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The first Congress of Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia was inaugurated on 26 December 2008 (eDay 402), a day after the first Congress elections in Croatia were held on Day 401 of the New World. Citizens voted for an individual party Congress candidate in a certain region. Some data about these individual results and which regions Congress members represent was lost. 476 citizens voted on this Congress elections.

The following is a table of party seats in Congress and a complete list of those who were elected to serve from 26 December 2008 to 25 January 2009.

Flag Party name Seats Won  %
Party-Hrvatska Ujedinjena Stranka v2.jpg Hrvatska Ujedinjena Stranka 32 80.00%
Party-Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka.jpg Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka 4 10.00%
Party-Hrvatska Partija.jpg Hrvatska Partija 3 7.50%
Party-Hrvatska Stranka Prava.jpg Hrvatska Stranka Prava 1 2.50%
Elected Congress member Elected as a member of Votes Representative of a region Notes
JuniorSoprano Hrvatska Ujedinjena Stranka 42 N/A
Markisim Dart 32 Central Croatia
Ivica_Ri 25 N/A
split1700 24 N/A
qertz 21 N/A
Sutko 20 N/A
Chairman 18 N/A
Antun 16 North Dalmatia
Giovanne 12 N/A
bbb_kambelovac 11 N/A
BlackCarMafia 11 N/A
Azrael 10 N/A
mogwaiii 9 North Dalmatia
Drzavljanin_x 9 N/A
fredrikstadt 9 N/A
Zubix 7 N/A
Andycro 6 N/A
Paolo17 6 N/A
baaron 5 N/A
Sucko 4 N/A
ice_1 4 Istria and Kvarner
Igsy 4 N/A
nini9 3 N/A
Red Nix 3 Lika and Gorski Kotar Actually was a member of Hrvatska Stranka Prava, but was counted in the HUS membership
Resigned his Congress seat within 10 days since he took office.
Pantelija 2 North Dalmatia
Lukok 1 North Dalmatia
Llux 1 N/A
Mile Car 1 North Dalmatia
Exar 11 N/A Got in as a wildcard
Hinco 9 N/A Got in as a wildcard
devet 4 N/A Got in as a wildcard
rocker-ma 3 N/A Got in as a wildcard
GreenDevil Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka 52 N/A
tomicak 18 N/A
Roby Petric 1 N/A
John Vorsha Hrvatska Partija 15 Central Croatia
Couvert 13 South Dalmatia
Marko Ivica 4 Northwest Croatia Got in as a wildcard
gotcha1234 Hrvatska Stranka Prava 8 Northwest Croatia
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