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Pumpkin.pngA Pumpkin is an item that restores 50 energy, no matter how much energy you have. The pumpkin will not consume any of your recoverable energy points.

How to get one

The only way to acquire pumpkins is from special events and special weekly challenges.

The current amount of pumpkins a citizen has can be viewed in the storage.

Note: Pumpkins cannot be sold or transferred.

How to use it

Eat Button

You can use a pumpkin if you have pumpkins in your storage and at least one of the following conditions apply:

  • you don't have any food in your storage
  • you can't consume food because you don't have any recoverable energy.

If it's possible to eat pumpkins, the eat food button will be orange. You can use the pumpkin by simply clicking the Pumpkin button.

Tip: To use pumpkins efficiently you should decrease your energy to 0 by working, training or fighting before them. If you have some energy and you use the pumpkin, the excess energy will be lost (if your energy level is 20, the pumpkin gives you only 30 energy and 20 goes down the drain).

Pumpkins don't affect the recoverable energy limit!

Expiry time

Pumpkins have an expiry date, usually around 15 to 30 days, that can be seen by hovering the icon in the storage. If not used, the pumpkin will be removed at that date.

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