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Due to my RL obligations, I am most active here on weekends!

Military help


Albanian presidents:

  • jonkastrioti - 3 time president, 10+ links point here, still alive 11/11

Armenian presidents:

Australian presidents:

  • Rusty D - 14 times president - still alive 09/09
  • Marcos Arolia (one time Australian president, more then 10 pages point here) - dead 24/09/2017

Austrian presidents:

Belarus president:

Belgium president:

  • Director9 - still alive 09/09 - picture exist
  • Palodigon - March co-president, page re-style needed, still dead

Bolivia president:

  • Jesusfbo - 3 times president, still alive 11/10

Canadian president:

Chile president:

  • DrKaban - 3 times president, ambassador - still alive 09/09

Denmark president:

Estonian presidents:

  • Viskaja - 2 times president, already had a page
  • Kronor - 9 times president
  • N2SS - 6 times president
  • Margooni - 9 times president

Hungary president:

  • theface - 2 times president; page update needed; search theface, more links possible / ambassador!!!

Indian president

  • BrknSword - 1 time president, update needed, still alive on September 09, 2017
  • wittyprakash - 3 times president, page needs major update
  • Eraclev - multiple president, also known as Demon War / creator of erepublik idol!

Indonesian presidents:

  • Panca - update needed (still alive SEP 9, 2017)
  • KeRTaJaYa - 2x president (dead NOV 11, 2017), 5 links already point here
  • Dendi Uzumaki - 1x president (still alive NOV 11, 2017), 3 links already point here
  • K A M B I N K - 1x president (still alive NOV 11, 2017), 2 links already point here

Irish president:

Italian president:

  • BlackStormChR - president of multiple countries! (dead Sep 09, 2017)

Japan president:

Latvian president:

  • anteer - major update needed vs pun1sher (still alive SEP 9, 2017)
  • arca7 - page update needed (still alive SEP 9, 2017)
  • Soulcraft - 7 time president

Lithuanian president:

  • Raima - 10 time president


  • TeMing - several times president, 7 links point here (still alive OCT 10, 2017)
  • Nerzhu1 - 8 times president, ambassador
  • ioaa - page update needed
  • MasterIro - page update needed (still alive SEP 9, 2017)
  • Cipriannnnn - page update needed (still alive SEP 9, 2017)
  • redbody - page update needed (dead SEP 9, 2017)
  • mariust1 - page update needed (still alive SEP 9, 2017)
  • The Guardyan - page update needed (still alive SEP 9, 2017)


  • Chielio - two times president (dead OCT 21, 2017)
  • Mathijs - first president, founder of a party (check his newspaper!)

New Zealand:

North Korea:



  • HerrPisco - alive 01/10 - translate and update!
  • EBM - alive 06/12; 4 time president, active in Orion and Asteria, 4 pages point here already, 10+ can point easily. Erep link: EBM



Saudi Arabia:




  • Colonel Bruce - 24 times president
  • Abutre - 1 time president, update, need to update as well president of month list and president list of Slovenia - dead 11/11/2017

South Africa:

  • Montaigne - multiple links, still alive Oct 13/2017

South Korea:

  • Grease - 5 times president
  • KOR Sohn - several times president, 10+ links go here


Turkish president:

Uruguay president:

Other presidents:

Other items:


Note: ilphen - 25 times president!

Military formulas

File review

Marko Kamenjak i video

Red link removal










NOTE: Irish Revolutionary Force - Cry of Banshee!



New Zealand





Removed from List of goverments:


South Korea





Not specified


ICitizen changes

Mithgil/Español - ALIVE 23/04/2017, English version needs update
Darko Rora/Hrvatski - slike

IParty changes

Party updates

IMilitary changes

Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Military_unit - Change the categorization of subpages

IRegion changes

Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Region (76+)

  • [[]]

ICountry changes and much more

Combine: Reviewing categories, updating country article, creating list of governments and presidents... Check also the list subsection!

Country name Date added Date updated Note
Icon-Albania.png Albania 2011/11/10
Icon-Argentina.png Argentina 2007/11/20
Icon-Armenia.png Armenia 2014/05/22
Icon-Australia.png Australia 2007/11/20
Icon-Austria.png Austria 2007/11/20
Icon-Belarus.png Belarus 2010/10/07
Icon-Belgium.png Belgium 2007/11/20
Icon-Bolivia.png Bolivia 2009/06/10
Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina 2009/03/11
Icon-Brazil.png Brazil 2007/11/20 2017/10/27 Complete update
Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria 2007/11/20
Icon-Canada.png Canada 2007/11/20 partial update - MU only 14/11/2017
Icon-Chile.png Chile 2009/01/14
Icon-China.png China 2007/11/20
Icon-Colombia.png Colombia 2009/06/10
Icon-Croatia.png Croatia 2008/12/09
Icon-Cuba.png Cuba 2014/05/22
Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus 2010/10/07
Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic 2007/11/20
Icon-Denmark.png Denmark 2007/11/20
Icon-Egypt.png Egypt 2011/01/19
Icon-Estonia.png Estonia 2009/04/08
Icon-Finland.png Finland 2007/11/20
Icon-France.png France 2007/11/20
Icon-Georgia.png Georgia (country) 2014/05/22
Icon-Germany.png Germany 2007/11/20
Icon-Greece.png Greece 2007/11/20
Icon-Hungary.png Hungary 2007/11/20
Icon-India.png India 2007/11/20
Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia 2007/11/20 remove FB link, check other links, update;
Icon-Iran.png Iran 2007/11/20 2017/10/29 Links checked in English version
Icon-Ireland.png Ireland 2007/11/20
Icon-Israel.png Israel 2007/11/20 forum link wrong
Icon-Italy.png Italy 2007/11/20
Icon-Japan.png Japan 2007/11/20 check the links
Icon-Latvia.png Latvia 2009/04/08 chat link
Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania 2009/04/08
Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia 2009/02/12
Icon-Mexico.png Mexico 2007/11/20 chat link
Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro 2010/10/07
Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands 2007/11/20
Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand 2010/10/07
Icon-Nigeria.png Nigeria 2014/05/22
Icon-North Korea.png North Korea 2009/05/12 check the links
Icon-Norway.png Norway 2007/11/20
Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan 2007/11/20
Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay 2009/06/10 check the links (radio)
Icon-Peru.png Peru 2009/06/10 check the links
Icon-Philippines.png Philippines 2009/02/12
Icon-Poland.png Poland 2007/11/20
Icon-Portugal.png Portugal 2007/11/20
Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan) 2010/10/07 check the links in the template
Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) 2010/10/07
Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova 2007/11/20
Icon-Romania.png Romania 2007/11/20
Icon-Russia.png Russia 2007/11/20
Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia 2011/01/19 check the chat links; forum 2x
Icon-Serbia.png Serbia 2009/02/12
Icon-Singapore.png Singapore 2009/02/12 community section
Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia 2007/11/20
Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia 2008/06/10 check the links
Icon-South Africa.png South Africa 2007/11/20 community section
Icon-South Korea.png South Korea 2007/11/20
Icon-Spain.png Spain 2007/11/20
Icon-Sweden.png Sweden 2007/11/20
Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland 2007/11/20
Icon-Thailand.png Thailand 2007/11/20
Icon-Turkey.png Turkey 2007/11/20 template link correction
Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine 2007/11/20
Icon-United Arab Emirates.png United Arab Emirates 2011/01/19 community section
Icon-UK.png UK 2007/11/20
Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay 2009/06/10 check the links
Icon-USA.png USA 2007/11/20
Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela 2007/11/20

Note: Discord channel update / Country template update

  • Check all List of presidents of

Big mess: Category:New Zealand, Category:Ireland, Category:Netherlands, Category:United Kingdom, Category:United States of America

  1. Note: The best way would be country by country; not category by category. And also check subpages of the country. And also check the category of the list of..., it should be with *
  2. Note: Is word CABINET mention in any of the article titles mentioned at the end. Also check if there are any categories like Category:Government


  • Wars categories???
  • Parties_of_
  • Ambassadors