First Philippine Congress

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The First Philippine Congress
The Philippine Congress
Official Seal of the Philippine Congress

The First Congress of the Philippines was the former meeting of the national legislature (Philippine Congress) of the Republic of the Philippines. The First Congress was convened after the February 25, 2009 congressional elections. Congress members of the First Philippine Congress had served starting from February 26, 2009 until March 25, 2009.

The First Congress was a product of the Brazilian, Iranian,Turkish, and Hungarian PTOs. Much of the members of this legislative body were Political takeovers who looted the Philippine Treasury.

It was also first in this Congress that a Philippine President was impeached.

Election Statistics

Party Seats Gained Seat Percentage
Party-Nationalist People's Coalition.jpg Nationalist People's Coalition 15 37.50%
Greenphillogo.jpg Filipino Green Party 15 37.50%
Party-Philippines for the Filipinos v2.jpg Philippines for the Filipinos 5 12.50%
Partido Nacionalist.jpg Partido Nacionalista 5 12.50%
Total 40 100.00%