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A list of past and present Mayors of UK regions.

Note: Mayoral Elections are held on the 20th of each month. This table is for the Mayoral Election of that month, e.g. the winner of the London Mayoral Election on the 20th of February 2008 is listed under the Feb 08 entry and will be in power until the March 2008 London Mayoral Election.

London, Antwerp, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol

Month London Antwerp Belfast Birmingham Bristol
Dec 07 Volkan Kiziltug (UKRP) Slippers (UKAP)
Jan 08 Dumathe Hunter (UKRP) Final Destiny (N.E.W) Jonathan (N.E.W) AdamLazaruso (N.E.W)
Feb 08 Titus (UKRP) Final Destiny (313RP) Jonathan (313RP) SilverWolfe (PCP)
Mar 08 Shadowukcs (UKRP) Ste93 (TUP) Jonathan (TUP) Chrisclamp (TUP)
Apr 08 Nelsaidi (UKRP) Thimoty (iBEL) Ste93 (TUP) Skinny Bones Jones (TRP) Twat-ers (PCP)
May 08 Piperbunny (PCP) LosSimos (BDP) Sohir (PCP) Tino Zanicchi (TRP) Twat-ers (PCP)
Jun 08 Piperbunny (PCP) Remi Overmeire (UBP) Nokturnal (TUP) Kain Larsen (UKRP) Twat-ers (PCP)
Jul 08 Stan Wephen (PCP) Malchert (UBP) corny-ratbag (PCP) Tarimiun (PCP) davidsaxton (TUP)
Aug 08 AngelFeather (TUP) P1ccolo (UBP) PrimeMinister (UKRP) Chris Kit (Borg) Keitarour (PCP)
Sep 08 Squiddy (TUP) Malchert (UBP) Siobhan Griffin (TUP) Irakaz Ibalofa (TUP) Keitarour (PCP)

Brussels, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool

Month Brussels Cardiff Edinburgh Leeds Liverpool
Dec 07 PtitBen (BU) Samaxius (EPP)
Jan 08 Robert Edwards (N.E.W) Chloroform (N.E.W) byjimini (UKRP) Paul Hudson (UKRP)
Feb 08 PtitBen (BU) Robert Edwards (313RP) lightwave (UKRP) tessio (UKRP) TheAwesomeMatt (313RP)
Mar 08 PtitBen (BU) mattslaw (UKRP) lightwave (UKRP) Giovanne (UKRP) Smartbomb (UKRP
Apr 08 PtitBen (BU) Jasperking (TUP) lightwave (UKRP) Giovanne (UKRP) Smartbomb (UKRP
May 08 YZZ (BDP) Meadow (UKRP) lightwave (UKRP) Alain Bates (TUP) benskius (UKRP
Jun 08 Octavian86 (UBP) Bremer (PCP) lightwave (UKRP) Alain Bates (TUP) benskius (UKRP
Jul 08 Mattong (UBP) Bremer (PCP) Dinho_Eledair (PCP) Alain Bates (TUP) Katie (UKRP)
Aug 08 Mattong (UBP) Bremer PCP) JerryGFL (UKRP) Alan Hammond (TUP) Nick Appleton (PCP)
Sep 08 CreveRoeland (UBP) Bremer PCP) JerryGFL (UKRP) Alan Hammond (TUP) CBall (TUP)

Namur, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford

Month Namur Newcastle Norwich Nottingham Oxford
Dec 07 Anissa (BDP) MatthewByrne (Con)
Jan 08 Pali Hosokawa (UKRP) Bandit 2794 (TRP) Jaehlst (N.E.W) Zuku_Zulu (N.E.W)
Feb 08 fred (BU) Banfi (313RP) Bandit 2794 (TRP) s3ntin3l (UKRP) 94asm (313RP)
Mar 08 Malcovent (UKRP) JosephByrne (TRP) Jaehlst (TUP) kingofapples (UKRP)
Apr 08 Anissa (BDP) Banfi (TUP) JosephByrne (TRP) Relic (TUP) Lourinho (UKRP)
May 08 Sucko (CUP) frufru (PCP) mr. brodie (TUP) Relic (TUP) Lourinho (UKRP)
Jun 08 roby_r (CUP) frufru (PCP) widdows9000 (TUP) 03samg (PCP) Tim09 (PCP)
Jul 08 roby_r (CUP) frufru (PCP) widdows9000 (PCP) 03samg (PCP) Tim09 (PCP)
Aug 08 Chlodovech (UBP) Bob Boblo (PCP) Widdows9000 (PCP) Deathtoll32 (UKRP) Bibliphocles (PCP)
Sep 08 Palodigon (UBP) Bob Boblo (PCP) Reshev Villanova (PCP) Relic (PCP) Baljet (PCP)