Ministerul Educatiei

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Ministerul Educaţiei
Government of Romania
Ministerul Educatiei.jpg

General Information
Country RomaniaRomania
Headquarters Flag-Romania.png Muntenia
Newspaper Ministerul Educatiei
Help Chat #eRo.Mentors
website eRomania Blog - Tutoriale
Part of Romania
Type Ministry
Minister of Education belzebut cel crunt

Ministerul Educatiei banner.png


Minister of Education: belzebut cel crunt, AlexVerdi

Vice-Minister: Alexandru Antonescu

Newspaper: Ministerul Educatiei

The main part of the job is to create detailed and attractive tutorials and analysis about specific parts of each module of the game We have tutorials for how they should sped their first days in eRepublik, how they should develop their Land and Training Grounds, Rocket Factories, etc. We had a FaQ (but is old and it really needs to be updated) and some contests and donations for Divisions 1 and 2.

They also have a page on the eRomanian blog but currently it is only used to list the most important articles and to recommend tutorials made by other citizens.

List of Ministers

Month Minister(s)
September 2014 belzebut cel crunt, AlexVerdi, Alexandru Antonescu
August 2014 s4andu
July 2014 Alexverdi, Alexandru Antonescu
June 2014 AlexVerdi, Grosu Dan
May 2014 belzebut cel crunt
April 2014 Gooffree
March 2014 N/A
February 2014 mib_boby
January 2014 mib_boby
December 2013 Silv1u20, mib_boby
November 2013 Silv1u20
October 2013 Xamolxes
September 2013 Mlendea Horatiu
August 2013 Copacescu
July 2013 Mlendea Horatiu
June 2013 Silv1u20, Copacescu
May 2013 Silv1u20
April 2013 Mlendea Horatiu, Silv1u20
March 2013 manasel
February 2013 Gooffree
January 2013 Mlendea Horatiu
December 2012 Mlendea Horatiu
November 2012 Mlendea Horatiu
October 2012 Mlendea Horatiu
September 2012 Mlendea Horatiu
August 2012 Mlendea Horatiu
July 2012 Mlendea Horatiu
June 2012 Mlendea Horatiu
May 2012 Nobody
April 2012 Nobody
March 2012 Nobody
February 2012 Mlendea Horatiu, curcubitator
January 2012 WayMilky, Mlendea Horatiu
November 2010 garvrilb, grasutu
August 2010 Azazel of Rahova, Harsova2, Xanthia22
Other months  ?

Tutorials made by Ministerul Educatiei

New players development
Rocket Factory Investment
First day in eRepublik
Second day in eRepublik
All about Energy
All about the Millitary Module
All about the Political Module
Romania's Institutes and their role
Abbreviations Dictionary
How to Register on Chat
Voter's Guide
Congressman's Guide

Other tutorials recommended by Ministerul Educatiei

First steps in eRpublik are done in Garda Nationala ! ! !
Garda Nationala is recruiting!
Advices for Guerilla
Video Tutorial for Guerilla ( from minute 21)

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