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Goku Jones

49 Message

Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
National rank 192
Date of birth 02 March 2009 - Day 468
Residence North East of England
Political party New-Era
Newspaper Empire Herald
Military unit Funky Militia
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Rise to power in the UK

After starting eRepublik in March 2009, Goku Jones quickly became know for his controversial newspaper articles attacking the corrupt and incompetent UK establishment. This divided opinion with many older players alienated but newer players entertained, creating a platform for rapid political advancement. First being elected to Congress and then presidency of the Radical Freethinkers Alliance in April, then Minister of Foreign Affairs in May.

One month before North Korea was added to eRepublik, Goku organized a political takeover from the Fires of Heaven forums which would rule the country undisputed, beating strong competition from both Something Awful forums and the PEACE alliance. This group maintained power through multiple political takeover attempts until it was first wiped off the map by Russia during World War III.

Coup and exile

After thwarting a political takeover attempt of Ireland by roadrunnerspeed and honouring the UK's treaty with Ireland, this was used as an excuse to launch a coup by those older players which Goku had previously attacked as part of his rise to power. The Minister of Finance Arthur Wellersly gave the treasury passwords to his old friend roadrunnerspeed who demanded Goku's removal, the abandonment of proposed military reforms and stronger support of Germany against Sweden in exchange for it's return. These demands were met but much of the treasury had already been spent by roadrunnerspeed and Hassan Pearson on german battles. Supporters of this group won the next presidential elections.

Goku again started to produce controversial newspaper articles, especially objecting to the UK changing alliances, before leaving for his allies in North Korea.


Goku eventually left the UK in mid 2009 for North Korea. After Russia's conquest he followed most of the North Koreans to Japan with hopes of one day retaking North Korea. There he founded Godzilla Party which roduced many notable Presidents and Ministers. Goku himself became Minister of Education before period of relative inactivity to concentrate on IRL.

Return to UK

Once the Godzilla movement ended, Goku returned to the UK midway through 2010. He helped in an attempted PTO of Ireland by the Bremen Clubhouse which caused Ireland to be wiped.

Returning to the UK and activity he became an army supplier because of his Q6 Weapons factory. Goku continued to attack the still corrupt and incompetent UK establishment and was constantly banned from forums and IRC channels for poliical purposes, eventually breaking from the UK completly to beecome a neutral soldier of fortune.


Raw Materials Buildings

Icon Building Type Basic Production Cost No. Owned
Icon - Saltpeter Mine.png Saltpeter Mine 175 Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Money.png 8500 35
Icon - Hunting Lodge.png Hunting Lodge 250 Icon - Food Raw Materials.png Icon-gold.gif 35 GOLD 2
Icon - Rubber Plantation.png Rubber Plantation 250 Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png Icon-gold.gif 35 GOLD 2

Basic Weapons Raw Material Production of 6,625 Units

Basic Food Raw Material Production of 500 Units


Icon Building Type Basic Production Cost No. Owned
Icon - food factory Q1.png Q1 Food 100 Icon - Food Q1.png Icon-gold.gif 10 GOLD 1
Icon - Food Factory5.png Q5 Food 100 Icon - Food Q5.png Icon-gold.gif 380 GOLD 1
Weapons q6.png Q6 Weapons 10 Icon - Weapon Q6.png Icon-gold.gif 780 GOLD 1

Basic Q6 Weapons Production of 100 Fights with a 120% Damage Bonus

Basic Food Production of 6,000 Wellness


Icon Building Type Storage Capacity Cost No. Owned
Icon - Normal Storage.png Normal Storage 1000 Storage Box.png 1750 Money.png 1
Icon - Large Storage.png Large Storage 9000 Storage Box.png Icon-gold.gif 35 GOLD 1
Icon - Very Large Storage.png Very Large Storage 20000 Storage Box.png Icon-loyalty program.png 175 LP 2

Overall Storage for 50,000 Units

Other Buildings

Icon health building 100.png +100 Health Building Icon health building 50.png +50 Health Building
Icon Town center Q5.png Q5 Town Centre Training ground Training Grounds - Q3
Icon climbing center q3.png Climbing Centre - Q3 Icon shooting range q2.png Shooting Range - Q3
Icon special forces center Q3.png Special Forces Centre - Q3

Net Worth

Raw Materials: 140 Gold, 297500 Currency

Factories: 1170 Gold

Storage: 35 Gold, 350 Loyalty Points

Training Grounds: 320 Gold, 800 Currency

Health Buildings: 298 Gold, 1850 Currency

Total: 1943 Gold, 300150 Currency (~180 Gold) = 2150 Gold.