Gabriel Borien

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Permanently banned
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Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
Date of birth January, 2009
Date of death November 2009
Residence Free State
Sex Male
Newspaper Archangel news
Congress member of North West Province
March 26, 2009 – April 2009
Minister of Public Affairs of South Africa
February, 2009 – March 2009
President of South Africa
05 May, 2009 – 27 May, 2009
Preceded by Jizzie McGuire
Succeeded by wizzie_don
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen received a permanent ban for administering multiple accounts.

Gabriel Borien was a citizen of North West Province, South Africa.

Born in Maine, United States of America in January 2009. Gabriel was brought to South Africa by Lucien Morjuet, a business owner in South Africa, to work for his grain company. Gabriel Co-owned Archangel Corp and served as sole Director of AC's only company, Archangel Gifts (A Q1 Gift company based in North West Province, South Africa. He served as Deputy Medical Commander and 3rd Platoon's Commander in the South African Paratroopers. He was also a Congressman for North West Province and served as Minister of Public Affairs/Director of Education under the South African president, Jizzie McGuire. He was banned in November 2009 for Multiple accounts.


After coming to South Africa Gabriel was quick to comment in the media, maintaining a humble yet strong opinion on any and all subjects in public.

Gabriel, made friends in many prominent Black Lion Front members, like Jizzie McGuire, Lucien Morjuet, Brendan E Austerion, and others like Ryan Dagari. As soon as he could he joined the Black Lion Front and became an active member on their forums. After being vocal during the January -> February Presidential elections, where, Brendan E Austerion (Black Lion Front) was defeated by ERDWURM (Free Africa), he became incredibly involved with the elections for February -> March term.

After bringing Grackon, a friend from another world, to the New World, Gabriel and Grackon pooled their money alongside other friends of Gabriel to start Archangel Corporation. Along with the Organization, Gabriel created Archangel Gifts, a Q1 company based in North West Province, South Africa. AG offered a benefits program that returns most of the gifts employees make to them.

Gabriel after a friend, Jizzie McGuire, was voted into the Presidential office there was a reshuffle of Cabinet positions. Despite gaining a Cabinet position (1 of the 4) Gabriel was also placed as a Platoon Commander/Medic (3rd platoon) and was also made Deputy Medical Commander.

May 2009 Presidential Election

In the week leading up to the 2009 presidential election, it was called for all national parties to throw their support behind one man, Gabriel Borien of the Black Lion Front. GB had been in some social government positions and was qualified for the position; a rather pragmatist individual he seemed like a good all-party candidate. The Free Africa party somewhat agreed with the plan but their cooperation was questioned.

The Free Africa party had its own intelligence organization, something that appeared to be a government within a government. When Jizzie heard of this near the end of his April term, FA public relations plummeted.

On election day, Wizzie Don ran for president under the Brazilian PTO banner, against Gabriel Borien, the South African candidate. The winner of this election would decide the fate of the nation. Unsurprisingly, the Free Africa party put their own candidate, Bazti, up as well, infuriating everyone besides a select few of their own members.

It was one of the longest days of South African history, with people calling in favors from all around the world. International voters had been called in by Gabriel to vote him in. At the end of the day, Gabriel won the election. The vote was 320 to 318 votes. A quarter of a percent of a vote between Wizzie Don and Gabriel Borien. The Free Africa party had succeeded in almost destroying the nation, taking 55 votes that could have gone towards the South African candidate.

It was a day to remember, for not only had we won the presidential elections, but the PTO'ers promised they would be back.

In the May congressional election of 2009, the government decided "free for all" elections as usual should be in effect. The PTO'ers gained a majority in the congress, impeached president Gabriel Borien (27th May 2009), and thus Wizzie Don, as second place candidate, was put in charge.

Indonesia and Brazil then invaded South African territory with MPP's canceled, and wiped the country off the face of the earth. Despite Ryan's hate for warfare and his opposition to the war, he was one of the few (Like, out of 15) citizens to stay behind and fight an unwinnable battle for his region.

He was banned for multiple accounts, and has since died.

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