Ministerul Culturii

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Ministerul Culturii banner.png
Ministerul Culturii
Government of Romania
Ministerul Culturii.jpg

General Information
Country RomaniaRomania
Headquarters Flag-Romania.png Muntenia
Established 6 July 2013
Newspaper Ministerul Culturii
Part of Romania
Type Ministry
Minister of Culture Mlendea Horatiu
Founders Mlendea Horatiu, mib_boby

Ministerul Culturii.jpg Ministers of Culture is a ministry of the Government ofFlag-Romania.png Romania and he was established on 26 July 2013 by Mlendea Horatiu and mib_boby.

The Ministerul Culturii.jpg Minister of Culture is appointed by the Icon position country president.gif Country President.

The main objective is to promote the eRomanian national heritage, by keeping the Romanian wiki pages updated, republishing important or historical articles, and promoting/criticizing the good/bad articles.


Romanian National Library
Wiki Department
Romanian Journalists Club

Minister of Culture

This is the list of Ministerul Culturii.jpg Ministers of Culture of Flag-Romania.png Romania :

Mandate Start Mandate End Minister Party Note
26 July 2013
6 October 2013
Citizen2972052.jpg Mlendea Horatiu Party-The Matza Party.jpg The Matza Party On 26 July 2013 with the consent of President Citizen6224555.jpg mib_boby was founded Ministerul Culturii.jpg Ministry of Culture.

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