List of governments of Croatia/2015

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President-elect selects and chooses people for each role in their own cabinet. The size of the cabinet and positions in the cabinet varied during the time and from president to president.

Positions in English are approximate translations of the positions in the Croatian language which were used by the elected President when nominating the cabinet.



Office Position in English Position in Croatian Position was held by
Office of the President President Predsjednik Antollos (later known as Melvinovicz)
Vice President Zamjenik predsjednika Alimilano
Ministry of Defence Minister of Defense Ministar obrane Legolas555
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs Ministar vanjskih poslova Surgeon106
Ministry of Information Minister of Information Ministar informiranja Rakija
Ministry of Economy Minister of Economy Ministar Ekonomije Antonio Wimer
Ministry of Education Minister of Education Ministar obrazovanja Z N Gorki
/ Minister of Organizations Ministar orgova darksfer


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