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Australian National Party

Party-Australian National Party.jpg

The Australian National Party (ANP) was founded by calibur in December 2008. As the only rightist party in Australia, it became quite popular until the influx of newer parties in early 2009 brought a drop in membership and activity. In early 2010 it became the biggest political party in Australia, after the decline of the ADSP and the PaPP. It competes with the AMP for the senate majority.

Australian Independents

Party-Australian Independents.jpg

The Australian Independents is a center, libertarian party founded by Xavier Griffith on December 19, 2008. The AIP was formed in an attempt to give minority citizens a stronger voice in Australian politics. The motto of the AIP is "Keep the bastards honest." It allows for players who do not conform to any of the other political parties to run for political office independently. In 2010, It was Politically Taken over by Indonesians from from a group calling themselves AngelDemon, and renamed to Australia Indonesia.

Australian Democratic Socialist Party

Party-Aus Democratic Socialist Party.jpg

The Australian Democratic Socialist Party (ADSP) was created by Cottus Arci on November 9, 2008. Cottus Arci served as Australia's first Prime Minister since the war, and the ADSP has been the majority Senate throughout much of 2009, until its decline as a political party in the January 2010 Political Takeover. Although the Takeover was eventually beaten in the next Party president elections, the Australian Democratic Socialist Party did not survive intact, and many members did not return to the party. It has since been a minor Australian political party.

Procreate and Populate Party

Party-Procreate and Populate Party.jpg

The rebirth of eLabour as the Procreate and Populate Party happened in October 2009, when new party president Paul Hamon won the party elections with a landslide 47 votes to 1 against. The Australian Labor Party was created by StewartB in June 2009, it was based off of the real life party of the same name. The Procreate and Populate Party ceased to exist in 2010, after Indonesians from AngelDemon, led by Sandygee, took control of the party and renamed it the Poison and Perish Party. They then used this party in June to take the senate majority, and in July to take the country presidency.

True Blue Party

Party-True Blue Party.jpg

In the March party president elections, corny-ratbag, a prominent politician and businessman, became party president of the dormant Advance Australia Alliance (AAA). The party was then renamed and became the True Blue Party. They are also quite dominant in politics, stressing the importance of business in Australia. They declined as a Top 5 political party in late 2009, due to the growth of the Procreate and Populate Party, and a lack of internal leadership. The party is now a minor political party. It was revived by Mikhail Alexander and is climbing up the rankings.

Australian Communist Party

Party-Australian Communist Party.jpg

The Australian Communist Party was founded by taytaz, Mouj, Scott Mitchell and jaxmoe. Its ideology is based on Trotskyism (far-left libertarianism). Since their inception, the ACP has supported the ADSP's presidential campaigns. It has been the trailing majority in Australia since its creation, until late 2009, when it was overtaken as a top 5 party by the Erepublik Alliance and the Procreate and Populate Party. Since then, it has made brief resurgences back into top 5 position since then.

eRepublik Alliance

Party-eRepublik Alliance.jpg

The eRepublik Alliance was formed in it's current form by patti11 after CrowdedHouse agreed to take over of Green and Gold Party and change of name. It it party based on the idea of playing by game mechanics would be much better. It strongly encourages all members to get involved and have say in how the party is run. It was a Top 5 party during the reign of Cozza, however it declined significantly in party membership since that time.

More Beer Party

Party-More Beer Party.png

Party formed by Johnny Citizen in Late 2009. This party was formed due to the political climate of the time, as a party for those who did not want to become involved in Australian politics. The party has been led for many months by Miss Wolf.

Republican Party of Australia

Party-Republican Party of Australia.jpg

The Republican Party of Australia is a minor party that was founded by William Archibald Collins and Comrade Robb. Its ideology is that conservative ideals and a low-tolerance to Indonesia and allies is in Australia's best interest (Center-Right Libertarianism). The party suffered a PTO in January 2010, but was later reborn again. It is now a historical party.

National Pirate Party

Party-National Pirate Party.jpg

Successor to the Liberal Party of Australia, this party existed for many months. It was originally created in September 2009, after Talk Like A Pirate Day. It has been a minor political party for most of its duration, until March 2010, when it was PTOd.

Liberal Party of Australia

Party-Liberal Party of Australia.jpg

The Liberal Party of Australia was formed on May 23, 2009 by Mr. Awesome. Its ideals are based off of Australia's ongoing struggle between left and right politics. The LPA takes the stance of a compromise between the two, allowing for both socialistic and capitalistic aspects in the government. It is now a historical party of Australia.

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