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Starting day 4,354 (22 October 2019), deployments have been implemented to the web-interface of eRepublik. The interface could be previously seen on the eRepublik Mobile Application.

The deploy allows you to choose the number of resources (weapon and energy) to spend on the battlefield with a single click.

How to deploy?

Prepare Deployment interface.

In the deployment preparation phase, you need to select your weapons (1) and the energy to fight with (either by using the slider (2), typing in the energy amount or using the shortcuts Food & Max).

Starting a Deployment (3) will commit the selected resources (Food, Weapons, Energy bars etc) and they will no longer appear in your inventory.

During the deployment

The resources will be temporarily removed to deal damage. As the deploy is in progress, the Citizen will fight either until the deploy is finished, or the Citizen cancels the deploy (even if the Citizen leaves the battle page or closes the browser) or the battle ends. In case the deployment has been cancelled earlier (either by the Citizen or because of an external factor, like a battle ending), any unused resources will be returned back to the storage.

While you are Deployed you can activate boosters but you cannot travel, eat, fight or use any bombs. The duration of a Deployment depends on the total amount of energy committed and usually each kill will take one second to do.

Any energy gained from level-ups and from +regen will automatically be added and consumed (before other energy items committed, such as energy bars) in the Deployment. This means that there will be cases where the initial amount of resources to be used will be very different than the ones actually used.

At the end of the Deployment, you will receive a Deployment Report and all unspent resources will be added back in your inventory.

Deployment Reports

Fight deployment report.

Each deployment will generate a deployment report which can also be found under the Reports tab of the alerts section. The deployments will highlight:


There are some constraints which should be kept in mind when using fight deployments:

  • You can only deploy in one battle at a given time;
  • Kills from deployments may not count towards some Missions;

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