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Resource Wars II was an event that started on the 6th of May, 2016 that was used to redistribute the resources of the New World. The Presidents create lists of regions and assign resources to them. The resource selection can be changed throughout the event. Selection on its own is not enough, though, as countries will need to win Resource Tokens to gain the resources.

The icon of the event below the citizen information on the left-side in-game

New Resources

The 5 new resources are Wolfram, Titanium, Cobalt, Magnesium and Neodymium.

The addition of the new resources will impact the distribution of current resources as in the following table:

Industry\Rarity Very Common Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
House Sand (33) Wood (25) Clay (19) Limestone (13) Granite (7)
Weapons Iron (53) Aluminum (39) Oil (31) Saltpeter (24) Rubber (17)
Food Fish (79) Fruits (66) Cattle (52) Grain (38) Deer (24)
New Magnesium (19) Titanium (14) Wolfram (10) Cobalt (7) Neodymium (4)

Each type of resource will have a different impact on the productivity bonuses based on their scarcity:

Rarity Very Common Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
Productivity Bonus 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%

Claiming Resources

Resource Wars menu when opened

The President or Dictator in charge can claim a resource for one of his Country’s original Regions using Resource Tokens. Once a Country wins a Resource Token, a resource from the resource pool will be assigned to the eligible Region of the Country.

Using the resource assignation screen, the President/Dictator can pick one or more resources for each of the Country’s original Regions. Once a Resource Token is available for each resource available in the resource pool, at that moment the Regions will be processed from top to bottom and the wanted resources from right to left until an eligible Region is found for that resource. If the resource cannot be placed or there are no resources in the pool, the token is lost. Tokens cannot be donated between countries.

Once a resource is claimed, it will be displayed on the list, in the "Allocated" tab.

Resource Placement Rules

  • Rare or very rare resources of the same industry cannot be placed within a specific radius from each other (the restriction applies to each region type separately, a very rare and rare resource of the same industry may be placed in the same region). A Resource War map is available in order to plan the strategy and see how others’ decisions may impact it.
Industry Rares Very rares
House 1500 3000
Weapons 1000 2000
Food 500 1000
New 2000 4000
  • Up to 4 resources can be placed in the same Region.
  • A Country can not assign more resources than the number of its historical (original) regions or 4 (if they have less historical regions).

The Resource Pool

The resources currently available and the ones that will be made available in the next 12 hours are shown in the “Resource Pool” tab.

Resource tokens

A token is awarded to a Country for each 30 000 Domination Points (the sum of the Domination Points over all the Divisions) that the Country gathers in direct Battles and Resistance Wars (Civil Wars are not counted). A weekly Country Domination Points leaderboard is now online and a special “Domination Points till next token” leaderboard will be available during the event.

Division Swapping

For those who want to go the extra mile to help out their Country, during the event individual objectives were available on the Battlefield, that once completed allowed the player to switch Divisions for the remaining of the round. When fighting in a “foreign” Division, the player has his hit capped by the current max hit in the Division.

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