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Legiunea Umbrelor v4.jpg
eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Romania.png Romanian
National rank 57
Date of birth 16 June 2010
Day 939
Residence Flag-Romania.png Transilvania
Sex Male
Newspaper Orgy's Ledger
Congress member of Romania
26 May 2013 – 25 June 2013
Served under mib_boby
Parliamentary group leader of The Matza Party
16 May 2013 – 25 June 2013
Served under Mlendea Horatiu
Preceded by mib_boby
Governor of Romania
Military unit Legiunea Umbrelor
Position Captain
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend
Legend title Legends of Romania:
Mihai Viteazul Battalion I
Aircraft rank Wing commander 0.png Wing Commander

OrgyOfHate is a citizen of Icon-Romania.png Romania.

Icon position party member.gif Politics

OrgyOfHate started his Political Life by being a member in The Matza Party. Between 16 June 2013 and 15 June 2013 he was Parliamentary Group Leader of The Matza Party. Later, Orgy joined Brainstorming Party. Today Orgy is not involved in political life.

Icon-war.png Military

After completing the Romanian Military School Garda Nationala, he entered the Legiunea Umbrelor military unit. Today he is a Captain in Legiunea Umbrelor.



Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x136)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x100)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x7)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x1)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x928)
Icon achievement Sky Hero on.gif
Sky Hero (x44)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x49)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x32)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x938)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x1)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x26)
Icon achievement Top Fighter on.gif
Top Fighter (x1)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x990)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter on.gif
Prestige Hunter (x1)
Icon achievement EDEN on.gif
EDEN soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement Asteria on.gif
Asteria soldier* (x1)


List incomplete.
Decoration Brazilian sabotage Ball kicker.png Ball Kicker - Completed the Brazilian Sabotage missions Decoration Battlefield challenge hero.png Battlefield Challenge Hero - Completed the Battlefield Challenge.

Decoration Leaderboards Damage Ground National 1.png Damage Dealer - Ranked 1st in the Damage Leaderboard of his military unit Decoration How to Build an Empire 2.png Empire Builder - Defeated Over 1000 Enemies of His Country During the "How to Build an Empire" Missions.

Decoration Leaderboards Kills Ground 1.png Slayer - 1st Rank: was ranked 1st in the "Opponents Defeated" weekly leaderboard of his military unit Decoration 4th MU tournament top 25 Regiments.png World Class Player - Member of one of the 25 Regiments of the New World Cup.

Decoration Pacific Clash 1.png Pacific Fighter - completed the "Pacific Clash" missions. Decoration Epic Warfare1 Overall top 50.png Ranked top 50 in Romania, Epic Warfare Tournament.

Decoration National Shield1 top 50.png Ranked in the top 50 in Romania, National Shield Tournament. Decoration Leaderboards Kills Ground 3.png Slayer 3rd Rank: was ranked 3rd in the "Opponents Defeated" weekly leaderboard of Turkey