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History of Austria

Is it possible that information from section The Beginning is implemented in the article page? If yes, could you do it? --AndyCro Icon-Croatia.png Do you need assistance? Then ask me! ;)) 13:26, 30 August 2015 (PDT)

+1 I am talking with Rangeley. He is an excellent writer . He wrote an excellent List of presidents of Austria and many others. Hopefully he will add missing era, if not than I will do it. That part of history has been missing for years. I have few references and could possibly dig up few more.
You may even give Rangeley a nudge... His articles are some of the best and most factual I have seen on this wiki - and non biased.
There is a problem with early part of The Beginning that is pre-mappina era.
a) Closed Beta - Slovenian control of Austria and
b) later arrival of Italians led by mappina was highly contentious at the time and two opposing stories that existed at the time had no real factual proof. Facts were deleted by Gods long time ago.
We can't be even sure of the correctness of first president of Austria... then next two or three presidents none remembers. There is also problem with 4th president who is recorded as Voxx - however there is a problem with his birth. I do not think he was born than, however Slovenians usually state that Voxx was president 1) when they arrived in Austria or 2) Voxx was Slovenian first president--Sre8renica (talk) 21:44, 31 August 2015 (PDT)