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Flag of Greenland   Coat of Arms of Greenland

On the map

General rank None
Anthem Land of the Kalaallit
Motto Virtus, Unita, Fortior
Capital Sermersooq
Language English
Population 1
President Fhaemita Malodorous
Party Greenland National Party
Currency Greenlandish Krone
Territories 5
IRC Greenland chat
Last update 03/02/2011

The Grand Principality of Greenland is a small fictional country situated in the Northern Hemisphere of the New World. The country has five regions that border six countries: Norway, United Kingdom, Iceland, Canada, Ireland and Antarctica. Although not on the map of the New World there have been people who unsuccessfully petitioned the admins to add Greenland on the map as a region of Denmark. On February 3, 2010 Fhaemita Malodorous declared Greenland an independent country with him as monarch.

Icon achievement peace on.gif Geography

Greenland is situated in the Northern Hemisphere of the New World and has five regions: Qaasuitsup, Qeqqata, Sermersooq, Kujalleq and Northeast Greenland. Those five regions border six countries Norway, United Kingdom, Iceland, Canada, Ireland and Antarctica.

Region Owner Resource Borders
Qaasuitsup Flag of Greenland.svg.png Icon - Oil.png
Antarctica, Canada
Qeqqata Flag of Greenland.svg.png Icon - Oil.png
Sermersooq Icon-capital.gif Flag of Greenland.svg.png Icon - Fish.png
Canada, Iceland, United Kingdom
Kujalleq Flag of Greenland.svg.png Icon - Deer.png
Canada, Ireland
Northeast Greenland Flag of Greenland.svg.png Icon - Deer.png
Iceland, Norway, Antarctica

Icon achievement society builder on.gif Society

Royals and Nobility

The monarch of eGreenland is the Grand Prince, currently this title is held by Fhaemita Malodorous, the heir to the throne of Greenland holds the title of Grand prince, this position is currently vacant. Greenland is an It is an aristocratic republic, all power in the country is given to those who are noble born or are given a noble title by the Grand Prince. Noble titles are given for life, but can be taken away again by the Grand Prince at any time.


The official spoken language in eGreenland is English. This language is used for official articles, irc chat and forums.


Icon - Forums.png
Icon - Chat.png


The official state religion is Northenism

Icon achievement congressman on.gif Politics

Icon position country president.gif President

Year Month President Party
2011 February None Greenland National Party

Icon position party member.gif Government

The following table lists the current members of the Greenland cabinet:

Name Position
Fhaemita Malodorous President
Vacant Vice President
Vacant Minister of Foreign Affairs
Vacant Minister of Security
Vacant Minister of Community
Vacant Minister of Public Relation
Vacant Minister of Communication

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress

The following lists the breakdown of the Congress of Greenland as elected by the people on 25 June 2010:

100% 40
Greenland coat of arms.png

Icon position party president.gif Political Parties

eGreenland has a Totalitarian one party system.

Logo Party Name Party President Political Orientation Political Ideology Members Congress
Greenland coat of arms.png Greenland National Party Fhaemita Malodorous Far-Left Totalitarian 1 00

Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Army

Royal Guards

Greenland only has one division the Royal Guard whose sole purpose is to protect the Monarch and the heir. The Royal Guard are under commander of the Captain of the Guard who is also minister of Security.

Icon-war.png Current Wars

Greenland is currently at war with:

No wars

Icon-pact.gif MPPs

Greenland has Mutual Protection Pacts with the following nation(s):

  • Iceland
  • Antarctica

Icon achievement party president on.gif Foreign relations

Due to it being such a small fictional country Greenland only has ambassador to their neighbours

Position Name
Ambassador to Antarctica Vacant
Ambassador to Norway Vacant
Ambassador to United Kingdom Vacant
Ambassador to Iceland Vacant
Ambassador to Canada Vacant
Ambassador to Ireland Vacant

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