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This is the history of the unity party.



The Unity Party was first formed as Now El313ct Winners (N.E.W) Under the leadership of 94asm. The party was formed mainly because The Peoples Front of 313 leader Cubezilla went inactive after winning Party Elections.

The Local Elections saw N.E.W win in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Oxford. All other Regions proved close contests except for the power base of UKRP London.


The first general election the party faced. With support from UK Action Party against United Kingdom Reform Party who had The Right Party support. The Presidential Election saw 94asm lead until the very last minute when one vote saw the result a tie. This saw Kaleb, the UKRP leader, hold onto the office of President. N.E.W had to settle for the most congress seats.

The defeat saw 94asm step aside as N.E.W leader. This saw three contestants battle it out to be the N.E.W leader. Zuku_Zulu, AdamLazaruso and Paul Hudson who had resigned from United Kingdom Reform Party to join N.E.W after seeing the talent in the party.

The Party elections saw Zuku_Zulu take charge of N.E.W. He re-branded the party The 313 Republikan Party (313RP). This was not backed by many but the party excepted it and got to work on the up coming local elections.

Local Elections saw 313RP win in Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, Newcastle and Oxford. One region down on January, the decline of 313 members was taking it’s toll.

The First Regional Council was formed and 313RP’s Final Destiny was elected the first Council President. He set about his duty in reforming the forums, setting up the Hospital voting system and releasing his hints and tips for Mayors. He also published weekly council reports that can be found in The Destiny Post archives.

Disaster struck 313RP with just 9 Days to go to the General Elections. Zuku_Zulu resigned as leader. Leaving AdamLazaruso just 9 days to organize the party. A move that saw the party in disarray.

AdamLazaruso published his Manifesto co-written by Final Destiny in a rush: Manifesto.


General Elections swung by and the results were not so close. Kaleb won by a good margin and 313RP had a reduced amount of Congress seats.

The results of the election saw people unhappy with AdamLazaruso’s leadership. He went quiet and has not been heard from since his losing of the election. A victim of Zuku_Zulu’s shock resignation.

Party Elections rolled by and Paul Hudson challenged AdamLazaruso. In a close election Paul Hudson won and become the forth leader of the party. His first move was to appoint Final Destiny as his Vice-President and rename the party The Unity Party (TUP).

The move of taking 313 out of the name resulted in many hardcore 313ers losing interest in the game and leaving. Some still lurk around but they are very much a minority these days.

The Local Elections swing round again. Final Destiny announced his retirement from the office of Mayor of Belfast and thus his position of Regional Council President. The results of the locals for TUP saw them win in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol and Nottingham another all time low in the Locals for the party.

March 26th saw the Manifesto of The Unity Party published.


General Elections saw Kaleb win again and The Unity Party even further reduced in Congress. It looks as though the harder you try the worse it gets.

Despite a campaign by Chrisclamp. Paul Hudson retained his party president seat. Making him the first leader of the party to serve 2 terms. Final Destiny retained the Vice-President role.

Local Elections saw TUP win in Belfast, Cardiff, Newcastle and Nottingham the same amount of seats as March.

Paul Hudson published his second Manifesto as Party Leader in the build up to May Elections:


General Elections saw shadowukcs pip TUP leader Paul Hudson to the Presidents Office. TUP didn't make any true gains or losses in this Election in terms of Congress keeping roughly the same percentage of the Congressional vote as last time round.

Soon after Elections though there was a few defecting Congressmen. The eUK Forum owner Nelsaidi joined The Unity Party making The Unity Party the largest party in congress and another Mayor. The Capital for the first time was run by The Unity Party even if it was by a defection.

Party Elections saw Paul Hudson retain his seat once again. Despite a friendly contest with Final Destiny there was no real challenge to Paul Hudson this time round. The Unity Party is very much united.

Soon after Party Elections Paul Hudson announced he was stepping down as Leader. This was because he felt he was too busy with work and life in general to effectively lead The Unity Party. He asked Final Destiny to take the helm who now leads the Party.

The Local elections saw The Unity Party take a record low 3 Regions with wins in Norwich (The Right Party Stronghold), Leeds (A UKRP Stronghold) and Nottingham. The victories were big ones but the loss in other Regions was worrying. Though Final Destiny supported PCP Candidate Piperbunny in London.

General Elections just around the corner and the stage was set for a close race.


At last the eUK had a TUP President. Final Destiny achieved victory in the General Elections. In Congrss TUP closed the gap and took 9 Congress seats. Only 1 seat behind UKRP.

The Presidency highlights were Final Destiny's Presidential Reports, The buying of Weapons Inc, Dicussions on Belgian Devolution and the UK Paratroopers being deployed to protect South Africa in the Indonesia-South Africa War which raged on into the following month.

The Local Elections saw The Unity Party win in Belfast, Leeds and Norwich. Equal to that of last month but losing Nottingham to the People's Communist Party while gaining Belfast from the same party.

Unfortunately Final Destiny fell ill during his Presidency. So he couldn't achieve as much as he would of liked. Even though he was away though the UK kept growing as the Ministers that were selected did a brilliant job. Jasperking the Vice-President managed to run the country fine in his absence.

Deciding not to stand for a second term due to getting married the next month Final Destiny handed over the reigns to Jasperking. Whom resigned himself to join the Spears of Destiny leaving CBall in charge of The Unity Party mid election.


Down in both Congress and activity The Unity Party fell to 4th place. After losing two Party Leaders in quick succession. The Presidency was picked up by People's Communist Party leader KIA Sneak. As UKRP also fell behind.

CBall however made it as under minister of employment in KIA Sneak's first mandate in charge of the country. Proving himself to be an effective Minister he was promoted to full Minister of Employment once 03samg went inactive. He was also officially elected The Unity Party leader on the 10th.

Local Elections saw The Unity Party win in Bristol and Leeds a new record low for The Unity Party with former member widdows9000 switching to the People's Communist Party meant the loss of Norwich. A similar story with Belfast as Nokturnal left The Unity Party for the People's Communist Party. The loss of members was clear and The Unity Party was struggling. Without their more experienced members.

No Manifesto from The Unity Party was posted this Month.


The Unity Party continued to struggle as it was another domination for KIA Sneak and his People's Communist Party. With The Unity Party getting just less than 4% of Congress things looked bleak.

CBall decided not to run for another term. Meaning the long term Mayor of Leeds Alain Bates became party leader of party after Party Elections. Following this many new members joined the party. As a result of the United Kingdom's population boom.

Local Elections swung by and The Unity Party won in London and Leeds. Leeds now proving to be The Unity Party stronghold. The London Candidate AngelFeathers appointment as a candidate was heavily criticised and Alain Bates was attacked for putting such an inexperienced candidate forward. AngelFeather hasn't done much for London so a few TUP members moved to London to serve in London Council in place of the Mayor.

The Unity Party's new blood of members helped produce a new Manifesto. That controversially contained ambitions to expand the borders of the United Kingdom.


The September 1st elections were a successful one for the The Unity Party, as the party gained 16.96% of congress (equating to six seats), overtaking the United Belgian Party.

The September 10th party elections saw Hassan Pesaran become leader of the TUP, after Alain Bates had decided that he would not run again. The election race was tightly contested between Hassan and Malta_1990, although initially it looked like the now infamous AngelFeather could have snatched the leadership. Hassan quickly implemented new TUP projects, like the TUP gifting scheme and the TUP council.

The Semptember Local Elections were a fine one in the history of The Unity Party. The TUP won five elections in London, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Belfast, which is more than any member could have expected. The closest of these was the Birmingham elections, where Irakaz Ibalofa won by just one vote from the PCP candidate.


October 1st saw The Unity Party gain 20% of Congress solidifying their place as the third party of the United Kingdom. Gaining 7 Congressmen in the process in the last General Elections before V1 was released.

Party Elections on the 10th saw Hassan Pesaran secure another term as Party president of The Unity Party. Again challenged by Malta_1990. Due to V1's release a second Party Election was held five days later that of course Hassan won as well. Despite a challenge from two relatively unknown candidate.

The first ever Congress elections in V1 on the 25th saw The Unity Party win 8 seats in Congress, with the return of Final Destiny, Jasperking and Firefly. The Unity Party gained 7 seats in total, just one seat behind the People's Communist Party, and a few seats behind UK Reform who gained 11.


The first Country President elections of V1 took place on the 5th of November. An interesting three candidate election ensued with returning TUP heavy weight Final Destiny running as TUP's candidate once again after a 5 month absence in the eUK political scene. Although the election started off close, Final Destiny placed third behind Dishmcds and Tim09.

Party Elections saw Squiddy secure his first term as Party president of The Unity Party after Hassan Pesaran chose to not seek re-election. In this PP race, Squiddy ran against three relatively unknown candidates and achieved 39 votes, thus winning with 82.98% of the vote. Squiddy picked Alan Hammond as his VP for his first term.

The second V1 Congress elections with the Regional Congressmen system saw The Unity Party and the Peoples Communist Party on level pegging. They both gained 8 seats in Congress. UKRP gained a majority again with 10 seats. Roadrunnerspeed gained the most votes for TUP in the election, with 24 votes to his name from Scotland, with Squiddy gaining 16 from London and Malta_1990 gaining 14 from the North East of England. New faces in TUP also emerged who gained seats in Congress, namely Pliped, Ares989, and Ben B M Blackmore.


In the congressional elections The Unity Party returned 11 congressmen, tying with the UKRP for joint-first place, however during that term a number of UKRP congressmen resigned from their posts, giving TUP minority control of the house by holding more congressmen than any other party in the UK.



In the Congressional elections The Unity Party returned 10 Congressmen, tying with the UKRP once more for joint-first place. The smaller return of January compared to the previous month is believed to be because of the increasing rise the MDU, which lead some to declare an end to the time of the 'Big 3' in British politics.


Going it old school

In this month's congressional elections the The Unity Party returned 12 congressmen initially, with one defection to the LSD later on.


In March the Unity Party released the much awaited TUP March Congressional Manifesto, which outlined the party's goals for the parliamentary session. The party returned 11 members of Congress.

It also saw the beginning of the Unity Party-Advancement Party Accord, an agreement between TUP President Iain Keers and BAP President Leo Ruby to stand BAP candidates under the Unity Party banner, a joint banner of left unity.


See also: TUP Manifesto for April 2009

In April Malta_1990 was selected by internal debate to run for President of the United Kingdom. Although TUP had never won a Presidential election solo, the huge changes in the party made this possible, and Malta won with 46% of the popular vote. His Manifesto can be found here.

The build-up to the party president elections was quiet, receiving little comment other than the fact that John Forseti was running against Iain Keers, as well as three outside candidates, yet the election itself was anything but. Receiving the highest total turn out of all parties at 111 votes, and largest by percentage of the top 5 at 30% the tally was so close throughout the day that the result could not be called until the end. It came down to just 3 votes between incumbent Iain Keers on 54 and John Forseti on 51.

Congress elections this month were fairly successful, with twelve members being elected. New congress members included Luke Mitchell (SW), Wallyboy444 (London), Hethor (NI), Stephen Torrington (Wales), Stefan1992 (SE), busynurse1510 (EM) and Mailak Kalan (EoE). In addition sitting congress members Iain Keers, John Forseti and BFSte, as well as old congress members Sir Graystar and Count Drakula were elected.

The Unity Party constitution was also amended this month; the amendments proposed by John Forseti received no debate and passed at conference with 100% support.

At the end of the month the party underwent somewhat of a re-branding. A new logo was created by Sir Graystar, and is now being used by all TUP organisations and articles. There was a feeling that an update was in order, rather than a replacement, as the old logo was very popular but looked somewhat dated. The font was changed and the logo was given an overall more attractive and modern look. The Unity Post announced this change on April 27th.


See also: TUP Manifesto for May 2009

In the May party elections, The Unity Party backed the UKRP candidate SaraDroz. She ended up winning by a large margin, hardly surprising since TUP now had over 400 members and were quite a lot bigger than the second largest party, The People's Communist Party.

The Party president elections were fought out between John Forseti (who had been very close to winning last month) and Teh User. In the end John Forseti won by a considerable margin, and took over the presidency from Iain Keers, who had decided not to run for a third term due to him setting up Camelot. John immediately set about appointing position for the Council of Unity.

The May Congress elections was somewhat disappointing for TUP, as the party only managed to get nine seats. This was their worst result since September 2008.


June was a comeback for TUP. The Party backed coalition candidate Kumnaa, who won by a narrow margin, beating the United Kingdom Reform Party candidate JerryGFL. Kumnaa moved from PCP to TUP mid-way through his term. Later in the month the party scored another victory as it reclaimed its past glories gaining 12 seats in the congressional election.


See also:TUP Manifesto for July 2009
July began with TUP member and candidate Hassan Pesaran winning the Presidential elections by a comfortable margin, beating United Kingdom Reform Party candidate Dishmcds with the help of the PCP. Later in the month the party exceeded all hopes in winning a massive 18seats in the congressional elections, receiving more votes than any other party and winning a near majority of congress. Combined with the PCP there was now a significant left wing majority in congress.

Over the month one of the most prominent battles in congress was the debate over the implementation of nationalised Q2 grain companies to combat rising prices. The 57% left wing majority was the elephant in the room throughout the debate, with the UKRP forming a strong opposition to the move. This was one of the clearest left-right divides in the recent history of the UK.


August saw TUP member and country President Hassan Pesaran win with a huge landslide victory. Hassan won with 588 votes, four hundred more than second place candidate Dodgy Dude, standing as the BEP candidate. United Kingdom Reform Party surrendered their chance at the Presidency by backing the indomitable Hassan, who has one of the highest approval of any President in eUK history. He stood on an honest platform- to continue the work he had been doing. You can find his manifesto Here.

On the 15th, Mr Woldy Was elected a second time as Party President, and in the following congress elections The Unity Party maintained its position as the largest party in congress.


See also: TUP Manifesto for September 2009
September saw TUP member GLaDOS take the reigns from Hassan Pesaran as Country President. The results were GLaDOS 502 votes, Necrosis (United Kingdom Reform Party, Free Democratic Party, Vanguard) 378, Widdows9000 (People's Communist Party, Radical Freethinkers Alliance, British Capitalist Party) 318. 502 votes, without any non-party backing, and running against all other major parties, is the highest result in known history. The huge victory over UKRP and the other top 5 parties cemented the TUP's position at the time as the most powerful party in the UK.

On the 15th of September Party Veteran Mr Woldy stepped down as Party President. Karacticus, an up-and-coming UK star, was duly elected with the largest number of votes.


See also: TUP Manifesto for October 2009
October began with TUP member Mr Woldy winning the Presidency from party defector GLaDOS by over two hundred votes. He received 798 votes, the biggest landslide victory in UK history to date.

After the victory Karacticus was re-elected as TUP PP. He received 250 votes and turnout was a prophetic 313 votes. The Party went on to win 15 seats in the Congressional election, co-ordinating with the People's Communist Party to ensure a large number of left wing seats.


See also: TUP Manifesto for November 2009
November began with the re-election of TUP member Mr Woldy as Country President. He won with over fifty percent of the vote, and although turnout was down the percentage of the vote held by the The Unity Party-PCP alliance increased.

On 15 November, at the Party President elections, Stefan1992 was elected as the next leader of The Unity Party with 59.25% of the vote, defeating nearest rival Lord Weiis, with 30.82%.

On 25 November, The Unity Party secured 12 seats in the Congressional election, down three from the previous month.


See also: TUP Manifesto for December 2009
After Mr Woldy announced he would run for a third term, The Unity Party managed to close out the year with an extremely tight victory against Craig Rossiter, winning by just three votes out of 1,556 ballots cast - the highest turnout in the country's history. It was the first time The Unity Party had achieved a three successive term mandate.

On 15 December, incumbent Party President Stefan1992 was comfortably re-elected with a dominant 63.51% of the vote against nearest rival Lord Weiis, with 18.92%.

On 25 December, The Unity Party had a disappointing result in the Congressional elections, losing a further two seats on November's result, taking the party to just 10 seats. The emigration of one of their Congressional delegation later reduced them to nine.



See also: TUP Manifesto for January 2010
With the retirement of Mr Woldy after three terms, the UK held its its first open Prime Minister election since September 2009. The Unity Party selected Nice Guy Eddie to stand under its banner, and received the endorsement of the PCP. The election on 5 January ended the Party's streak of victories in prime ministerial elections, as Dishmcds was elected by a 96 vote margin on a slightly reduced turnout compared with the record of the previous month.

Stefan1992 announced he would not be standing for another term as party president, creating an open-seat election on 15 January. In the event, the election was won easily by former leader Iain Keers on a promise to shake up the party. The election was won with 64.6% of the vote.

On 25 January, Iain Keers delivered by leading the party to its third best Congressional election performance in its recent history, securing 16 seats, with at least one candidate elected in every region.


Possibly the best month for the party to date. Dishmcds won re-election after Draaglom resigned two days before the election leaving it too late to change or find another candidate so the party voted Dishmcds. Iain Keers was elected to restand for party president and secured 95.16% of the vote. In the following congressional elections; TUP took its largest ever number of seats, 19, only one seat short of 50% of congress and 3 short of the eWorld record of 22 seats out of 40. Along with allies PCP; the left now had once again an absolute majority in congress.


Dishmcds retired from the office of Prime Minister and the country entered another open election. The party elected Karacticus to be the party candidate for the March election and won the election with 47.41% of the vote running against Radical Freethinker's Alliance candidate AltmerVampire. Iain Keers decided not to rerun for Party Presidency and it went to open election; JamesW won with 63.6% of the vote beating nearest candidate Lord Weiis. In the March Congress elections the party secured 18 seats (43.59%); and although one less seat for the party overall it's fellow left party the People's Communist Party secured 6 seats (15.38%) giving the left a stronger majority than the previous month.


Karacticus retired from the office of Prime Minister and the country entered it's 2nd consecutive open election. The party elected to run Pensive, Karacticus' Minister of Defence, as it's candidate for the April election and he lost the election securing 27.31% of the vote to former party member and prime minister GLaDOS who ran under a UKRP banner. For party president elections Dan Moir was voted in with an overwhelming majority. In the April Congress elections the party secured 17 seats (42.5%); one less seat for the party overall on last month, partly due to a resurgence of the British Empire Party (BEP) reborn The Real Spamicans.


GLaDOS decided not to rerun as Prime Minister and the party elected to place Jamesw as their candidate on behalf of the party. Craig Rossiter withdrew his intention at the 11th hour to stand for office. James was therefore elected with a massive 54.70% with potential problems arising that People's Communist Party candidate elbanaan did not secure second place and thus impeachment procedures could have been problematic. Party President elections were again a one forum candidate vote in the leadership of Dan Moir and he was again elected as president with a overwhelming majority of the party. Congressional elections were coordinated with the PCP and although the party returned two less seats on last month the PCP returned more candidates giving both parties a combined pool of 60% of the commons seats, making this a great success for the party.


Jamesw announced he would be running a single term of office and the party elected Mr Woldy to be it's candidate in the June Prime Ministerial elections running against the UKRP candidate Dishmcds. These two giants of eRepublik fought a long and clean campaign but Mr Woldy was elected with a sizeable majority of 55.36%; the largest voting percentage ever given to a Unity Party Prime Minister. This started Mr Woldy's fourth term as Prime Minister; having previously held the post in the months of October - December of 2009.

Dan Moir announced his decision to stand down as Party President this month. Pensive announced his intention to stand for the Party Presidency. The party faced a takeover attempt from UKRP member Jhorlin, determined on reversing legalisation through any means necessary that the party voted on an amendment for the House of Lords, which caused much debate and a massive forum split during the voting proceeding; the legislation effectively killed the ill fated House of Lords which was a split for many left-right politicians. Pensive won the election with a landslide result of 82% but the battle for the House of Lords to be reintroduced still rages to this day in Public Discussion.

Elections to House of Commons was interrupted with invasion from Poland and protective region swapping from Netherlands on the eve of the election. The party elected every candidate possible within the countries four remaining regions; with two additional congress members being returned in East of England from Experience Points over the other candidates, due to all candidates there having 0 votes in a eRepublik bug and the region being returned before the voting ended on the 26th.

The party returned 9 seats out of a possible 19 seat house in a very hotly contested election due to a change in regions, making it the second best election result in the party's history in terms of overall percentage of seats winnable.


Iain Keers was selected to be the candidate for the July Prime Minister elections after Mr Woldy decided not to rerun for election. Iain won the vote against the seasoned candidate GLaDOS, who was confident of victory after defeating the party in the April election, but Iain won a large majority due to promise of widespread reform and was elected Prime Minister. Pensive announced he was unable to run another month of party presidency, due to being unable to fulfill congressional commitments and Kevy Kev Kev Junior shabado was the party's only candidate.

July Commons elections the party lost ground due to tied on XP close votes at the 11th hour and reduced players during the change to V2 which hit the party vote hard, but the party held joint top for number of seats sharing that honour with the UKRP.


The party ran Jamesw as it's official candidate for the PM election and was defeated by John Barlett in a election with an extremely reduced turnout from all sides, due to the introduction of V2 this month. It was also the first month in over a year and a half that no TUP members held any cabinet positions in government. Jamesw later took over as Deputy Prime Minister and joined the cabinet after Dishmcds quit the game and eventually moved to become Prime Minister elect after John Bartlett requested impeachment due to similar dissatisfaction with the game alongside Dish. August Commons elections seen a return to form for the party and seen the party elect everyone who showed interest in joining government, due to a reduced number of able candidates.


Jamesw retained the role of Prime Minister after having done the job for half of August and no candidate declared interest in running against him. GGRyan stood for the purpose of impeachment proceedings as Deputy Prime Minister, to ensure he would gain ingame powers if James was unable to perform his duties and did not actively campaign for the role. Asher Di Immortales is the party candidate for Party Presidential elections and was elected with a landslide vote.

The People's Communist Party chose to end all relations with the party thus abolishing UK-Left; after the party refused to back their attempt to bring about binding referendums which potentially discriminated against members of the UK based on their willingness to hand over their IP address to the eUK government.

Congress elections was a resounding return to form, an almost to the party and eWorld record for congress seats held in a 40 seat Congress. Eighteen candidates were elected; with a 19th being added on the 1st October as Dr Duncan was elected after a multi account was banned and his wildcard spot was taken by him. TUP's size was a force to be reckoned with: the combined total of the top four parties number of seats by membership was less than TUPs number of seats in the Commons.


On October 5th TUP readied itself to campaign for Jamesw to remain as President for one final term. However James had been in a smaller party, which nominated him itself. Asher then added TUP's endorsement. Due to the ingame rules, this meant that James would show as being the small party candidate, rather than have the Unity Party badge beside his name. He moved to TUP, but Asher, then PP, was away from his computer all weekend with a pre-arranged real life engagement. As it stood, on the fifth TUP ran no candidate for the first time since March 2009.

Membership numbers continued to fall for all parties as players left the game in the confusion of V2. Although TUP succeeded in maintaining it's position, the UK community as a whole shrank to a record low, with congressional voting numbers dropping to their lowest since beta in 2008. On the 15th of October Karacticus, twice Party President and once Country President, stepped up to lead TUP out of the hard times. Karacticus won with 87.5% of the votes- 84. In October 2009, when he last ran, he received 250, showing how much the community had shrunk.


On November 5th jamesw won a historic 4th mandate as President under The Unity Party banner. This made TUP the most successful party in UK history, and cemented our position as policy-makers for the UK. Jamesw won with 75.91%, another record. As the month progressed, IndieKid, a long term party member, announced he would stand for Party President. He won comfortably, and in the following congress elections TUP won 38% of the seats, a fair result.


December saw long term member Kevy Kev Kev Junior shabado run for the Presidency. He was narrowly beaten by United Kingdom Reform Party candidate Jhorlin who has had a long history of antagonism with TUP. The defeat was a blow for the party but led us to restructure for the new year. Frerk ran for and won the Presidency on the 15th, being the first real-world Dutchman to lead the party. He went on to run for President in January, making him the first Party President to become President in the UK since 2008. TUP secured 14 seats in December, which was a poor result, but one reflecting a general drop in activity across the UK.

History 2011


January brought the election of Frerk as UK President. Dan Moir was elected as Party President on the 15th, and with the organisational skills he is famous for, TUP secured 18 seats. 45% of congress was TUP, the best result since the party heyday in mid-2010. The month was a successful one for TUP which dominated congress.


February brought the re-election of Jhorlin as President, again defeating Kevy Shabado. The election represented a major step back for TUP, as Jhorlin is opposed to most of what we stand for. His term saw the end of government gifting schemes which have been running since TUP began implementing them in April 2009. Stefan1992, a party stalwart and 2 time PP, was elected to lead the party once again. TUP won 11 or the 34 seats available, despite major changes in region ownership causing problems during the elections.


On March 5th Mr Woldy was elected as President for the 5th time, making him the longest-serving President in UK history. On the 15th, Iain Keers was elected unopposed as Party President for a 5th time. The following congress elections returned a disappointing 13 seats, well below the parties high point and resulting in a desire for new blood within the party leadership.


The call for new blood within the party was answered when Aidizzle, current congressman stepped up to the plate. An impressive campaign before the elections saw many members take notice of a possible new party president. During the party president elections he took a majority vote with 55%, despite the low turnout from party members, signalling a new chapter in the parties history.


In May Artela ran for the national presidency position, winning with almost 50% of the vote. She was incredibly successful, revamping the entire UK military, leading us through a difficult international period and then setting up her successor perfectly for a wipe of Ireland. In the congress elections, TUP had middling success, signalling to many party members that the party was due a withdrawal from UK politics to begin a period of internal renewal.


Stepping down as CP, Artela immediately stepped up as PP of TUP. Jamesw won a surprise victory in the Presidential elections after TUP suddenly swapped support to him. The party (based on thoughts from the previous month) began to withdraw from UK politics and focus on rebuilding the heart of the party. Though we still won 10 seats (25%) of congress, the focus was very much on recruitment of new blood to take over, and rebuilding for the following month.

History 2012


Dan Moir steps up to the leadership of The Unity Party promising to increase membership count and congress seats. TUP dominates the scene this month gaining 13 congress seats and growing by 15% reversing a trend of decline. Talon Karrde is also elected for his 4th term becoming the 4th Unity Prime Minister for the year. At the end of the month shortly before the Party President elections several high profile members revert back to the UKRP in order to forestall an attempted PTO of that party.


Young citizen Bohemond4 takes over the reins from Dan Moir, inexperience and a surge in numbers for political opponents the UKPP and New Era sees The Unity Party’s numbers collapse and the lowest turnout in congress for a long time. The Prime Ministerial position is lost to UKPP’s BigAnt and this indicates that the party needs to seriously look at its internal positions.


The Equalist is elected President of The Unity Party and faces 3 opposition parties in the top 5 but manages to increase TUP turnout through an alliance with the UKRP building on the groundwork of Bohemond4. During this month The Unity Party is forced to repair damages caused by BigAnt’s failed invasion of the Azores which ruins relationships with our allies despite constant blame from him for this action. TUP increases their Congressional account although they are heavily outnumbered by the opposition parties and membership continues to drop. Early into this month all legislation is apparently repealed by Congress despite opposition from TUP, UKRP and ESO.

Graphs of Election Results

Graph of election results

Dates from November 2008-March 2010

Graph of 2009 election results

Graph showing 2009 election performance

Graph of election results November 2008-June 2011

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