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I, Artela, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint McAfee01, Member of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.
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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth 28.03.2010
Date of death unknown
Residence London
Sex Male
Faith Bobloism
Newspaper The Political Standing
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

McAfee01 was citizen of the United Kingdom and USA. He lived in London and was a member of The Unity Party.

Early beginnings and all

McAfee01 joined the eWorld on the 28 March 2010. Being the stereotypical noob that he was, he managed to lose health at an alarming rate, and later realising two marvellous features called food and hospitals at a near death stage. It took him 2 months to actually becoming the physical epitome of e-perfection that he holds true today. He quickly joined the British Army and was posted to the some fancy Tank Division, courtesy of British Army recruitment drives.

Following his level increase that allowed access to political parties, he set forth and joined The Socialist Party with self-righteousness in mind.

Politics: Where all the cool kids hang

Upon his ability to join political parties, McAfee01 immediately joined TSP, who he believed was suited towards greater things than a mid party position. After gradually settling in to the enormous community that was eUK forums, he involved himself in party consultations and policy decisions. Although unable to commit large periods of time towards the game because of other areas of interest, McAfee01 managed to gain himself the position of policy critic for Daniel De Vito’s term in May 2010.

An extract of Daniel’s position message is as followed:

 OK. I've seen enough to notice that you are intelligent, honest and don't have a lot of free time. I'd like you to function as a critic for us this month. Too often in the past we've been too eager to give positive feedback on poor ideas to avoid upsetting people. If an idea is s**t please say so. I don't think you particularly want or need a job title or fancy hat to do the job. I just want you to be honest and tell us if we start acting like f**kwits 
(Daniel De Vito)

Following Daniel De Vito’s rage quit from the party because of inactivity, McAfee01 insisted on taking on the mantle of Party President for the June PP elections. Pledging on heeding the views of the party faithful and restarting the party’s orgs and businesses, alongside the policy of infrastructure expansion towards citizen migration to home regions, McAfee01 entered an unchallenged PP election, managing to gain himself his first taste of political power.

When the going gets tough, the tough get jumping

Immediately taking the reins of Party President authority, McAfee01 realised the momentous task in front of him. Faced from an ever-growing exodus of influential and core party members, the party was in a crisis bordering catastrophic for any short of long term future in eUK politics. From the off, McAfee01 initiated a recruitment campaign to create interest in the party, mainly focusing on advertising campaign with deliciously wasted party gold. This was not without failure, as it only generated adequate interest, with the party unable to compete on terms of political prestige of the eUK’s leading parties of UKRP and TUP.

In a private letter to De Vito, McAfee01 expressed his exasperation about the party:

“With no-one willing to get involved and myself pretty much running the entire party, it's very demanding and is not right for the party.”

I cannot see the party surviving if our members don't want to get involved.” (McAfee01, June 19)

Even the return of The Socialist Party’s founder, Saneth Hill, could not halt his failing tenure, and effectively the slump in party fortunes. Considering his future within the ailing party, McAfee01 decided that the only way to further his position in the eUK was to move onto a political party more active and established. Choosing to remain to his socialist routes, McAfee01 chose TUP, one of the eUK’s most successful parties ever.

From TSP to TUP: A change for the best

Immediately from the off, McAfee01 tried a similar approach to his ill-fated stay in TSP. From actively involving himself in party politics and IRC communication, McAfee01 hoped to become involved and move himself through the echelons of the TUP power halls. With the possibility of a chance to run for eUK congress, he decided that there was no better chance to run than then to move forward towards higher political involvement. Running in South West England, McAfee01's first run ended with success in July 2010.

Following a quiet month in politics (due to RL commitments), McAfee01 ran for re-election in Yorkshire & Humberside for August. Up against a determined UKRP, who insisted (mainly by Jhorlin) that no TUP candidate will win a place in congress in that particular region. However, this backfired spectacularly, with all three TUP candidates winning a place. This followed a month with increased activity and his appointment to the head of the recently established Domestic Committee. No much came from this, considering it was created half way through his term, he managed to organise the department upon creative fronts and opening up new ideas for the next committee head to take forth and implement. He was succeeded by Pensive for the following congressional term, due to himself stepping aside for Valorum to run for re-election.


McAfee01 is a proud follower of the Bobloist faith. He does not acknowledge the non-entity that is Dio.

Religious titles
Preceded by
Pope Temujin I
Pope of Bobloism
17th April 2011 - 25th April 2011
Succeeded by
Pope Maddog I