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National Front

General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation NF
Forum [1]
Colors Blue, White, Red
Founded November 2010
Dissolved September 2011
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/27 seats, 0%
Succeeds Taranaki Tribe
Succeeded By Speight's Supporters Party
Orientation Far Right

National Front (July 2011-September 2011) was a Nationalist party, that was active in Flag-New Zealand.jpgNew Zealand. It was the only National Party to exist in New Zealand, and was adamant in taking an Anti Communist stance.

National Front Era


The National Front was originally founded in November, 2010 by Balkan Beast, former member of Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP). He left PnPP after realizing the Communist threat within the country. He then made it a mission to PTO the Kiwi Communist Party , and succeeded. He then renamed the party to National Front, bringing in the first era of the party's history. During this period, National Front was a #6 party, and never broke into the top 5. The take-over was possible because the PnPP supplied voters to assist.

Near the end of his term, Balkan Beast began to become disenchanted by the political situation in New Zealand, and decided to leave the country drifting from nation to nation attempting to find a new home. The party was then taken over by someone else, and renamed afterwards bringing about the death of the original party.

National Front New Zealand July '11

After 7 months of non existence, Balkan Beast returned to New Zealand. He sought to reform the party, as he once again recognized the communist threat to the nation, now relived through Red Squad. He first sought to do as he did in the past and PTO the party. Instead he took a different path, and worked out a deal with the Taranaki Tribe. He worked out a fair election between him, and naxhi24. Balkan Beast won the election, and the party was reborn but with a new name... National Front New Zealand

Once again the Ideology was still leaning toward the Totalitarian right, but was far milder than its previous form which had many articles blatantly showing the party's anti communist stance, and Ultranationalist Idealology. He sought to bring the party as an equal to the other parties in the Top 5. Under his leadership he established Party forums, increased the party's size, increased activity, supported Srnica for Country Presidency, and Established the Envoy program.

He ended his term with the establishment of the Order of the Southern Cross , essentially an armed wing of the party. As a parting gift he gave weaponry to all party members, for their loyalty even when times looked dim.

National Front New Zealand August '11

After his Reelection Balkan Beast the National Front saw an era of growth. The party base was doubled of what it was during its origin, and plans were being made in secret to combat the communist threat. At the same time he sought to make ties with the N-P Nationalist Party since they held very similar ideals but were a fringe party, being the smallest in the country. During his term, he commenced Operation White Dawn over Aotearoa which was an operation to test how a takeover of the Red Squad party could possibly work out on a significantly smaller scale. It was successful, and Aotearoa was dissolved by Beermagedon. Not long after this N-P Nationalist Party was dissolved by Kmool who quickly joined National Front after he saved Ranginui from being knocked out of the August Congressional Elections. This made only one party exist out of the top 5, Red Squad

Even with National Front New Zealand's success though, the communist Red Squad would continue to grow nearly equaling the National Front in size. National Front came out on top however with a total of 27 members, allowing the party to participate in Congressional Elections for the first time. It was a difficult feat however, and shown that Red Squad wouldn't go down without a fight.

National Front September '11

National Front fell on hard times during September, 9 members were executed by the anti fascist authorities, Ties were broken with other parties, and Operation Red Dawn was aborted. As the congress elections neared however Balkan again tried to jump start the party, and begin new plans. This time internationally, contacting other Reactionary parties across the globe attempting to start a Reactionary Coalition to promote cooperation between the movements worldwide, and stomp out the Internationale.

The party was able to regain its historical name during this month, and the name issue is currently up to a vote.

On day 1407, the party was disbanded. The core membership of the party re-located to Egypt to Merge with the The Nationalist Front Party.

Party Presidents

Month Party President Notes
November 2010 Balkan Beast Founder
July, 2011 Balkan Beast National Front Revival ensues
August, 2011 Balkan Beast Paramilitary Unit Founded
September, 2011 Balkan Beast Purge occurred, and Coalition founded

NFNZ Organisations

Order of the Southern Cross