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Parliament of Romania
Government of Romania
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General Information
Country RomaniaRomania
Headquarters Flag-Romania.png Bucharest, People Palace
Established 2007
Part of Romania
Type Parliament


The Parliament of Romania (Romanian: Parlamentul României) is the national legislature of Romania.

The Palace of the Parliament (Romanian: Palatul Parlamentului) in Bucharest, Romania is a multi-purpose building containing both chambers of the Romanian Parliament. According to the World Records Academy, the Palace is the world's largest civilian building with an administrative function, most expensive administrative building and heaviest building.

This is the known list of Congresses of Romania.

Numbers of Congress seats by parties

Party Seats The last month present in the Congress
Brainstorming Party 1246 August 2020
Templierii 975 August 2020
The Matza Party 928 August 2020
Partidul Liberal 606 July 2015
ALIANTA 575 August 2020
Uniunea Gamerilor Democrati 336 May 2011
Normalitate 330 August 2020
eLegiunea Arhanghelului Mihail 319 February 2016
Forta Democrata Romana 80 September 2012
eRomania Unita 49 September 2009
Partidul Managerilor Romani 25 December 2009
Partidul Revolutionar 23 November 2015
Partidul Romania Unita 18 June 2014
Partidul Te Vrea Tuns 16 April 2011
Cruciada 15 May 2013
ERMDP - PDMeR 11 March 2009
eMiscarea Legionara Verde 9 July 2011
Partidul Militar 8 June 2011
Partidul National din Romania 6 October 2009
Romania Unita 5 May 2013
Partidus Socialist eRoman 3 May 2011
Partidul Femeilor din eRomania 3 January 2010
People Palace

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