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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 14 October 2009 - Day 694
Date of death Unknown
Residence London
Military rank Icon rank Major***.png Major***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Spicer was a citizen of the UK, philosopher, crazy person and Tapir enthusiast.

Spicer was born in Berlin, Germany on day 694 of the New World and moved to the eUK 30 days later.

World Conquest

In the beginning, when Spicer was a young eGerman, his plan for life was relatively simple: Seize absolute control of the government and raise an army of genetically modified super-soldiers to conquer the world in the name of evil. It didn't work.

Spicer made a new and improved plan upon moving to the eUK; seize absolute control of the government and raise an army of genetically modified super-soldiers to conquer the world in the name of evil. This new plan was thwarted when Adam Creedy stole his completely original name for a British political party: Norsefire. Because of this, Spicer set aside his plans of world domination in favor of more realistic ambitions, such as starting a company, becoming a high-ranking officer the Royal Navy, getting involved in politics and opening a Tapir reserve.

Spicer's status in each of these goals is listed in it's respectful order:



-No measurable progress


Affiliates and the Spicerian Illuminati

After the Norsefire plot failed, Spicer created the organization he named the Spicerian Illuminati. Originally the headquarters of the Axis of Evil, it currently serves as a central account for him and his affiliates, originally numbering at three: jaZZman xcellent, his right-hand man, kyle273, who starved to death after not logging in for 3 weeks (was later revived by Spicer at the Citadel), and the TV Tropes obsessed, zebra-enthusiast Aycinth, who became the latest SI member on 4 February 2010.

Spicer's House

SI Grain Processing was a grain company owned by the Spicerian Illuminati. It was sold after Spicer realized he had absolutely no idea how to run a successful business, costing the then-three members an estimated 15-20 Gold (Mostly Spicer and kyle273's investments). After the rest of the SI got lives and took leave of eRepublik, Spicer was left as the sole SI member.

Military Career

Spicer's military history has revolved primarily around expansion wars. Spicer was present during both the initial Swedish invasion on Nordjylland as well as the British counter-attack. He also fought in the British attack on Maine, USA.

After the failed Nodjylland campaign, Spicer turned his attention to the UK-Belgium war. He later applied for The Royal Navy and held the rank of "Able Rate" in its roster. He fought in several skirmishes during the Battle of Britain, fighting eUS, eCanadian and eSwedish forces in various engagements. In the months after the invasion, during the start of World War V, he continued fighting for Phoenix, engaging mostly Polish, Romanian, and Croatian forces. He, like GLaDOS, was disappointed when the Admins undid the events of Operation Valhalla.

Later, the Navy was reformed in preparation for V2, and Spicer was re-assigned to the 1st Army Air Corps. Spicer's new duties are to include piloting Gunships, which is widley accepted as being way more cool than building walls.

He has achieved a military rank of Icon rank Major***.png Major*** and was awarded 1 Super Soldier medal.

Political Career

Spicer was a zealous supporter of the British Monarch Stephen Fry, his reason for joining the British Empire Party and the Royal Navy, and was upset at the creation of monarch week. He briefly joined the UKRP after the BEP was unexpectedly deleted from the game, and rejoined once it was reformed. He even stayed after it was taken over and renamed he "I Love Emma Watson Party". Eventually though, the BEP was dissolved and later absorbed by the Social Democratic Party. With most of the big names joining, Spicer tagged along and remains in the SDP. Due to issues with time zones he remains unable to get truly "involved" with the party, and although he is one of its highest-level members, his duties mostly involve moving to other regions to vote for SDP candidates.