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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth 6 February 2008
Date of death Sometime in 2010 (est)
Residence Flag-Canada.jpg Alberta
Sex Male
Party president of The Norsefire Party of Canada
11 September 2008 – 15 October 2008
Preceded by Tantis
Succeeded by Augustus Baldwin
Prime Minister of Canada
1 October 2008 – 15 October 2008
Preceded by Tantis
Succeeded by The Triumvirate of Augustus Baldwin, zblewski and Tom Hagen
Congress member of Canada
November 26, 2009 – 2010
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Who is Banach?

Banach was a politician, media mogul and soldier from Canada.

Joined eRepublik on February 6th after being invited by a friend from a Call of Duty Tournament website. Contrary to what other people hoped to achieve in Erepublik, Banach hoped to promote honesty by not breaking a single Erepublik rule and promoting an example of fair play to citizens in Canada. On that note, media and military were the key interests of Banach and due to progression, politics came along at a later time. One thing to note is that Banach never involved himself in the "mayoral" process which is meant to introduce politics to younger players and openly admits his avoidance of economic issues, therefore never creating a company.

Cabinet Positions

  • March 2008 - Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada
  • June 2008 - Industry Minister of Canada
  • July 2008 - Social Services Minister of Canada
  • August 26, 2008 - Defense Minister of Canada
  • September 2008 - Defense Minister of Canada

Worker/Soldier Stats

Media History

Upon birth, Banach immediately set up a newspaper and became a journalist. On February 6th, The Ottawa Guardian was created in Ottawa. It has been heralded as the best newspaper in Canada to date and was at one point the most subscribed to the newspaper in the country. The Ottawa Guardian was always regarded as a source of good information and unbiased reporting earning the respect of its readers through simple yet efficient information gathering.

The Ottawa Guardian, at its peak, hosted a Literary Award that was to encourage media excellence and reduce "spam" articles. Gold was collected from generous benefactors and supporters of the newspaper and presented to various writers that entered.

Banach created many other newspapers during his travel in different parts of the New World. The staple of the Guardian series is that a newspaper created by Banach will always follow the same title scheme: The (City Name) Guardian. Among the cities Banach has visited are Chur, Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland; Evora, Icon-Portugal.png Portugal; Hawaii, Icon-USA.png USA.

Banach covered many events with his newspaper from February to mid-October including elections, cabinet announcements, Prime Ministerial press releases, war reports, inspirational memos to mobilize the troops during The War of Nave's Toe and many more. The newspaper also held a special limited series that was proclaimed to be one of the top newspaper editions in the known world. This series can be found in the late August archives right before September.

Military Campaigns

Political Campaign and The CPF

The short political campaign of Banach and the Norsefire Party saw the greatest band of Canadians ever assembled work together to create a platform to carry Canada forward into a new era of progress. Banach took Party Presidency from the incumbent Tantis and sparked a new wave of activity. The CPF forums came to life, discussion increased and members were flooding, be they new members, independents, from other countries, or from other parties. Banach quickly realized that he was a leader that could attract the best of the best and soon had acquired the services of people like Tom Hagen, emilio sanchez and jbdivinus who crossed the floor to join CPF. Senior leadership which included also Augustus Baldwin, Tantis, latro, Shugo and many others erected a bastion of strength that protected the party.

Canadian Progressive Front ran a successful mayoral campaign that put a lot of key regions into the hands of the party, including the battleground of Ottawa and the capital of Nunavut.

Accomplished/Started Agenda

  • National Holidays Act
  • Title Bill (Changing Official Title to Prime Minister)
  • Premiers and the Big Brother/Big Sister Program
  • Journalism Handbook
  • Understanding Canadian Law Handbook
  • Beginner Tutorial (For PM Use)
  • Full Reform of Canadian Armed Forces
  • Bilingual Government Communication
  • Stabilized Economy
  • Organized Raw Materials Sector
  • Managed Goon Threat

Party Presidency October 10th

Canadian Progressive Front

  1. Banach - 47
  2. Tantis - 9

Prime Minister/Congress Elections October 1st


  • Banach - 92 (219 Citizens Voted)
  • Congress - 77 (207 Citizens Voted)

Party Presidency September 10th

The Norsefire Party of Canada

  1. Banach - 34
  2. Latro - 10

Canadian Progressive Front "The Mapleists" October Platform

Full CPF Platform English and French Versions

This is the platform that comfortably put Banach ahead of the opposition during October 1st Elections.


  • Image printed on the 100 CAD bill of Canadian currency.
  • Knight of the Victoria Cross for critical participation in the War of Nave's Toe (USA vs. Canada)
  • Swiss Order of Merit for decisive participation in the Alpine War (Italy and France vs. Switzerland)
  • Companion of the Order of Canada

Mini Biography


"The Monster Mash: October Election 2008"

Written by Tony Stark, Released in the Olive Pit

Name: Banach

Party: The Norsefire Party of Canada

Bio: Banach was involved in Canadian politics when some of our current and former leaders were still in proverbial diapers. Banach served as the Foreign Affairs Minister for Canada under the Faltnor regime back in March and April, attempting to organize non-aggression pacts with our neighbours. His efforts were proven unsuccessful as the United States soon invaded, resulting in the conflict we now know as the War of Nave's Toe. With the conflict in full bloom, Banach resigned his position as Minister so as to focus entirely upon the task at hand: defending Canada from the American invaders; and successfully racking up several kills in doing so.

Following the war's conclusion, Banach left political life in order to travel the world. His travels took him to Switzerland, The United States, and other nations, finally opting to return in June, just as Adam Sutler became President. Sutler appointed Banach as the Minister of Industry in his cabinet, and Banach soon became one of the star members of Sutler's Cabinet.

In the Cabinet meetings, deep inside a large black room with red Norsefire Flags and a massive Titantron with Adam Sutler's face upon it, Banach worked diligently to provide employment to new Canadians. Within days he organized the first comprehensive analysis of Canadian businesses, wage rates, and other economic policy. But like Cottus, Banach was drawn away from eRepublik due to RL issues, though in this instance Banach was actually taking a RL vacation. Banach returned in August, but along with Tony Stark, he rejected Sutler's invitation to run as the next Norsefire Party leader. But as September rolled around, Banach once more became active in Politics, taking up the job of Defence Minister after the retirement of long-time Canadian Forces member and Defence Minister Dascoo.

Banach took Sutler's calls to arms to heart and began a vast, last minute-military reconstruction and reorganization program in the wake of the Taco War. Banach's reorganization soon began to take effect, and just as the Hungry Hungry Romania- war broke out, he had once more whipped the Canadian Armed Forces back into fighting shape. During the war, he personally leads the Canadian Peacekeeping mission and supplied Canadian troops with necessary gifts, gold and weaponry. With the resignation of Tantis as Norsefire Party Leader, Banach chose to take over the leadership of the Norsefire Party, which he had served in as far back as March (it had been the Canadian Nationalists Party by that point.) Since then he has rebuilt the Norsefire Party back into a governmental contender, wrenching several high-profile Premierships from the CSD during this month's Local Elections.

Other accomplishments:

  • Veteran of multiple foreign wars
  • Recipient of Companion of the Order of Canada
  • Canadian Victory Cross
  • and the Order of Swiss Patronage
  • World-renowned literary scholar.
  • Has his face on the 100$ Bill.

Banach in the United States of America

On November 5th, Banach made the move to the USA. Starting anew, Banach settled in Idaho, USA and enlisted in the army. Banach was assigned to Squad 6 in Platoon 1 and placed under the care of Lt. McCoy as a sergeant major.

Military Stats

  • Lieutenant Banach
  • Platoon 7, Division 1, USA Army
  • Operations:

---> Australian Resistance War; November 7, 2008; 300 Damage

---> Russian Resistance War; November 16, 2008; 200 Damage

---> South African Resistance War; November 23, 2008; 500 Damage

Fun Stuff

Flamboyant Tough Guy

The Flamboyant Tough Guy is a natural leader and a real fighter. He will try to avoid conflict but, if forced to, he will fight to the bitter end. His showmanship generates many creative ideas which he will defend with the stubbornness of a mule, whether they are good or bad.

Example: Banach

 I can say from personal experience that Banach has all the characteristics of a great leader. Experience, imagination, ability, determination, and charisma. He is a father of the Canadian military, its first V1 President, and one of the great elders of Canadian politics. His abortive Presidency and lack of activity lately may make him a bit out of touch with modern Canada and eRepublik, but he has all the fundamentals to turn this war around. I would give him my AB seal of approval.

If you think what Canada needs is someone willing to get down and dirty and take a hands-on approach to win this war himself, then Banach is who you want leading Canada.
(Written by Augustus Baldwin)

Banach - Rorschach

 The comparison of Banach to the blot-masked Rorschach may seem like a stretch of the imagination initially, but if one plunges deeper into their personalities, one can see substantial similarities, besides both having names that end with the Scottish acronym “ach.” Rorschach is described as being a master at improvisation, using whatever objects he has on hand in his fight against the scum of society.

But whereas Rorschach is a MacGyver-like killing machine, Banach's improvisational skills come in the form of his literary talent. As we have seen in the current contest, Banach has been able to take topics he seemingly has little experience in, and turn them into articles that rival writings of even the most specialized media mogul. Examination of Banach's writings throughout the years, and of Rorschach’s Journal reveal two men with a profound insight into the English language, with the ability to create poetry out of even the darkest, or ridiculous subject matter. We can thus look at V1 as the eRepublikan equivalent of the Keen Act, which forced vigilantes to retire. V1 too resulted in the retirement of many former Beta users, but Banach and Rorschach continued unabated.

Banach remains the oldest and most active Canadian in our nation, and though he now speaks of retirement, we know that he will not be gone for long. One can also see similarities between Banach's life in eRepublik and the conflicts Rorschach has been involved in. For example, think of Banach falling out with Canada after his resignation as Prime Minister, doing little to antagonize the public, members of the government instead chose to lash out at him over his decision. In response, Banach leveled devastating critiques of Canadian society, much like a young Walter Kovaks’ righteous assault on two boys who tormented him in his youth. But the most prominent parallel between their two personalities is their defined concept of right and wrong.

Banach's primary goal, according to his wiki entry. was
to promote honesty by not breaking a single Erepublik rule and promoting an example of fair play to citizens in Canada.
1. True to his word, Banach has long been the sworn enemy of multi’s and trolls, dating back to his early conflicts with Cesar Augustus, then known as Dr. Jaytlez.
2. Or his current critique of the CSD Party Elections. When you think of Banach, you may instantly think of one of Rorschach’s signature phrases:
Never compromise even in the face of Armageddon.
(Written by vincent chaotic)

Top Ten Influential Canadians: 2nd Place. Banach

The second semi-retired man on the list and first would be Canadian Media Mogul. He has not achieved his goal yet and we must wonder, is it because he had too much substance to his articles? His joining the Communist Party of Canada gave it instant legitimacy. This is not a knock against the party but a testament to his standing in the community. Supreme Court justice, literary award patron, he touched everything and made an impact. If Banach made a suggestion, it got discussed. Whenever he took a position on an issue, many followed his example. It will be interesting to see how his step back from public life affects discourse on the important issues of the days ahead. Like John Wilkmot, these giant shoes will go unfilled.

Top Ten Revised: 3rd Place. Banach

Almost media mogul provides comments at large. Whenever Banach proposes something, it gains traction.

Top Ten Final: 1st Place. Banach

Although not a media mogul in terms of subscription, Banach is one of the most prolific journalists in Canada. He comments on everything, sometimes with a good dose of humour and whimsy, sometimes with the experience and wisdom of his "years" working for the betterment of the country. His interventions either in Congress or with the public at large are generally timely, often needed. Like him or not, when Banach speaks people listen or debates start. For those reasons, he secures the top spot in the list of Most Influential Canadians.