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This page represents an official eRepublik Wiki help page.
This is an administrative page. Please notify Admin when editing this page.


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This guide is to provide a standard set of guidelines for the eRepublik Wiki. All users should follow these guidelines.


Acronyms and Initializations

Acronyms and Initializations may be used as page names or redirects. Where an acronym has several uses, a disambiguation page should be created, for example AAP referring to "America's Advancement Party" or "American Action Party.

See Also:

How to write country names?

Names of countries are written without "e" abbreviation.

E.g. use Serbia instead of eSerbia.


See Also eRepublik:Category Guidelines
EVERY PAGE in the wiki needs a category. Pages that use one of the common templates will automatically have categories assigned based on user input. Other pages need to have a category manually assigned.


Write out dates. Dates are written in various ways around the world. To avoid confusion, please write 2 May 2009 or May 2, 2009 instead of 5/2/2009 or 2/5/2009


Do not just blank pages, ask for them to be deleted. See eRepublik: Deletion policy to learn how.


English is the official language of the eRepublik Wiki.

Page Naming

See eRepublik:Naming policy


See Help:Common templates

Leave it Blank!

In templates, if the information doesn't apply or the answer is "I don't know" or "none" LEAVE IT BLANK. Also if an entire section doesn't apply, leave it in the template. It might apply later.


3rd Person

This is an encyclopedia that is founded on facts and neutrality. This means that there is little room for first person accounts. Please write articles in the third person, even if you are writing about yourself, your company, your party etc... So statements should be "John Doe believes in democratic principles." not "I believe in democratic principles." For more information see [Third Person Narrative].

What to do if...

As events happen in eRepublik - citizens die, regions and countries are conquered and freed, companies change hands - the wiki evolves to accommodate these changes. This page seeks to answer how to handle this changing information in the wiki.

...a page needs to be deleted?

Check out the eRepublik:Deletion policy

In summary:

  1. Add {{subst:Deletion|Username|Reason}} to the top of the main article page. Tailor your reason to each individual article; generic messages are not helpful. Do not change any content from the page while adding the template.
  2. Although not required, it is considered courteous to notify the article's creator and other significant contributors that you have proposed an article for deletion.
  3. Consider adding the article to your watchlist.

... a Citizen dies?

  • Remove the country rank as this information is no longer valid
  • Add a death date (if known) or write "unknown" in the death field
  • Add {{Dead}} on top of the page, but under the {{Langmenu}} and/or {{Stub}}
  • Add a picture if one hasn't been uploaded already
  • Remove the party, if you want, make a note of the party in the text of the page

If the page is in more than one language, make sure at least the template is updated.

... a Citizen returns to the game with a new name?

Sometimes a citizen will be banned and come back with a new name.

Example - N3m0 and O0n3m00o

... a Region is conquered?

.... a Region returns to it's original country or is conquered again?

... a Country is conquered?

  • Add the conquering country's flag in the flag field
  • Add the original country's flag in the coat of arms field
  • Remove all other information from the template except for the name of the currency, capital, and map.

... if two Countries "Merge"?

Mergers are handled in the same was as conquests. That is how they happen in the game, that is how they will be treated in the wiki. If the citizens decide to change the name of the newly merged country, we cannot accept that as the name of the country because the game does not recognize it. However, you can create a short page detailing the new name. See United Netherlands, Belgium, and Netherlands for an example.

... if a Party changes its name?

  • Add a dissolution date if known
  • Add the party name in the succeeded field
  • Add information in the introduction to make the information past tense and to say that the party has changed its name.
  • Add the old party name in the succeeds field

... if a Company changes its name?

For now, move the company page.

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