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Map of eCroatia

AndyCro, have you seen this?
map designed by Grgo ----Hrvat User_talk:Hrvat 11:32, 4 April 2009 (UTC)


/ns alist

Few things

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[[File:|right|thumb|100px|Region Coat of Arms]]
[[File:|right|thumb|100px|Region flag]]

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[[Category:Organization Avatars]]
[[Category:Company Avatars]]
[[Category:Newspaper Logos]]
[[Category:Party Logos]]
[[Category:Military Logos]]
[[Category:Localized Images]]
[[Category:Rising Images]]
[[Category:Version1 Images]]
[[Category:Misc Icons]]
[[Category:Decoration Icons]]
[[Category:Politics Icons]]
[[Category:Building Icons]]
[[Category:Army Icons]]

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Due to my college obligations, I will be offline until the end of February 2010. I will try to visit wiki every Sunday in this period, so if you are going to need me, just write it here, I will try to answer you on Sundays!

Military help


Break here

Military formulas

File review

Marko Kamenjak i video

Red link removal

UK changes

Redirects: Matt Smidley →‎ Baldrick1

ICitizen changes

Raphael Louis Habsburg Bourbon - alive 16/01/16
Kenneth Viking - dead/ban years ago; update the english version
Maurice Charron - alive 16/01/16; renamed before
Vingaer/Polski - alive 16/01/16
Galizur - dead 16/01/16
General Reza - dead 16/01/16
Nexrow - alive 16/01/16; check images!!! and links
Lucifel/Português - alive 16/01/16
Staruszek/Polski - alive 16/01/16
Minara Martos/Español - dead 16/01/16
Asirgitawe/Lietuvių - dead 16/01/16
Ertugrul Han/Türkçe - dead and banned 16/01/16
Giovanni Cavagnari/Portugues Brasileiro - dead 16/01/16
GREEKARMEDFORCES/Ελληνικά (already dead in Dec 2015)
Valky Vala/Portugues Brasileiro - alive 16/01/16; in Chile
Pierre Dzoncy/Polski - alive 16/01/16; English version needs update
Remy GambiT - dead; some link check, pic review
Drako/Español - alive 16/01/16; big update needed
Mithgil/Español - alive 16/01/16
SkayCita/Español - dead and banned; lot of red links
Eugene Just/Беларуская - dead and banned
Shy7/Türkçe - dead; red links; images
Tunisia army - dead; two translations; NEXT
JamBono/Français - dead; red links
Ing. Luis/Español - alive 16/01/16; red links
Leosio/Polski - alive 16/01/16; lonely
Er Negro/Español - dead; a lot of red links
6ilberto/Español - dead; avatars
Camaradahax0r/Español - alive 16/01/16; English translation needed
Alexandross/Magyar - alive 16/01/16; big update
DanielitoFC/Español - alive 16/01/16; English translation needed; lot of red links
LiLo1 - alive 16/01/16; TOO MANY LANG + big update
Brendam/Español - dead 17/01/16; english translation missing
CABRON69/Español - dead 17/01/16; english translation missing
MarcioPopo - renamed and dead 17/01/16; english translation missing
Code-Y/Français - dead 17/01/16; avatars and red links
Bonus12 - dead 17/01/16; some pics
Tirssett - link missing; english translation missing
Anton_from_Cherkasy/Українська - dead and renamed 17/01/16; red links; duplicated article
Laya/Français - dead and banned 17/01/16; avatars
Eligius/Español - dead 18/01/16; red links, images, English translation missing
Switzerkaese/Deutsch - dead 18/01/16; NEXT
Fedejru/Español - dead 18/01/16; NEXT
Pelv/Español - dead 18/01/16; NEXT / WARNING?
AbuelitoMultti/Italiano - alive 18/01; NEXT
Pablobf - dead 18/01; NEXT; check the portuguese version, lonely article
Sawc/Italiano - dead renamed 18/01; NEXT;
PiPp0/Italiano - dead 18/01; NEXT
Captain Beyler/Español - alive 19/01; English translation needed
Secuea/Italiano - dead + ban 19/01; NEXT
Leyolas/Italiano - alive 19/01; NEXT
ScriberITA/Italiano - alive 19/01; only MU points here
Master Darth Vader/Italiano - alive 19/01; NEXT (red links)
Elfospider/Italiano - alive 19/01; NEXT
Ruben Tabriese/Italiano - alive 19/01; NEXT
Mlendea Horatiu/Română - alive 19/01; lot to update
Mib boby/Română - alive 19/01; avatars; NEXT
Icewolf123/Română - alive 20/01; lonely page; NEXT?
Belo_Horizontee/Italiano - dead 20/01; English translation needed
Khan Singh/Portugues Brasileiro - alive 19/01; English translation needed
T White II/Polski - dead 20/01; NEXT
Prince of Austria/Polski - alive 20/01; checking the info from the template
Boer_jan/Nederlands - alive 20/01; some red links; NEXT
LightFury/Italiano - dead 20/01; lonely, NEXT?
Vladb/Română - alive 20/01; add gallery; NEXT
Ngldaniel76/Română - alive 20/01; add gallery / BraveHearts article? ; NEXT
Florean_Florin/Română - alive 20/01; add gallery; NEXT
MasterIro/Română - alive 20/01; add gallery / English update; NEXT
Paul_sambora/Română - alive 20/01; NEXT
Zamolxis23/Română - alive 20/01; add gallery; NEXT
Mircea.Pricope/Română - alive 20/01; add gallery; NEXT
Tzimiskes/Română - alive 20/01; add gallery; NEXT
Tasos_maximous/Română - alive 20/01; add gallery; NEXT
Enroub/Română - alive 20/01; add gallery; NEXT
Adriannus/Română - alive 22/01; add gallery; NEXT
Salamanderu/Română - alive 22/01; add gallery; NEXT / lonely
Ution/Română - alive 22/01; add gallery; NEXT / lonely
Danwtf/Română - alive 22/01; add gallery; NEXT
Faraway1990/Română - alive 22/01; add gallery; NEXT / 1 page only
Almeu/Română - alive 22/01; add gallery; NEXT
Ghostuletz/Română - alive 22/01; add gallery; NEXT
VladTheCount/Română - alive 22/01; add gallery; NEXT / lonely
GeorgeML/Română - alive 22/01; add gallery; NEXT
Nefarian Serpine/Română
Prim Imperator/Română
Klaus Lexthor/Română
Destroyer 77/Română
EK Blacky/Română
Sf petru III/Română
Dan Zisso/Français
Aradstorm Reloaded/Română
Illiuminatum/Lietuvių - stub / lonely
Sir Robin Ibz/Español
Archeron5/Español + translate to English
SvHu/Eesti + translate to English
Migasss/Lietuvių + translate to English


  • Check all List of presidents of

Big mess: Category:New Zealand, Category:Ireland, Category:Netherlands, Category:United Kingdom, Category:United States of America

  1. Note: The best way would be country by country; not category by category. And also check subpages of the country. And also check the category of the list of..., it should be with *
  2. Note: Is word CABINET mention in any of the article titles mentioned at the end. Also check if there are any categories like Category:Government
  • Wars categories???
  • Parties_of_
  • Ambassadors


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