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The Netherlands is a small-sized country in the North-West of Europe. The Netherlands consists of 4 regions, denoted in the 4 directions of the wind. It borders with 6 regions of 4 foreign countries. It has a small but active population which relies on diplomacy and Mutual Protection Pacts for its defense. It was a founding member of the Mediterranean Alliance , Icon-PEACE.png PEACE and the Icon-Phoenix.png Phoenix alliance systems and often delivered prominent citizens into high-ranking positions within those organisations. The Netherlands formed for almost a year a union together with Icon-Belgium.png Belgium called the Icon-United Netherlands.png United Netherlands. The Netherlands have a relative small but experienced and long-lasting internationally orientated community which efforts itself in keeping the country and it's economy in order. The Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands is currently part of no alliance.

Current Government
* for an historical overview of all governments please see Governmental History of the Netherlands
* Please also see the category: Historical Parties of Netherlands
Logo Party Name Initials Members Political Stance Party President
Party-Revolution et Libertas.jpg Revolution et Libertas ReL 19 Center-Right, Libertarian ElGorro
Party-Democratisch Nederland.png Democratisch Nederland DemNL 19 Center-Left, Libertarian Shawtyl0w
Party-Iron & Wine v2.jpg Iron & Wine I&W 12 Center-right, Libertarian odan
Party-Geuzen Partij Nederland.jpg Geuzen Partij Nederland GPN 8 Far-right, Authoritarian Kordak
Party-Verenigd Nederland.jpg Verenigd Nederland VN 8 Center-Right, Libertarian Weekstrom
De Tegenpartij 3 Center-Right, Anarchist Trannsvaal
Last updated: 26th of May 2019
Military Units
* Coloured rows are State owned Mu's
Name Logo Commander Members Active Members
Dutch Armed Forces Dutch Armed Forces.jpg Shawtyl0w 132 48
Praetorian Guard NL Praetorian Guards.jpg Zeeuwsmeisje 46 5
Progressive MU Progressive.jpg Chean 41 3
The Flying Dutchman The Flying Dutchman.jpg blackpatje 52 2
Chilean Army Chilean Army.jpg Don Gabo 2 1
The Netherlands The netherlands.jpg Arcanic Mindje 1 1
eNL Benevolent Dictator ENL Benevolent Dictator.png Trannsvaal 1 1
Alpha Unit Alphaunit.jpg N/A 1 0
De Oranjewacht De Oranjewacht.jpg Xyrrath 1 0
eNL Army ENL Army.jpg N/A 1 0

Myers11 was a politician from the Netherlands. He was born Aug 11, 2009 in Icon-USA.png USA, moved to the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands, co-started the Independent Party and eventually became the 18th President of the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands, as a member of GLD. He was the first RL American to become president of the Netherlands.

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Did you know?
... that Netherlands was a former member of the Mediterranean Alliance, PEACE, Phoenix and EDEN alliances?
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