out of the Cabinet, President DaLe decided to re-appoint Martin as Minister of Foreign Affairs. This was following the Hungarian Invasion of Slovakia as part of the ongoing World War III, and the Czech Foreign Office was glad to see the return of the old MoFA.

Later Career

Martin served as MoFA for several weeks, however, once the DaLe administration was voted out he lost his position. Instead, he focused more on the National Forums, which he had helped found along with DaLe. He was appointed Minister of Taking Care of the Forums (MoTCoF) - later reformed as the Department of Taking Dare of the Forums (DoTCoF) - a position he held under the Vit Ruzicka presidency.

When John Locked became president, Martin retained his position as Administrator of the forums, restructured under the Ministry of Communication headed by John_White. However, this was interrupted by the Unification.

Czechoslovak Unification

Awaking on day 821 of the New World (February 17th), Martin saw in the news that the Czech Republic was under attack by Polish forces. He panicked and sent off messages to other politicians and the general public. There was chaos in the streets of Plzeň, as there had been no response from the Czech Government. As Polish forces were reaching the outskirts of the city, Martin took up defences, ready to fight the invasion. Eventually, a press release was issued from former President Ruzicka. The Polish forces were only taking control of the country so they can hand over control to the Slovak Government. They declared the John Locked presidency as illegal, and there had been reports of looting of the Ceska Narodni Banka-Czech National Bank. The Czech Republic would cease to exist, and it would be merged with Slovakia to form the long dreamed of state of Czechoslovakia.

Martin faced a difficult choice. Most of the current Czech Government opposed the merger, but they were seen as unrepresentative of the real Czech people. As well as this, the Slovaks seemed less inclined towards English speakers such as himself. After choosing to support the unification, he issued a press release calling for calm. However, when Hungary became involved and attacked Polish occupying forces in Southern Bohemia, Martin realised that the attempts at unification would fail.

The Second Czech Republic

After the events of day 821 had died down, Martin's home region of Southern Bohemia was under Hungarian occupation, whilst Northern Bohemia and Moravia were controlled by the Poles. Poland soon transferred control of these regions to Slovakia, and Martin moved to the Slovak capital Zilina in Central Slovakia. In Plzeň however Czech independence forces had set up the Second Republic with help from the Hungarians. Martin moved back home only to see the young republic taken over again by Polish forces on day 823. The Second Czech Republic had lasted just over one day.

The Third Czech Republic

However, on day 829, the region of Southern Bohemia was once again liberated, this time from Slovak occupation. The new republic was in an uneasy truce with Poland (whose President had been impeached) and Slovakia. The new Czechs were grateful towards the Hungarians who had secured their independence twice. For the next two weeks, the Czech Republic consisted just of Plzeň and the region around it. The new country had open borders, so many immigrants from around the world flooded in, as well as military groups from both EDEN and Phoenix. The congress elections could not take place whilst the Republic was occupied, so the country was paralysed. Mossad had been elected President, so he was the only person able to pass laws. The congress elections in March took place after Moravia had been liberated from the Slovaks, but Prague was still under Polish, then Spanish, military occupation. The elections were hotly contested, but Martin was one of the only Czech citizens to get in. Despite being helped by Vit Ruzicka and supported by Polish mobile voters, the major issue in the Congress was EDEN members from Romania against Serbians and Hungarians from Phoenix. This reached a height when the Romanians declared themselves in charge and started steeling from the Czech treasury. Their leader, Morphine, stood for President, however, was defeated by Czech candidate Michal Malkovsky. By the time the April elections came around most of the Romanians had left, with a not inconsiderable amount of money, and the Czechs managed to form a new majority in the Congress, under the banner of the Czech Young Liberals, one of the only parties surviving from the foundation of the Third Republic to not be taken over. Martin was elected again into the Congress, this time as a governor fro the still-ruined Northern Bohemia region, but he still considers Southern Bohemia his home, and is happy that the Czech government finally moved the capital there!


Aside from political interests, Martin has a passion for Cartography, Vexillology and Heraldry, or the study and creation of Maps, Flags and Coats of Arms. Martin also takes an active interest in astronomy and physics, following on from his university studies. His boyhood dream was to be the first Czech person on the moon.

He was quite known for his graphical skills, designing the new logos for both the NUS and CRU political parties.


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