Kingdom of Mindanao and Sulu

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The Kingdom of Mindanao and Sulu

Icon-Philippines.png Philippines

Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of The Kingdom of Mindanao and Sulu
Map of the region
Capital Davao
Language Filipino, English

The Kingdom of Mindanao and Sulu is the first and the only reigning Kingdom in the Philippines. The Kingdom of Mindanao and Sulu is a test run of having a monarchic setting in the Philippines. Though not merely installing a pure monarch government, the Kingdom is just a symbolic body in the country. This introduction of having a ruling monarch in the Philippines was proposed by Ariel David Buena, a Filipino FPM member whose sole dream is to install monarchs in the Philippines since in the the real Philippines, there were no real monarchs since the Spanish Colonizers seized the real life Philippines. The proposal was approved by the 2nd Philippine Congress in the Philippine National Forum.[1]

The Prince Terence I Era

Prince Terence I, officially Paduka Maulana Mahasari Sharif Sultan Hashem Abu Bakr Prince Terence I of Sulu and Mindanao, is the first reigning King of the Kingdom. He was officially crowned by the Philippine Congress. At his reign, he created the first Royal Guard of the Kingdom, the Royal Pintados. The Royal Pintados will protect the Kingdom and the rest of the Philippines from any foreign attacks. The Royal Pintados is currently mandated by HazzN, also the Department of Defense Secretary.[2]

Knights of Prince Terence I

Tattoo for female knights
Tattoo for male knights

As the king, he knighted different citizens of the country who made great contributions to the Kingdom. They were given tattoos, which serves as medals.

Big Boy Bulley+
Ariel David Buena+
Mr. Dimagiba 2.0+
Nina Ayu+
EZEX Lacroa+
Kalayaan 001+
Glorious Failure+

Royal Family

He also adopted people to be part of the first Royal Family of the Kingdom.

Queen ElyzzaCarell+ (not confirmed - some say she run away to Indonesia on her wedding dress just before the king's carriage arrived at her house[3])

Prince Ariel David Buena+
Prince EZEX Lacroa+
Prince apinyaku+
Prince Mr. Dimagiba 2.0+ (not confirmed)

Princess Kameha_Joy+

The Prince Terence II Era

When Prince Terence I died in September 12, 2009, Prince Terence II inherited the crown and the Kingdom. February 8, 2010, as the kingdom's anniversary nears, EZEX Lacroa suddenly contested the crowning of Prince Terence II mentioning that he is an illegitimate son although born from the blood (IP address) of the late king, as opposed to Ariel David Buena, the legitimate first-born adopted son of the king.[4] At the same time, the communists, led by Comrade Joe, started a civil war to end the monarch kingdom in Mindanao causing the government to declare state of emergency in Mindanao.[5] Two days after, Ariel David Buena acknowledge Prince Terence II's crowning ending the issue[6] although another day later Comrade Joe announces their victory meaning the reign of the kingdom has ended and Mindanao is now called the Autonomous Region of the People's Mindanao[7] although this hasn't been acknowledged by the king yet.


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