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The Belgian Civil War (BCW) is a political fight that was mainly held on the Belgian forum between the beginning of August and the end of October 2011.

It opposed two parties that were called "The elites" and "The opposition" by the second group that fought for the political hegemony in Belgium. During this war, the political Belgian landscape has drastically changed.


Before March 2011

The BCW is a latent tension that comes from the process that led to the destruction of the United Netherlands and the creation of Belgium between January and February 2010. At this time, the two major alliances PEACE GC and EDEN sent thousands of soldiers in Belgium to make it independent from the other group. [1]

When the soldiers left, two parties counting members of each side remained, that later became Belgium for Belgians (BfB) and Res Belgica. The BfB dominated the Belgian political landscape up to April 2011 (with 9 presidents elected).

Here is the evolution of the number of congressmen of BfB between April 2010 and August 2011:

BfB in congress.jpg

As a major party of Belgium, Belgium for Belgians party, with ThomasRed usually considered as their leader, has taken the habit to lead the country, with some members that have always been active.

During these times some voices began to rise against the control exercised by the BfB over the country.

The BfB Political Takeover attempt

A group called "The Opposition" has been created in opposition to the BfB hegemony[2]. They reproached the BfB to base his power on his very high amount of 2 clickers, whom were not participating in the active life and should not be deciding of the political landscape.

Critically ran in BfB as the party presidential candidate of "The Opposition" against Jamster737 who was the legitimate BfB candidate that eventually won the elections.

This act was condemned by most party leaders of this period and Res Belgica who was the leading party of the opposition crumbled fast, being renamed later Bro's B4 Ho's by shadowukcs and becoming the smallest Belgian party.

However, even if the PTO attempt failed, it opened a breach in the BfB and one week after the elections, some eminent members of the BfB like Pieter557 and Mittekemuis decided to create their own independent left party United Left Alliance on the ashes of the Belgian Communist Party lead by Theneka at this time. Other BfB members followed them which weakened the party.

Political landscape redrawal

During the following months, the strength of the BfB continued to decline when most remaining active members left the party at the beginning of may create the pro-merger party All TOgethers with the notable exceptions of xironn and Jamster737.

Later in may, ThomasRed abandoned the Belgian citizenship to provide a production boost for the Belgian Army Forces communes. This will have a strong psychological effect on BfB members as his activity will lose his visibility and that he will be more focused on military affairs than before.

In July, Wolfenn, a 2-Clicker gained the PP elections of BfB, showing that there was a major organizational problem within the party (even if he resigned during the month).

While the BfB, was losing his leading ability and slightly changing his political orientation, the 4 other main parties were involved in a fight for the country domination.

The Belgian Communist Party (BCP) was founded in June 2011 by Monsieur Guillontine and gained a lot of strength, related to the high amount of non-RL Belgian joining their ranks. Despite having a communist project, their ideology for the Belgian state was liberal and this was the reason why they sided along with Res Belgica.

The fast rise of BCP and RB lead to a new power equilibrium. While those two parties used to be in the opposition, they gained enough strength to pretend to be the leading force and overthrow the historical power.

Events around the war beginning

Here are listed the events that happened just before and at the beginning of the Civil War but not related directly to the BCW.

On the 28th of July, Critically propose to reinstate the Supreme Court. It is accepted 3 days later and Boklevski, GoopyPants and Jofroi are nominated as judge on the 8th of August.

A training war with the United Kingdom is launched on the 1st of August.

NLSP is nominated as rank 1 administrator of the Belgian forum on the 2nd of August.

After the departure of the king and queen of Belgium (Mittekemuis and Pieter557) of Belgium, the monarchy is voted down by the Congress on the 3rd of August.

On the 5th of August, a proposal to change the constitution is made. It fails due to the lack of votes.

On the 5th of August, Fhaemita Malodorous propose to overhaul the admin team due to the high amount of rank 1 director. It is rejected by 7 votes against 6. On the 10th of August, shadowukcs propose to remove Innos and Manong from the admin team of the forum, due to inactivity. This is rejected with a tie vote.

On the 6th of August, Critically (as All TOgethers candidate) is elected as Belgian Country President and Jofroi is nominated Vice President.

Belgian Civil War

The No Pain No Gain Act

A Resistance Hero taxation proposal has been made by Jofroi 2 days after the beginning of the training war. The problem of the law enforceability is submitted.

GoopyPants proposed a first draft of the “Belgium Defense Accountability Law” that propose to tax CP, CM, RH, CH and BH medals. “Failure to donate the required funds means that that person cannot participate in the BTA, the BAF, or any loan or grant programs funded by Belgium for the current election cycle/month.”[3]

Following discussions will involve discussions about BAF funding, a topic that is traditionally loved by the opposition as only a restricted amount of people has access to that funding.

NLSP split on the 4th of August the proposal of GoopyPants into a “No Pain No Gain” part that concerns the punitive measures of a citizen in case of law breach and a Medal Tax Act that will be quickly abandoned. After that split, the ATO-ULA alliance will consider two different debates (medal donation and NPNG) while RB-BCP group will consider that both debates are linked as the NPNG could be a first step that would be followed by a medal donation proposal.

On the 5th of August, NLSP propose the No Pain No Gain act which allows excluding a citizen from state donation if it is proven that he has breached the law. It is rejected. While the debates heat up, Xgentis Lempereur evoke the creation of a new forum for the first time of the war.

On the 6th of August, shadowukcs brings on the table the argument of “you buy tons of gold with VISA every month. You don't mind if you lose 5G a month or not”. This argument will be used a lot of time later in the war as most members of RB-BCP are not gold buyers while some members of ATO-ULA are. The monetary changes (like gold donation etc) are less affecting the gold buyers as they have other sources of gold income which might affect their decisions, according to the opposition. Moreover, they stated that, as the BAF is the main user of the state treasury and that most members are from ATO-ULA-BfB, the gold donation is expected to come back in their pocket, which is not true for the other people.

On the 7th of August, Jofroi proposed an illegal import tax change lowering on weapons raw material. Some members of the government claim that the proposal is supported by the government which make troubles as the government is not supposed to give any orders to the Congress (which lead to a scandal and the demission of a minister in a previous government a few months before). It is accepted and followed a couple of days later by another import tax change on Food Raw Material. As a protest, the State Secretary of Defence, xironn, propose an impeachment against Critically. It will be heavily repealed but xironn was shifted to Ministry of Fun (that is considered as a firing) and be replaced by Prophexy.

New proposals with 15% import taxes will be voted a couple of days later, due to the high amount of complaints.

On the 7th of August also, last debates about the NPNG law occurs. 3 days later, NLSP propose a new draft of the NPNG that is accepted with 12 votes against 8.

The Supreme Court enters the game

As soon as the NPNG law was passed, a topic[4] was opened by Konrad Neumann to repeal it. His main concerns are that the NPNG gives justicial powers to the Congress and that it is redundant with the Criminal Justice Act.

From this point on, both sides of the conflict will tend to remain at their position and the debates will be done as a "deaf discussion". On the 12th of August, the proposal to repeal the NPNG law will be made. It will be accepted with 10 votes against 5 and 3 abstentions.

During this vote, the first discussions about law interpretation are launched by Ward De Bever about the ability of another citizen than the one who launched a debate to make a proposal. The purpose was to cancel the repeal law. The case will be opened at the Supreme Court on the 13th. On the same day, the SC will conclude[5] that the spirit of the law is the most important and therefore, the vote was legal and the NPNG will, therefore, be repealed. The opposition will claim his happiness about this result.

Just after the opening of the SC case 2011/02, Fhaemita Malodorous will ask the opening of a Type A Investigation against Ward De Bever and NLSP for "Obstruction to the Congress" by performing illegal acts. Due to the absence of evidence, the demand for investigation will be finally rejected on the 19th of August.

After that second case, many other SC cases will be opened for private reasons and most of them will not succeed. This will be used several times as a political tool.

DemetriusA will make an attempt on the 14th to change the constitution in accordance with the SC judgment. It will not succeed due to a lack of participants, although there will be a large majority in favour.

Due to the heated situation, Daniel Parker decides to leave Belgium on this same day. He will be the first of many players to leave during that period. Mikhail Alexander will replace him as State Secretary of Wiki.

On the 15, Jofroi proposed to "propose a delay between two votes for similar laws and/or law repealing, that would be 7 days" as the legislative process is supposed to be a slow one and that proposals should be carefully thought before being proposed.

Party President and Congress elections of August

On the 15th, Xgentis Lempereur (Inactive at that time) is elected as party president of Bros B4 Hos against shadowukcs and Elynea get elected as party president of Belgium for Belgians. Other parties does not change of party president. Bros B4 Hos takes back his old name (Res Belgica).

On the 19th xironn will ask for fair congress elections, meaning that tactical voting (moving voters from a party to another) should be avoided. Once again, this subject will show the antagonism between different persons as people like Ward De Bever or Jofroi are using such tactics while other persons consider it as "unfair" political attitude.

On the 22nd, discussions will be held about the funding of the BAF and the BTA. The opposition will soon begin to consider the BAF as a private (although state supplied) army and therefore will try to cut the funding as much as possible.

On the 24th, Critically proposed a rental of a German region based in Poland. The price would be Icon-gold.gif 20 GOLD for each country (total of Icon-gold.gif 40 GOLD). With the approach of the election, the question of the Congress Medal gold donation came back on the ground.

On the same day, Konrad Neumann opened a case against Jofroi for "corruption and abuse of power" due to expected manipulation of party presidential elections. On the three charges, the only one that will be considered by the Supreme Court will be the charge of PTOing the other party (Bros B4 Hos). On the 15th of September, the investigation will finally be closed as "Those who may have been directly harmed by Jofroi's actions chose not to pursue a trial".

Still on the 24th, ThomasRed opened another case against Konrad Neumann because he was willing to leave the country after the congress elections. This was immediately rejected by the SC as this was not illegal.

Elections were held in that suspicious climate. All TOgethers and the United Left Alliance won 10 seats against 12 for Res Belgica and the Belgian Communist Party. Belgium for Belgians earning the last 8 seats. The majority in Congress has switched side. After the 25th of August, the so-called "Opposition" would now have the majority in Congress (although a very short one).

The Irish War

Due to repeated attacks linked to his inactivity, Manong Rizal decides to resign as administrator of the eBelgian forum.

After the proposal of iliancer to do a compromise between both sides, shadowukcs troll the Congress with a proposition called the N@ggeract[6] which main point is " You do not bitch about Mandatory CM donations". This will be heavily rejected on the 29th.

On that same day, shadowukcs remarked that the evolution of medal donations has strongly dropped since the beginning of the debates (134 in June, 85 in July and only 47 in August). The amount of congress gold received in August 2011 will never be achieved again afterwards.

During the week of the 21st-28th of August, Ireland propose a training war to Belgium. Critically refuses.

Shortly before the 28th, shadowukcs and Irish Rebel Reborn (later on known as MR. PADRAIG PEARSE) the Irish Country President have a discussion on IRC. Shadowukcs proposes him to attack Belgium (The fact that he was serious or not is still unknown as no logs of this conversation has been released).

On the 28th, MR._PADRAIG_PEARSE, country president of Ireland, declares war on Belgium. Belgium will win the first battle and the war will end one day later as there will be no more connected territories.

On the 29th, Critically open an SC case against Shadowukcs because he brought the country into danger. On the 9th of September, the SC does not declare him guilty due to the lack of evidence of a direct link between his actions and the war.

On this same day, Fhaemita Malodorous proposes the "State Security Act" where "The State of War", State Emergency and "Anti-PTO procedures" are defined. This was supposed to strengthen the power of the Country President in case of war to avoid Congress debates. This law will however not be used much in practice.

On the 30th, Xgentis Lempereur mention the term "Wardist" for the first time in the Congress debate area of the forum. Wardist and Shadowist will begin to be used to design both "sides".

On the 31st, Congress accepts a proposal to rent the region of Rhineland-Palatinate to both Poland and Germany for 2x Icon-gold.gif 20 GOLD per month. Polish congress will decline the offer and this will never happen.


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