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Ian Arb

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth Day 475
Date of death Year 2015 (est)
Residence Flag-Ireland.jpg Cork & Kerry
Sex Male
Newspaper The Patriot Review
Congressman of Dublin
26th May 2009 – 25th January 2010
Minister of Community of Ireland
6th March – 5th April
Preceded by Einberliner
Succeeded by Irish Princess
President of Ireland
6th November 2014 – 5th December 2014
Preceded by Cry of the Banshee
Succeeded by FRITZHILL
Military unit Irish Citizen Army
Position Soldier
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force.png Legendary Force
Aircraft rank Senior airman 0.png Senior Airman

Early Life

Ian Arb, more known as ian arbuckle, was born in Ireland, Dublin region. Recruited by his friend Cominy24.

Military Career

Ian first joined Irish Volunteer Force in April and was put in ASU1 Division. When ImperatorI gave up his 2nd in Command, Brian Boru gave 2nd in Command to Ian Arbuckle. Brian Boru and Ian worked together to keep the Intelligence Agency active and Brian brought in intelligence for the Irish Government. Ian Arbuckle was appointed new 2nd in Command by Brian Boru and he did well, donating sum of Gold to the and a stock of weapons and tickets in a safe Org. Irish Volunteer Force is now disbanded because PMC groups are banned in Ireland by the law in the Constitution of Ireland.

Ian joined Irish Defence Forces he was trained to become a strong soldier and learn the smart ways of fighting and following orders by his Commanding Officer. He fought with the IDF in deployments to improve his Rank soon as he got elected into the Dáil he trained at home where there was training wars. After spending months in the IDF as a soldier Ian earned his trust as a Commanding Officer in the IDF. Cheif of Staff Cpl Useless gave Ian arbuckle the role of Commander General which is a position that answers to the Chief of Staff. He maintains the army, disciplines it, monitors the chain of command and implements any changes that may be required.

Politics Career

Ian joined the IFP when he first joined along with his friend Cominy24. IFP was inactive and Ian decided to leave and joined IUP when Igor Thunderbrow ran for CP in April against Top Gun and he lost and he went inactive leaving the party inactive and Severin came along and ran for PP and won. Severin did very good things for IUP he set up a IUP forum + IRC. Ian left IUP to join ISRP because he had the same views as the party and quickly got involved in the party.

After months spending his Political career in Irish Socialist Republican Party the party was re-branded with the name of ISD by Theus Jackus and Dubhthaigh. ISD started growing and re-building the party and serving in the Government for Ireland. Ian Arbuckle decided to take the role of Party President of ISD for 2 terms and achieved 10 elected TD's and Country President Appleman. Ian was helped with the key members in the party John Jay, Dubhthaigh, Appleman, Gleb2006 and Navy II brought the Party into a brighter future.

After seeing the downfall of Irish Social Democrats he went on to seek membership in The Labour Party which had the same format ideas as the Irish Socialist Republican Party, Republicanism and Socialism. Ian is currently The Labour Party's Election management advisor.


  • 49 Hard worker medals
  • 6 time TD in the Dáil Eireaan
  • 134 super soldier medals
  • Commander General in the Irish Defence Forces
  • Commanding Officer in the Irish Defence Forces
  • Ex - Party President of Irish Social Democrats 2 terms
  • Ex - Minister of Health 2 terms
  • Ex - Minister of Education 1 term
  • Ex - Minister of Immigration 1 term
  • Ex - Minister of Community 1 term


He is the Press director of The Patriot Review since March 2009.

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