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Icon energy.png Energy recovery is the amount of energy a citizen can recover every 6 minutes.
For energy to be recoverable, food is used.
Energy pool visible in the sidebar
Hovering over the energy pool provides information about energy recovery

The amount of energy that can be recovered is visible if a citizen hovers over his/her energy pool that is visible in the sidebar just below the citizen's logo and quick links to residence, messages and notifications inbox.

Hovering over the energy pool will create a drop-down image where the amount of recoverable energy is shown, as well as information on what decreases and restores energy.

Energy recovery easily accessible for every citizen:

  • +10 is the base that every citizen has
  • +1 as a reward from weekly challenge; there are 50 of these rewards in each weekly challenge
  • +2 for having the Central park (only active while the citizen is in the residence)
  • +2 per each activated house (only active while the citizen is in the residence)

Some extra energy recovery can or could be acquired:

Energy and what influences it

Recovering energy: FoodHouseWeekly challengePower packPower Pack Booster
Items: Energy barFirst aid kitWinter treatPumpkinCarrotIce creamBonbon
Spending energy: FightDeployGuerrilla fightsTrainWorkMoving ticket
Energy pool: HouseEnergy centerCentral parkSeveral Packs