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This page has been saved as historical information from Rising.
This information is out of date and should not be used for current game play.

You can access to battlefield from the war page or from latest events.

Battlefield - attackers start from the left, defenders from the right.


Battlefield maps

Battlefield maps are in fact different terrains where battles can be fought. Each map has 400 tiles (20*20 tiles) where battle is fought, no matter how big or small the actual region of a specific country is, because a map reflects only a limited area around the capital city of the region. Each tile can host one building, be that a hospital or a defense system. Enemies will have to capture your region tile by tile, so they can also capture your buildings!

Great strategies and tactical warfare emerge on a map that features different terrain types like plains, hills, forests, rivers, lakes, bridges, mountains, and cities, because some terrains are only accessible for certain unit types (For example: Only air units can cross tiles with water).

All regions of all countries will fight their battles on a small number of generic maps.

How does the battle go on?

The battle is turn based. The attacking and defending sides in a battle take turn in moving and fighting against each other. If it is your country's or ally's turn you can move around the map and pick enemies on adjacent hex fields. When the turn countdown has come to an end, the PvP fights will take place and you will see their results. The turn time is 2 minutes. Then the next turn starts. Now it is the turn of your enemies. This means you cannot move or actively attack. But you can prepare for possible attacks of your enemies by increasing your health or by equipping with a defensive Booster.

Securing / Conquering region

To win a battle either the Attackers or Defenders have to control 75% of all tiles including the region's capital city after the first 24 hours.

If no side is able to meet both victory conditions the battle will continue in sudden death mode until one side meets both victory conditions. However, when the battle has lasted for 72 hours, the battle will end as draw.

Deploying to battlefield

Selecting weapon
Main article: Fight

You can deploy to battle by navigating to the battlefield page. Then, if your country is part of that battle and it's your turn, you can deploy to that region by pressing Join battle button. After join battle button is pressed, you must choose a weapon and a tile you want to deploy in.

Note: If the battle is a resistance war, you must choose a side you want to fight for.

Even if there is no active battle, you can deploy to battlefield and wait for battle to start.


You must have at least 40 health to be able to fight.

Choose a target

After the turn countdown reaches zero, you will the result of the fight.

Read more about fighting from the fight page.

Battle Info

You can see information about current battle by clicking Battle info btn.png button in the top right corner.

Battle info tabs.png

If there is an active battle in the region, you see five different tabs:

If there isn't a battle, you see three different tabs:


The battle overview

The overview shows:

Battle info rankings.png


The rankings sorts citizens who has fought in a battle by damage they have done in the battle. By clicking show my position, the list will scroll to the line where you are. You can return to the top by clicking Show top fighter.

Note: These stats will be erased after the battle ends.

My status

My status

The my status page shows information about you in the battles. You see following information:

Your last fight

You will see the narrative of last fight you fought in that battlefield.

Note: If you haven't fought in that region yet, you can't access this tab.

Region info

The region info.

The region info shows you information about region being under attack.

The battle ending

Battle end.png

When the battle ends a notice will appear telling you:

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