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Icon-Japan.png Japan

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Gauteng
Map of the region
Original owner Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Capital Pretoria
Population 94
Language English
Moving zone D3
Resource(s) Icon - Fruits.png

The Republic of South Africa
Coat-South Africa.png

Gauteng is a South African region.

It's capital is the city of Pretoria which is the real life administrative capital of South Africa.

It was heavily contested over between South Africa and Brazil during V1 due to it's abudance of high diamonds, and later also in eRepublik Rising when diamonds were converted to the scarce titanium resource.


Gauteng's main resource is Icon - Fruits.png Fruits.


Gauteng is neighbored by following regions:


Exclamation.png Feature Removed

This feature has been removed from the game.

The following table lists the mayors of Gauteng in chronological order: