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Welcome to the Game

The first image when you become a citizen of eRepublik is the homepage, we see how well it is structured, here is a detailed procedure (with pictures) of what you'll find on the home page:


Main article: Food

Food increases the citizen's energy. It can be purchased in the Marketplace and is consumed automatically.

Types of Food

There are seven varying qualities of food, with higher quality food having a higher star rating. And while higher quality food may restore more energy per one item, the best type of food to buy is the one that gives you the most energy for your money. A player is only limited by the amount of energy they can recover in a set amount of time. Therefore, for example, it is better to buy 100 units of Q1 food (200 energy) for Icon - Money.png 50 CC than it is to buy 20 units of Q5 food (also 200 energy) for Icon - Money.png 55 CC.


Food raw material is used in the manufacture of food
Main article: Food raw material

Food raw material is used to manufacture food.

Food Qualities

The effectiveness of food depends on its quality. The higher quality of food the more wellness it will restore and it will take less storage place.:

Q5 Food
  • Q1: Icon energy.png 2/use
  • Q2: Icon energy.png 4/use
  • Q3: Icon energy.png 6/use
  • Q4: Icon energy.png 8/use
  • Q5: Icon energy.png 10/use
  • Q6: Icon energy.png 12/use
  • Q7: Icon energy.png 20/use

How to Train Icon skill strength.gif

Main article: Train

Train is a process of increasing your strength. You can train once a day in each training facility in your land / Training grounds by choosing black pictograms, and clicking on Train.

Training grounds

Each training facility has a different kind of effect on your training.

How to Work Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif

Main article: Work


To work, you can apply for a job in the job market, then go to My places and press "Work". With this, you can gain a salary. In addition to working for others, you can make extra money by working for yourself, in whatever companies you own. You can work by visiting My places, there you could select your companies and produce in every company by clicking to "Start produce".



You could work once a day in every company of yours, and once as an employee. You will lose 10 energy working at each company. With every single work in a company, you gain experience points which help you to reach the next level faster.

When you work in your own food/weapon company (as a manager), you need to have enough raw materials to make the products. If you have raw companies too, you could work in each company at the same time, because the raws will be added before you use them for the products. If you don't have enough raw you could buy from market.

What happens after you work?

  • You will see the final results of your productivity, as well as a message with more detailed information:
    • The finished products are added to the company's stock.
    • You will receive your salary, minus income tax(when you work for others).
    • You will receive 2 experience points.
    • Your energy will decrease by 10 points.

Why do we work?

Some citizens work for their own individual gain. They get paid a salary and give their bosses materials or products which they may use to make other products, or sell for profit. However, other citizens work towards a larger goal. For example, in military units soldiers may be asked or even required to work for minimum wage. In return, they get regular supplies (such as tanks and food), free of charge. Doing so is often more efficient than soldiers supplying themselves. Some might also only work to gain a Hard Worker medal every 30 days.

How to Fight Icon - Rifle.png

Main article: Fight
Enemy defeated message. This soldier hit two times and made 790 points of influence.

Fighting is a process that can be done by any citizen account from the battlefield. Battles in which you can fight can be easily chosen from Homepage where every citizen has a list of battles in which his/her country is involved. Remember to check if your country has some battle orders for citizens.


Citizens can fight if:

  • they are level 3 or more;
  • their energy is over 9;
  • they are in one of participating countries.


When you fight in a battle you lose energy. So it's better to buy some food before rushing into the dangers of battle. You can get food from marketplace. Read more about consuming food here.

If you want, you can also buy some weapons to increase your influence in the war.


When you arrive at the battlefield, you will see this kind of an interface.

Fighting itself is simple: you just need to hit the fight button. Every time the fight button is clicked:

  • you will lose 10 points of energy;
  • your weapon's durability will decrease by one;
  • you will deal damage to your opponent.

Fight button.png

Once your enemy is dead:

  • your influence is added to the battle;
  • you get experience points (1 / hit needed to kill the enemy);
  • you will get rank points (10% of your influence).

You will see a pop-up that tells you the effects of your fight. You can continue fighting by clicking "Add influence"-button.

You can fight until your energy reaches 0, and then you must increase it if you want to fight. You can use food or energy bars to recover it.


Weapons are used by citizens in the battles. Weapons can more than double the amount of damage made in battles.

Producing weapons
Weapon Qualities

The effectiveness of weapons in combat depends on their quality. The higher quality weapons will most often perform much better than lower quality ones.

A weapon's quality level determines two characteristics: durability and firepower:

  • Q1: 1 Durability, 20 Firepower
  • Q2: 2 Durability, 40 Firepower
  • Q3: 3 Durability, 60 Firepower
  • Q4: 4 Durability, 80 Firepower
  • Q5: 5 Durability, 100 Firepower
  • Q6: 6 Durability, 120 Firepower
  • Q7: 10 Durability, 200 Firepower

A weapon's durability determines how many times it may be reused before having to be disposed of. For example, a Q1 handgun can only be used once, while a single Q6 super-tank can be used to attack six times. On the other hand, a weapon's firepower determines how much damage it can inflict. On the battlefield this translates into how quickly an opponent can be taken down, and how much influence is added to one's side.

Special Weapons
Main article: Special weapon


  • Bazooka: 3 Durability, Defeat the enemy with 1 hit, and take 10,000 damage per hit

Nukes Big bomb.png

  • Nukes are 1 hit weapons that can be used in battle to deal 5,000,000 instant damage!
  • They could be obtained after winning a Campaign Hero medal before day 1659

Rockets Small bomb.png

  • Rockets are 1 hit weapons that can be used in battle to deal 1,000,000 instant damage!
  • They could be obtained after winning a Battle hero medal before day 1659

Your Profile

Main article: Profile
Profile others.jpg

The profile can be easily accessed by clicking on the name (or avatar) of the citizen, on your profile page, you will find all the information on your citizen in eRepublik, divided into various categories. Here are some icons based on the citizen:

Online.pngThe green dot next to your name indicates that you are online

  • Wiki Link blackbook.jpg wikilink to your own Citizen Page on the Official eRepublik Wiki
  • Edit profile button.png Edit profile link


Market drop-down menu.

Market is the third option on the main menu. Click Market to view the various markets in eRepublik.


Users will select Marketplace from the Market menu to purchase both manufactured goods and raw materials.

Buy Food - Food increases the citizen's energy. Food, like all products, are purchased in the marketplace.

On this page you have three filters:

  • Product/industry [you select food as a product]
  • Quality level [you can choose one of the five quality levels]
  • Market [selection of all eRepublik countries, however your citizen's country is the default]

Remember that you cannot buy food if you have no money, therefore you need to have revenue.

Monetary Market

In eRepublik, any citizen can exchange his national currency for Gold of Gold for his national; currency. Citizens with level 15 and above (or are below level 15 and have purchased gold - not including Gold Offers) are also able to exchange Gold for their national currency. They can do this action by accessing the Market tab in the main menu and then the Monetary market button.

Note: You can only receive a maximum of Icon - Gold.gif 10 GOLD per day through monetary market or donations.

In the top section you can see the currency you are buying and the currency you are giving in exchange.

  • Clicking on the Icon - Monetary market gold currency swap.png button will switch the currencies.

The page shows all exchange offers between Gold and the national currency of the country whose citizenship he/she has. The page will list the offer with the lowest exchange rate first.

How to Buy

  • Insert an amount to buy (the value will contain 2 decimals):
  • Click buy button

Clicking Buy will open the text: Buy (amount) (selected currency for buying) for (amount2) (selected currency for selling)? OK/Cancel. Where the amount is the value inserted in the value from the Amount to buy field.

If you click OK, an information message will appear: You have bought (selected currency for buying) for (amount2) (selected currency for selling) and the money will be transferred between the two accounts. The offerer receives an alert after the transaction is over. Clicking Cancel closes the text frame.

  • If the total cost value is greater than the value in your selected account you will receive the following message: You do not have that much currency in this sell account. Please choose a different sell account.

Add offer

Lists only a line with the new offer that has the same fields (except Amount to buy) as all offers but with editable Amount (two decimals) and Exchange rate fields (three decimals). Also, will have a button called Update instead of the Buy button.

  • If the selling value is greater than the value in your account, the following message will appear: You do not have that much currency in this sell account. Please choose a different sell account.
  • If the selling value is lower than the value in your account, the following message will appear:

The offer had been saved successfully! It will appear on the market in a minute!

Posting an offer will temporarily deduct from your account the amount of the currency you sell until you update or remove the offer.

You can remove or update your offer anytime by accessing the My offers (link).

Special Notice: the offer you post on the monetary market will automatically be erased after 5 days (120 hours) and you will receive an alert: "Your monetary exchange offer consisting in [value posted in the offer] of [currency1] at exchange rate of 1 [currency1] = [offer in currency2] has expired and the money have returned into your account. Visit again the monetary market to post a new offer. ".

Speculation in the Market

Speculation on the Monetary Market is a method used to increase earnings beyond that which can be obtained through working every day. It is inherently risky so should not be attempted until a thorough understanding of the market is obtained.

Job Market

The Job Market screen displays the available jobs for your country.

Get a job - Just like in real life, your survival depends on your ability to buy the resources that are necessary for living in this world. It is the most important thing for you to do when you first start off.

The first step is to visit the Job market. Here you will be able to browse through all the job offers posted by companies in eRepublik and pick the one that fits you best.

In order to get a job, you have to press the 'Apply' button.
When your citizen becomes employee for the first time it receives 5 Experience points.

Note: that you cannot get a job in a different country than the one you live in, if you own a company, or if you are already an employee.

You are NOT allowed to resign your position before 72 hours from the moment you were hired, unless:

  • the company hasn't got the necessary amount of money in the accounts to pay your salary;
  • the company has 0 Raw Materials in stock.

When you are hired, the Company Manager cannot lower your salary for 3 days.

Military Unit Icon-art-of-warfare.gif

Main article: Military tutorial

Politics Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif

If you're not a political science major, choosing a party might be hard based on only the descriptions on a party page. Deciphering between what it means to be center-right vs far-left and authoritarian vs libertarian maybe a challenge.

Economical Orientation

Also known as Left-right political spectrum is a common way of classifying political positions, political ideologies, or political parties along a one-dimensional political spectrum. "The Left" and "The Right" are usually understood to represent polar opposites for each determinant, though a particular individual or party may take a "left" stance on one matter and a "right" stance on another.

Far-Left and Far-Right

Differences between Far-Left and Far-Right: Far-Left: more economic interventionism; workers' self-management; Equality of outcome; progressivism; secular government; law dictates culture; human nature and society are mostly malleable. Far-Right: more laissez-faire; right to work; Equality of opportunity; conservatism; religious government; culture dictates law; human nature and society are mostly fixed.

  • Far-Left - Radical
  • Center-Left - Liberal
  • Center - 1/2 Liberal 1/2 Conservative
  • Center-Right - Conservative
  • Far-Right - Reactionary

Social Orientation

A political system, is a system of politics and government. It is usually compared to the law system, economic system, cultural system, and other social systems. It is different from them, and can be generally defined on a spectrum from left to the right. However, this is a very simplified view of a much more complex system of categories involving i.e. the view on who will have the authority, the view of religious questions and the government's influence on its people and economy.

  • Totalitarian: Totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a concept used to describe political systems whereby a state regulates nearly every aspect of public and private life. Totalitarian regimes or movements maintain themselves in political power by means of an official all-embracing ideology and propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, a single party that controls the state, personality cults, control over the economy, regulation and restriction of free discussion and criticism, the use of mass surveillance, and widespread use of terror tactics.
  • Authoritarian: Authoritarianism describes a form of government characterized by an emphasis on the authority of the state in a republic or union. It is a political system controlled by non elected rulers who usually permit some degree of individual freedom.
  • Libertarian: Libertarianism is a term used by a spectrum of political philosophies which seek to promote individual liberty and seek to minimize or even abolish the state. The extent to which government may be necessary may be evaluated on ethical and/or economic grounds. "What it means to be a libertarian in a political sense is a contentious issue, especially among libertarians themselves. There is no single theory that can be reliably identified as the libertarian theory, and no single principle or set of principles on which all libertarians would agree."
  • Anarchist: Anarchism is a political philosophy encompassing theories and attitudes which support the elimination of all forms of compulsory government. Specific anarchists may have additional criteria for what constitutes anarchism, and they often disagree with each other on what these criteria are. According to The Oxford Companion to Philosophy, "there is no single defining position that all anarchists hold, and those considered anarchists at best share a certain family resemblance."

Congress Member Icon - Congress.jpg

Member of Congress in eRepublik, elections are held on the 25th of every month, in order to apply for this role, you must be a member of a party Top 5 and have 100 points of experience (level 13), the deadline for applications is the 23. As a member of Congress, if you elect you will receive a medal and a prize of 5 Gold, plus 20 EP (experience points). You can change many things for your country, to propose new taxes, proposals of laws, etc. Try to be active in Congress and in the game, one of your votes may be decisive for a change or proposed law. Politics is fun, but it is also a responsibility.

President of the Party Icon position party president.gif

The President of the party is a citizen elected by the party members to lead the party politician to great political and electoral success. To apply for the presidency of the party: you must be a member of the party, be level 13 and have 125 experience points, you must formalize your application by the 14 of the month, if you resign from the presidency of the party take over the player with most experience points in the party. The privileges of the President of the party are: to approve the nominations of members of the party in congressional elections, to endorse or propose a candidate for the Presidency.

President of the Nation Icon position country president.gif

President of the nation, the election is 5th of each month, one of the most important and responsible roles of eRepublik, even here you need a party that will support and be level 14. After your election win, you will receive as a prize 5 Gold and a medal, plus 50 EP (experience points). You can sign alliances with other nations, change the initial messages for new citizens, set important battles on the home page, attack nations, sign peace treaties, declarations of war and much more. Unlike the congressional elections, the presidential still applies even if the country is wiped out, the elections will take place anyway.

Rocket Factory

Main article: Rocket factory

By owning a Rocket Factory you will be able to produce your own rockets that will give you more damage in a battle. In order to produce the rocket each day you will need a certain number of weapons Q1-Q6 and currency as production resources.

Build Rocket.png

Rocket Properties

  • The damage will be added only to the battle damage and to the Battle hero and Campaign hero medal
  • No rank points are awarded
  • The damage is added to the True patriot progress
  • The damage is added to the Top Damage

How to make a rocket

Advanced buildings.png

The new factory can be found on the Advanced Buildings page. They can be built in your Storage.

Important Notes

  • You can only produce one rocket each day.
  • You cannot have more than one rocket in your storage, thus if you already have a rocket you need to use it before producing another one.


Main article: Achievements
  • Achievements are represented as icons in a citizen's profile page.
  • An achievement can be gained more than once if the requirements are met multiple times as denoted by the number at the base of the trophy graphic.
  • When you get an achievement, you'll receive a reward in Gold or Currency.

Icon-media-Newspaper subscriptions.png Newspaper

The media is pretty simple is eRepublik. It's the only "free" commodity in eRepublik, and because of this, you can not gain money simply by posting articles.

Starting a Newspaper

Create Newspaper Screen

For starters, we suggest that you read the media section in eRepublik first before starting your own paper. This is so you can see what type of articles already exist. We try to keep to on-topic subjects, but since we have freedom of speech you can write about anything you choose to.

First, name your paper. If your looking for people to read it, I would find a title that is catchy but that also pertains to what you are going to be covering (ie General News, local news, specific subjects, Off topic, etc).

Second, here are some basic guidelines that some of the other players in eRepublik would suggest:

  1. Try to stay on topic if possible. If you want to write OT, then feel free so long as it is well written, thought out, and doesn't spam the media section.
  2. Don't write more than 1, maybe two articles a day so you aren't pushing other people off the media page.
  3. If you are going to post videos, links, etc please make sure they are non-offensive. Posting offensive ones could result in a ban from the admin if someone reports you.
  4. Language: Try to post in correct, non-offensive grammar and content. Posting rude comments even in slang can also result in ban, and if you are more comfortable in another language you'll probably want to let people know that. Not saying you can't write any way you want, just trying to save you the hassle of other players posting about your language as it may seem offensive to you.

Manage Your Newspaper

You can access your newspaper from your profile. You can see the logo, Press director and a link to its wiki page.

  • Articles will be listed with the most recent first. Notice that you can edit or delete an article from this page. Published articles will be visible on the News page.
  • When you click the "Edit newspaper details" button, you will be able to change the newspaper's name, avatar or description.
  • To write an article Click "Write article" button
  • Every article will have an Edit and a Delete button. This is only available to the owner.
  • Players can arrange for informal jobs, such as journalist or editor. Actual publication remains controlled by the newspaper owner.
  • Subscribers The number of subscribers to your paper can be found under "Edit newspaper details" button.
  • Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif If a citizen's newspaper reaches 1000 subscribers, he or she will earn the Media Mogul Achievement and Icon - Gold.gif 5 GOLD as a reward.
  • With the exception of the Media Mogul award, money cannot be earned directly via publication. You can, however, sell items, promote your political agenda, and offer general commentary via your paper.

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