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Partai Kami Sama

Party-Partai Kami Sama v2.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Abbreviation PKS
National rank 7
Founded March 2009
President PupuJuku
Members 8
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Anarchist

Partai Kami Sama formed in March 2009 by ivan torada.
This party grew quickly due to its superb organization, and were able to dominate the Congress many times.
This Party is also famous because their PTO action in Icon-Thailand.png Thailand and unofficially renamed the country, PKSLandia.

Vision and Mission


Building a sense of community and familiarity with the mutual interests as priority to achieve the unity Indonesia and enjoyable life in this new world.


  • Advancing Indonesia and eliminate disparities among the people of Indonesia;
  • Become a forum for newbie to be able to interact with this new world and introduce him to new world environment;
  • Enhance solidarity between all PKS' members.



One day on IRC, there was a meeting with our brothers from east. They were studying this hard Life. After one hour and thirty one minutes approx, the lesson was finished, and then, they did another meeting in a room named #ePKS.

In that meeting, they were joking about Take Over a foreign political party. But that joke comes true, because in the next day, they agreed to do a political takeover.

The Second meeting in a same place, Internet Relay Chat, they decided the name of the party. The proposed name:

  • Partai Kita Se-eIndonesia (Our Indonesian Party)
  • Partai Kita Semua (Our Party)
  • Partai Kami Sama (We are Equal Party)
  • Partai Klonengan dan Sapi (Party of Clones and Cows)

Unexpected, in the middle of that debate, a man named rgnz came and entered #ePKS (it's #PKS, now). With his self-confidence, he managed that wild, uncontrolled debate and decide that the name of the party is Partai Kami Sama and still unchanged til now.

Partai Kami Sama, is an idea from fresh youth, with their new spirit. And now, that idea becomes true and serious. w1r3l3ss, a hero from Partai Komunis eIndonesia helped Partai Kami Sama' founder to take over a party, and changed it to Partai Kami Sama.

Partai Kami Sama, is a party that uphold the unity and integrity of newbie, promised to always keep the reputation of Indonesia, helps newbies accomplished their assignments, and participating in improving our country, Indonesia.

Although this party is not as strong as other parties, never underrate Partai Kami Sama' youth spirit. Fight for improving Indonesia is our motto, an excessive motto, but we will do our best-est for do it and make other citizen happy.


 PKSLandia is a project for Partai Kami Sama members to study about political activities in eRepublik with other country as the training area. 

The first big project that organized by Partai Kami Sama.
PKSLandia is the unofficial name for Icon-Thailand.png Thailand after Partai Kami Sama PTOed them.
This project lasted for more than five month and make five member of PKS have a Country President medal.

Member of PKS who get the medal:

  • fikrimalouda (1 term)
  • KuBu (1 term)
  • riAndri (1 term)
  • ina_indonesia (1 term)
  • Luthfisnet (2 terms)

This project finished in October 2010.

Flashback Project

Well-known as Napak Tilas
A small project to flashback history of Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia with traveling overseas.

Project Report:

Unfortunately, the project was stopped because of some reasons. After almost a month without any publications, Admiral Proudmoore, brought back this project in media with this article.
But, again, there is no further article about that project. The reason is maybe, because there is a big eRepublik update, it's eRepublik Rising update.

Dissolution Plan

After a long period of no big projects and the disappearance of the PKS' founder.
The current active members made a surprising decision to dissolved the party.

The proof of this dissolution plan is feeds in official PKS' Facebook page.

PKS' Facebook page feeds

Another step to make this dissolution plan worked is change the topic in #loungepks to "PKS BUBAR" (PKS dissolved)
This action was only lasted for less than a week.

PKS' Revival

Fortunately, the dissolution project was failed. And, PKS got a new target.
led by Canester as the party president of Partai Kami Sama & R E X X A R as the Strongest & Longest term Commander of Laskar Bocil (in him heyday), this revival project is quite successful and made PKS have 2 congressman for August-September 2011 period, and also made Laskar Bocil Revive & Reformed.

This project is started with organized people from other party to join PKS, one by one, slowly, so PNeI (the ranked 5 party in that time) will not realize it. This is only PKS' first step to back to it's heyday.

With a great spirit, Canester make a Project called Project-V and New-PKSLandia, and also create some division to make regeneration of PKS' members, He also made PKS' senior members reborn and came back playing the game.

In Canester Second terms, Canester made some event to made members of Partai Kami Sama enjoy in their Party, and welcome the newcomers. In the September Congress Elections, he made Partai Kami Sama gained 7 Seats or 17% of the Congress Seats, and also ranked 4th.

Next Month, Canester had elected as Party president again for the third term, in this term he successfully made Partai Kami Sama got 25% of Congress seats, he & R E X X A R also made Laskar Bocil Stronger in Coordination with made Training War Together with every members.

In November, Canester chose to rest as Party president, and was replaced by Algrisz, in his term there's no many activity, in his term Partai Kami Sama got 9 seats of Congress Occupancy or 21% from total seats, Algrisz also continued the Project of New-PKSLandia. In the end of his term, many of Laskar Bocil died for no reason, Like the Commander of Laskar Bocil R E X X A R, and many other, this incident also called Double Eleven, for remember those who died in Double Eleven incident, Canester made articles Farewell my comrades.

Re-Dissolution Plan

After the Double Eleven accident, many of Partai Kami Sama members went to another country, like Icon-Australia.png Australia, Icon-Turkey.png Turkey, Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), and other nations. The position of party president was change from Admiral Proudmoore to Canester, later to Wandrip, and the last is to Inul_Unyil, two of them was goes to Icon-Turkey.png Turkey, from that, Partai Kami Sama had the least of activity in Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesian politics.

Next month, the Party president position was change to 3r3pbadjingan. In his term, there are nothing activity had done by Partai Kami Sama. So because of that, Rawst_Berry and Admiral Proudmoore, had an idea to fuse Partai Kami Sama with P.I.P.A members. In the middle of meeting, Algrisz and Optimax, disagree with this fuse, and prefer regeneration with newbies. Almost of the members were agree of that. So once again, Partai Kami Sama wasn't dissolved.

Partai Kami Sama Revolution

PKS Congress Seat in Indonesia in PKS Revolution Era

After several month, the regeneration plan was almost failed, and Partai Kami Sama once again in faint. Canester, who was a past leader, came back to Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia from his journey to Icon-Argentina.png Argentina. He was shocked when he saw this condition. Then he quickly take over the leadership of Partai Kami Sama and made many of new programs & competitions, such as Love Letter, Dear Diary & What's Your name is?? Competition. He also planned to merge Laskar Bocil and Bocil Barracuda to make Laskar Bocil strong battle group like in the past.

In this era, Partai Kami Sama became a great and the most active party in Indonesia, Canester as the leader, formed 7 Division for Manage each eRepublik Main Sector.

The 7 Division was:

  • Politic Division
  • Economy Division
  • Media Division
  • Social Division
  • Education Division
  • Women Division
  • Communication Division
Also Canester managed to
Laskar Bocil Became TOP 5 Military Units in PKS Revolution Era
renew agreement with P.I.P.A membership with Allies of Indonesia, Indonesian Democratic Socialist, and Partai Republik eIndonesia to coordinate Politic Action in Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia, with a Great Coordination, in this era Partai Kami Sama got the most Congress Seats in Indonesia, 35% Seats or 14 Congress Seats.

Also In this Era, Partai Kami Sama build the first Radio Communication Center for Partai Kami Sama. This radio was formed by Canester, Algrisz, and Aleenyx. The radio name was KAMISAMA Radio Center. It was formalized at 19 May 2012 and published in PKS Radio Open House. It was beta tested on the 14 of May 2012.

The Radio Site/Server ware:

Laskar Bocil also got effect with this Revolution, with Partai Kami Sama Members Help Laskar Bocil such as:

and others to gain more members, in May 2012, Laskar Bocil gain More than 110 Members and also Get In TOP 5 Military Units in Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia.

The Fall in Autumn

Memorandum of Understanding of KPeI

The cherish early Summer Festival was created by Partai Kami Sama. Project by project was achieved and successfully built in the 5th of June. Canester proposed him self as Candidate for President of Indonesia for June term, many of his friends against it because of the issues of Dualism, but in the end the issues was ended and he became the President of Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia. 3 days after he became President, Admiral Proudmoore and Rawst_Berry (later known as RyGnwn) urging Canester to resign from his 2 Seats, as Party president of Partai Kami Sama and as Commander of Laskar Bocil.

Two days later, Canester made a decision, and published an announcement, that declared the resignation of his 2 seats, as said in Surat Pengunduran diri (Resignation Letter), and Succeed it to wandrip (Party president of Partai Kami Sama), and riandraaback (Commander of Laskar Bocil).

Laskar Bocil expand and became a great Military Unit in TOP 5, and reach 130 members under riandraaback. He continued Canester's project, the Bocil of the Week and Daily Training wars. But in other hands, Partai Kami Sama has less activities after Canester's resignation. To prevent Partai Kami Sama from the silent month again, wandrip made two contests and its opened to all people in Indonesia. The contests were BACOK-CANESTER to critic Indonesian CP at that term, which was Canester and Tebak Skor which was betting games of EURO 2012.

The Forming of TNeI

On Day 1,682, Canester declared and established four new National Military Units, and Named it TNeI. TNeI itself consist of MUs which spread through all 4 divisions :

  • TNeI Capung Division (for 1st Division)
  • TNeI Batik Division (for 2nd Division)
  • TNeI Baja Division (for 3rd Division)
  • TNeI Elite Division (for 4th Division)

after long discussion with thirteen different Commander of Military Units, he published the article The Forming of TNeI, in internal discussion, Laskar Bocil Commander riandraaback, and President of PKS, wandrip, agreed to help it to became reality, then riandraaback published an article Question for all members of laskar bocil, that asked all members of Laskar Bocil to support and join TNeI and because of that, more than a half of Laskar Bocil members join this new Military Unit.

On day 1,681 riandraaback publish an article (it's not the end, buddy..., that ordered all of Laskar Bocil member to join TNeI. Slowly but surely, TNeI grew up and became a great National Military Unit. riandraaback as commander of Laskar Bocil. Then succeed his leadership to Nwmaxxx to keep the growth of Laskar Bocil little by little.

After the forming of TNeI, Indonesian military & politics became more stable. And because of that, many of Partai Kami Sama members enjoy it, and rest for a while, as the result, in early "Autumn" Partai Kami Sama loss some of its members and became silent again. Also, this made Laskar Bocil ranked 18th and Partai Kami Sama ranked 6th. So, Partai Kami Sama can't proposed themselves in congress election for two month (October-November 2012), this situation made many members rest from this game for a while or enjoy the peace in Indonesia at that time (when no more Political Conflict).

The Warm Winter

In a middle of conversation, Bora Stojsin, suggested to create PKS Forum active again. This topic became warm, and warmer, until he published a competition named BACOK - Demon War or BACOK-DW in short. The competition was the second series of Bacok-CANESTER. This competition purpose was to evaluate the performance of Indonesian government that worked on November 2012.

This competition made some powerful mediator from PKS, like a h a s r a p, RyGnwn, and Canester to join it. It was a success. Also this competition was participated by 7 contestants within 5 days, in BACOK-DW the announcement, Canester got the 1st place, followed by a h a s r a p, the effect of this articles was very big. This made a baby boom for Partai Kami Sama, and it reached 210 members and ranked 3rd in Indonesia.

KPeI Logo

After the Big Success of the Competition, Commander of Laskar Bocil, Nwmaxxx (also known as Blakasuta), made a project to make a reunion with all of former member of Laskar Bocil that was separated to another Military Units. On day 1,844, Blakasuta coordinated and launched attack to Chuquisaca and tarija to help Icon-Chile.png Chile against Icon-Argentina.png Argentina.

The 1st wave was for 1st Division, in this wave, LiliND, Inanayuks, and other Laskar Bocil member attended this Training war, even Commander of TNeI ELITE Division, Canester attended this they fought bravely to attack Argentina in the 5th Battle.

In the end, All of 4 Divisions Battle Hero, was won by:

This winning was continued with The Invasion of #mentornubi, in the next day riandraaback, the battle reporter, made a report Articles of the Training war in Oops We Are back, and this Training War made Laskar Bocil became the 2nd strongest Military Unit for a day in Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia.

The Migration

On the Middle of Winter, after some discussion on eRepublik and Real-Life meeting, on day 1,899 the Coalition between Partai Kami Sama, Partai Rakyat Merdeka, Indonesian Democratic Socialist & Partai Republik eIndonesia was formed, with a name "Koalisi Pergerakan eIndonesia" (abbs: KPeI, eng: Coalition of Indonesia Movement), their first move is to Endorse iTelat to become the President of Indonesia in February 2013, with article Surat Keputusan Nomor 01/KPEI-P/II/2013 (the Decision Letter), and successfully manage iTelat to become the President.

There's a lot of event in that month like:

  • Renewing the Members Biodata
  • New Knight of Bocil (Laskar Bocil Profile Members)
  • The Formation of KPeI
  • Where is your Dream City?? (Articles Event)
  • Journalist of The Weeks
  • Bocil of The Weeks
  • The Great Laskar Bocil Training Wars

In The Next Month, the activity of Partai Kami Sama members were decreasing, because many of the members who were active in IRC moved into Into WhatsApp, thats make Partai Kami Sama Room's on IRC become calm and silent, also in March 2013, RyGnwn was proposed as President of Indonesia, and once again KPeI Manage it.

In meutuah Hands, Partai Kami Sama name's almost came in every page in the Latest News or Top News on Indonesia, with the Great Program and Events like:

  • The Best Place in Your City
  • Week Evaluation
  • Journalist of The Weeks
  • Bocil of The Weeks
  • PKS Wallpaper Design
  • The Great Laskar Bocil Training Wars
  • Your Favorite Movies

and Once again, Partai Kami Sama with KPeI successfully manage to Endorse their Candidate, Canester to became the Indonesia President on April 2013.

List of Party Presidents

Term Citizen Name
March 2009 ivan torada
April 2009 tebo1981
May 2009 Masila
June 2009 ikyshidqi
Juli 2009 Arya Gunawan
Aug 2009 masdito
Sep 2009 Bonbonbon
October 2009 lilinugoho
November 2009 Luthfisnet
December 2009 Bedil
January 2010 Bedil
February 2010 Franz Kaisepo
March 2010 DeeLune
April 2010 kakek genit
May 2010 DieRomance
June 2010 wangsacl
July 2010 Inul_Unyil
August 2010 ri4ndri
September 2010 dokterleonardo
October 2010 Bora Stojsin
November 2010 Mascarelo
December 2010 R E X X A R
January 2011 Adrinta Abdurrazzaq
February 2011 Algrisz
March 2011 Algrisz
April 2011 Einhader
May 2011 - No information available
June 2011 R E X X A R
July 2011 R E X X A R
August 2011 Canester
September 2011 Canester
October 2011 Canester
November 2011 Algrisz
December 2011 Admiral Proudmoore
January 2012 3r3pbadjingan
February 2012 3r3pbadjingan
March 2012 Jovidesky
April 2012 Canester
May 2012 Canester
June 2012 Jovidesky
July 2012 akmalaputra
August 2012 Canester
September 2012 Admiral Proudmoore
October 2012 Admiral Proudmoore
November 2012 Shinemavi
December 2012 LiliND
January 2013 LiliND
February 2013 wandrip
March 2013 meutuah
April 2013 Wisnu LA
May 2013 Canester
June 2013 LiliND
July 2013 angky
August 2013 Wandrip
September 2013 Canester
October 2013 Canester
November 2013 Canester
December 2013 Canester
January 2014 Canester
February 2014 Lili Nugroho
March 2014 Canester
April 2014 Lili Nugroho
May 2014 wandr1p
June 2014 wandr1p
July 2014 wandr1p
August 2014 N/A
September 2014 wandr1p
October 2014 wandr1p
November 2014 wandr1p
December 2014 wandr1p
January 2015 wandr1p
February 2015 Admiral Proudmoore
March 2015 wandr1p
April 2015 wandr1p
May 2015 wandr1p
June 2015 wandr1p
July 2015 wandr1p
August 2015 Adrinta Abdurrazzaq
September 2015 Inti Cahaya Semu
October 2015 PupuJuku
November 2015 PupuJuku
December 2015 PupuJuku
January 2016 PupuJuku*
February 2016 fikrimalouda
March 2016 kudalaut
April 2016 Aga NP
May 2016 N/A
June 2016 N/A
July 2016 Aga NP
August 2016 Adrinta Abdurrazzaq
September 2016 Adrinta Abdurrazzaq
October 2016 Aga NP
November 2016 Admiral Proudmoore
December 2016 Admiral Proudmoore
January 2017 N/A
February 2017 N/A
March 2017 N/A
April 2017 leaderR1
May 2017 PupuJuku
June 2017 PupuJuku
July 2017 PupuJuku
August 2017 PupuJuku
September 2017 PupuJuku
October 2017 PupuJuku
November 2017 PupuJuku
December 2017 PupuJuku
January 2018 PupuJuku
February 2018 PupuJuku
March 2018 PupuJuku
April 2018 N/A
May 2018 PupuJuku

*Mid term replaced by RyGnwn

Longest Term

Term Period Citizen Name
11 Times In Row PupuJuku
5 Times In Row Canester, wandr1p, wandr1p
4 Times In Row PupuJuku
3 Times In Row Canester wandr1p

All time Term

Term Period Citizen Name
16 Times Pupujuku
13 Times Canester, wandr1p
6 Times Admiral Proudmoore,
4 Times Adrinta Abdurrazzaq
3 Times Algrisz R E X X A R (R e x x a r), LiliND, Aga NP

Battle Groups

Laskar Bocil v5.jpg

R E X X A R's decision in July 2011, to adjust the new Update in that time, he divided Laskar Bocil to two Military Unit's, which were Laskar Bocil for Members of Partai Kami Sama that has Less than 2,500 strength (STR), and BG Bocil Barracuda for Members of Partai Kami Sama that have more than 2,500 STR.

Since then, PKS had two battle groups, which were:

Later on when Canester became Party President of Partai Kami Sama, his decision in April 2012 was Partai Kami Sama must have only One main Military Unit and it was Laskar Bocil, so Bocil Barracuda Military Unit were reserved for urgency if something happened to Laskar Bocil. So, in this decision, Laskar Bocil was opened to everyone in Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia, not limited by party or strength.

However, as decision of Partai Kami Sama's Core Members & Former Leaders, BG Bocil Barracuda dissolved and renamed to TNeI Elite Division, which is National Military Unit of Indonesia later in Canester's Presidential period. So, PKS had only one Battle Group, which was Laskar Bocil.

IRC Channels

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is the primary way of Partai Kami Sama's members communication. Partai Kami Sama only use article (newspaper) for meeting invitation.

Channel name Status
#loungepks PKS' lounge and general chat room. Everyone can join this channel.
#pks PKS' main room, only member could access this room. Password Protected.
#laskar-bocil Laskar Bocil's room, rarely used. Password Protected.
#Kelas-PKS PKS' member studied room, rarely used.
#Otaku-pks PKS' member Anime's & Manga's Addict & geek room, rarely used.
#kamisama PKS' member Radio Communication HQ. Password Protected.

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  3. Tentara Nasional eIndonesia - Military Unit
  4. Mibbit link to Rizon Chat at #loungepks