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15 January 2010
1 July 2011

Prince Terence II
National Rank: 68
Level: 18
Political Party: Philippines for the Filipinos
Nationality: Icon-Philippines.png Filipino
Date of birth: September 12, 2009
Sex: Male
Residence: Palawan
Congress of the Philippines
First Term: November 26, 2009 - December 25, 2009
Second Term: December 26, 2009 - January 25, 2010
Third Term: January 26, 2010 - Present
National Historian
Served: September 13, 2009 - Present

Preceded by Prince Terence I

Deputy Director of the Department of the Education
Served: September 13, 2009 - October 5, 2009

Preceded by Office created

PFF Party President
First Term: November 16, 2009 - Present

Preceded by justinm

Associate Public Displayer of Affection
First Term: December 14, 2009 - Present

Preceded by Office created

Philippine representative to Sol
First Term: December 29, 2009 - Present

Preceded by Keegan Knoll

Sultan of Mindanao and Sulu
Reign: September 12, 2009 - Present

Precceded by Prince Terence I

Director of Alay kay Juan Foundation
Served: Septermber 12, 2009 - Present

Precceded by Prince Terence I

Director of Mandumol Inc
Served: December 19, 2009 - Present

Preceded by Babui

Director of Pearl of the Orient Corp.
Served: September 12, 2009 - Present

Preceded by Prince Terence I

The Armed Forces of the Philippines
Rank: Captain
Current Affiliations
Philippines for the Filipinos
Pearl of the Orient Corp.
Alay kay Juan Foundation
Mandumol Inc
Philippines Press Club
• Department of Public Display of Affection
Former Affiliations
• Department of Education
Updated by Prince Terence II on January 26, 2010

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Personal Information

  • 20 Years-old
  • Male
  • BSN 3 Student at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan
  • Filipino citizen in real ife
  • Loves Wikis and loves history so much
  • Single and Available

To Do List

  • Update Philippine Congress List of Speakers
  • Update Sol's History
  • Update Philippine Regional Data
  • Update Templates
  • Update Philippine Peso
  • Update War Games (SEAWG and SCWG)
  • Update Election Results
  • Update Josie Brook's Story

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