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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
National rank 175
Date of birth 3 June 2008 - Day 196
Residence Andalucia, Spain
Sex Male
Political party ePodemos
President of Spain
6 November 2009 – 5 December 2009
Preceded by taguaro
Succeeded by Durruti
vMoD of Spain
6 January 2009 – 5 February 2009
Party president of CaballosDelMSN
15 March 2010 – 15 April 2010
Vice president of Spain
5 September 2009 – 5 October 2009
Preceded by Pluvio
Congress member of Spain
August 09 – September 09
October 09 – November 09
Military unit Black Spectra
Position Captain
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

folker is a citizen of Spain. Former known as Thai Dragon (RIP), he has been President of Spain during November 2009 Term, Secret vPresident during Durruti's Presidency in December, defence advisor in October during taguaro's Presidency, vPresident during tuput's Presidency in September and vMoD of Spain in January 2010.



He was an active member of Partido Reconquista, which was later known as PROGRESSO. In newer time he joined ePodemos.

He was elected in Congress on several occasions:

  • 1 term as a member of Congress in India
  • 2 terms as a member of Congress in Spain
  • 1 term as a member of Congress in Slovenia


folker served in Fuerzas Armadas Españolas for several years before joining Black Spectra where he serves as a Captain of the 10th Regiment.

eRepublik career

Thai Dragon was born in Thailand where he was working and almost being two clicks, after that in September he moved to India where he was congressman and stayed there till December experiencing during that time the very first days of V1 and facing with the problems of the Italian PTO organized by Esercito eItaliano who finally managed to stole an important amount of gold from India treasury, in India he met with some spaniards as Luisdelasanta, punta, RocKcs and many others.

In December he moved to Spain which was in the middle of Operation French Toast, but it was not till January that he managed to join Cuervos where he knew some important in the future history of Spain like Pluvio, salva_vlc, Fodo_5o3, Admiral Ackbar, _Nando_, Wlodek or AreYouMad.

At the end of January first days of February with the dissolution of Cuervos he waited till he was accepted in the second reform of Spanish Army (FFAA) joining the battalion Espartanos, he served in that unit till April when he dead in the middle of the Battle of Sardinia, being fought in the all important battles, specially the end of Swedish Empire in Germany, and all the battles of Romanian Empire, specially the ones in WSR, and Moscow Battle in Finland.

In May 2009 he was reincarnated in folker playing two clicks during some months working in Poland and fighting in the last days of Romanian Empire. In July he moved to Switzerland together with some others Spaniards as tuput, Durruti, Sporting200, cabraUB or Slopes joining all of them Theocracy, serving in THA he fought following the orders and lived the NA Campaign with the Theocrats and the same with the conquest of Spain. When Hungary invaded Switzerland and Theocracy went on "vacation", he moved to Spain serving in Batallon 21 and fighting in the last days of Spanish conquest, specially participating in the RW of Valencia where Spain fought green so Spain was erased and the MPPs against Spain were vanished.

He ran for congress in august, being elected representing party Reconquista, in September as Vice President of Spain in the tuput - Durruti's Government participated in most of important decisions that were taken during that month, specially helping with the Minister of Defense, defending laws and proposals in Congress and watching how Spain approved in Congress the Treaty of EDEN. In the military battlefield EDEN Allied Forces together with Spanish FFAA managed to finish Spanish Reconquest, with the important victories in Valencia, Canary Islands and Andalucia RW which was the final battle, for the Andalucia's RW folker resigned from congress as most of Reconquista congressman did for fighting and tanking in the RW.

During the month of October he reduced in same way his activity just working as assistant and advisor of the Ministry of Defense ruled by eastzone and Kaylee, and also ran for congress obtaining a seat in Asturias.

Folker Presidency

In the month of November folker ran for Presidency wining against Ardacho in the elections, during that month the Ministry of Social affairs reestablished again the houses program, the ministry of Defense ruled by Hare4ever and Golgoterah experienced major changes improving and creating the Baby Army (BabyFFAA), Kaylee became Army Commander and skr became EMC captain for Spain. In the battlefield most important battles in the beginning were the ones helping Slovakia to came back to the map after the big fiasco the month before, when Taguaro's government didn't signed the MPP between Spain and Slovakia on time to help the country against Hungary.

Also important was the Peruvian Affair which faces the interests of two friends of Spain Argentina and Poland, the battle of Great Andes and the private interests of military groups from Poland and Croatia generated some misunderstandings between Argentinean government and Military Groups that finished with the RW of Great Andes that Polish military groups managed to win without any official support of any EDEN country. The intense work of Spain there resulted in not such a good thing as Spain wanted, but relationship with Poland was always good, specially with government.

In the last days of his presidency Spain started the French offensive, obtening seven regions in three days, Midi, Aquitania, Languedoc, Auvergne, Limousin, Poitou and Rhone Alps, leaving France without any High Raw material.

The government team was chosen by folker without any other influence combining older and experienced players with younger people with the spirit of working and learning. Lots of improvements were implemented in the Ministry of Public Administrations ruled by Torancito, the IAN (Institute for Helping Newbies) attended lots of new citizens and his director, Igoretas did a really good job.

Work Skill

folker had a good manufacturing skill during V1.


Empyrean is the newspaper owned and published by folker. It currently has around 1000 subscriptions to it.