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Nationality Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesian
National rank 25
Date of birth 30.09.2010 - Day 1045
Residence Flag-Indonesia.jpg Mindanao
Sex Male
Political party Partai Kami Sama
Congressman of Indonesia
26 February 2011 – 25 March 2011
Jelly Army of Lithuania
10 May 2011 –
President of Indonesia
May 2013 – June 2013
Preceded by Canester
Succeeded by K A M B I N K
Rank Icon rank God of War 2.png God of War**

wandrip (born on 30 September 2010, Day 1045 in new world) was a citizen of Lithuania that have been naturalized on 12 May 2011 (Day 1269 in new world) approved by the members of the Congress of the Lithuania Mr. Pantera7[1].

wandrip was born in Java, Indonesia at the time of the riots (30 September Movement) in eIndonesia.

Political career started through Partai Kami Sama in Indonesia and the period February - March 2011 was elected as congressman of the Indonesia, representing the electoral region of South Australia, Indonesia.

Now registered in Jelly Army

wandrip's achievements


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 36x Hard Worker
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 9x Congress member.
Icon achievement president on.gif 1x Country President.
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif 1x Media Mogul.
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 38x Battle Hero.
Icon achievement resistance on.gif 1x Resistance Hero.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 229x Super Soldier.
Icon achievement society builder on.gif 8x Society Builder.

Daily Info

12 May 2011 (Day 1269) - Accepted citizenship of Lithuania

11 May 2011 (Day 1268) - Applying citizenship of Lithuania

23 April 2011 (Day 1249) - sale 1000 Q1 Food only 800 IDR or 540 RSD, for further information PM me. DONE to sakaryayigit

25 February 2011 - elected as a congressman in Indonesia represented of South Australia region


  1. Approval page