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Flag of Antarctica   Coat of Arms of Antarctica

On the map

Capital Emperial Antractica
Language Penguine, English
President Thomas Gorzkiewski

Map of Antarctica

Official Flag
Antarctica (German: Antarktis Spanish: Antártida Polish: Antarktyda) is a fictional country located on the continent with the same name. Antarctica isn't bordered by any country, but if it could, it's neighbour would be:

It's capital is the South Pole.

Official Coat of Arms
This coutry was proclaimed in the 892 Day of New World (30.04.2010) in this forum topic.

Icon allcountries.gif Geography and Economy

Because of Admin's mistake, Antarctica isn't on the official map. The current number of territories is unknown. There are no user-created companions, but only the raw materials such as:

  • High Ice
  • High Penguins
  • High Lampart Seal

Icon-military-mic-home.gif Military

Icon-warinprogress.gif Major engagements of Antarctic Army

War Ally Opposing Force Result
The Great Intervention None Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic Propably ended, but there was no official Czech statement.

Icon-pact.gif Alliances

Antarctica cannot sign Mutual Protection Pacts, because it's a fictional country.

Icon-economy-mic-home.gif Law

Currently, there isn't any law in Antarctica, but the Government is working on the Constitution.

Icon-politics-mic-home.gif Nobles, Emperor and Government

Icon - Congress.jpg Nobles

To see the list of Nobles of Antarctica - enter this page.

Noble is chosen by the Emperor and they can use the titles of Sir or Lady. Nobles are also the biggest group of citizens in Antarctica having a right to vote. If there is no one who can become a Monarch, they chose the new Emperor.

Icon position party president.gif Government

Ministers chosen by the Monarch can use the titles of Baron or Baroness, Count or Countess and Marquess or Marchioness.

The actual list of Ministers

Position Title Name
Prime Minister Lady Tremeda
Minister of Finance Plunio7
Minister of Foreign Affairs Edoch
Minister of War Lynx188
Lord of the Admiralty Trawa
Minister of Education Count K0munista
Minister of Religious Persuasions Primate Wroclawiak_nr1
Minister without portfolio Count Alexovsky
Ombudsman for Penguins Kaczy88pl

Icon position country president.gif Emperor


Speech balloon.png List of titles

Thomas I, by God's Grace the Emperor of the South Pole, King of East and West Antarctica,

Grand Duke of Queen Victoria Land, Duke of New Swabia, Wilkes Land and Princess Elizabeth Land, the Sovereign Count of Adelie Land, Count of Enderby and Ellsworth, Lord and Sovereign of the Ross Ice Shelf, the Despot of the Antarctic Peninsula, Protector of penguins, the lampart seal Slayer, etc, etc...

Emperor is the Head of State in Antarctica. He decides what is the law and what isn't. He chooses Nobles and Ministers. This position is hereditary.