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Month Year President Second Place* Notes
1 March 2009 Sadeh Badeh CyberStormAlpha
April 2009 Sadeh Badeh Hufflepuff
May 2009 Sadeh Badeh Hufflepuff Two unsuccessful impeachment attempts[1][2]
1/2 June 2009 Sadeh Badeh Gzen Sadeh Badeh impeached on 17 June 2009[3], however as an exception to the impeachment rule, BuzzyTheCat assumed the position of country president with Gzen as vice president[4]
2 July 2009 BuzzyTheCat Gzen
August 2009 BuzzyTheCat Gzen Two unsuccessful impeachment attempts[5][6]
3 September 2009 Cj Will Win Aeroner One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[7]
October 2009 Cj Will Win SoulSalvage One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[8]
4/5 November 2009 JMatH and Zaib Atsu After one unsuccessful impeachment attempt[9], JMatH was finally impeached on 20 November 2009[10]. Zaib Atsu assumed office and was tried to be impeached once[11].
5/6 December 2009 Zaib Atsu and Franz Kafka Zaib Atsu resigned and was officially impeached on 11 December 2009[12]. Franz Kafka assumed office.
7 January 2010 Joshua Hoss esssl One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[13]
8 February 2010 Sadeh Badeh Joshua Hoss One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[14]
March 2010 Sadeh Badeh Sir Valaro Volcrum One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[15]
9/10 April 2010 Franz Kafka and Sir Valaro Volcrum Aeroner Franz Kafka resigned and was officially impeached on 28 April 2010[16], Sir Valaro Volcrum finished the term and then moved to the Icon-USA.png USA
11 May 2010 Perfect.Knight Sam Krakower
June 2010 Perfect.Knight Gavin Wax VP was bloodger
Two unsuccessful impeachment attempts[17][18]
12 July 2010 Franz Kafka Gavin Wax VP was Dean Michaely who served as the Acting President for half of the month
Two unsuccessful impeachment attempts[19][20]
13 August 2010 Dean Michaely Robbie Lizzini VP was matan9010
Two unsuccessful impeachment attempts[21][22]
14 September 2010 Aeroner Jewyoyo VP was Sam Krakower
One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[23]
15 October 2010 Gavin Wax CRoy VPs were Sam Krakower and Aeroner
15/16 November 2010 Gavin Wax and Sam Krakower An unsuccessful attempt to impeach Gavin Wax was initiated on 15 November 2010[24], however a successful impeachment passed on 25 November 2010[25] making Sam Krakower the CP
16 December 2010 Sam Krakower Rheinlander von Phalz Sam Krakower second term, elected this time
17 January 2011 Perfect.Knight This was Perfect.Knight's third term, when all parties supported him
He was the first candidate that had no competition in the elections
One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[26]
18 February 2011 Rheinlander von Phalz Established military junta
One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[27]
March 2011 Rheinlander von Phalz Rheinlander von Phalz second term
19 April 2011 matan9010 danielmorad Two unsuccessful impeachment attempts[28][29]
20 May 2011 Sidewinder.ISR ArikAharon One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[30]
21/22 June 2011 a_neria and Octavius_Julius eynetane a_neria was impeached on 27 June 2011[31], Octavius resumed
22 July 2011 Octavius_Julius thegingon
23 August 2011 Sidewinder.ISR Imxotep One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[32]
24 September 2011 Octavius_Julius Sasi LoL Two unsuccessful impeachment attempts[33][34]
25 October 2011 Perfect.Knight Neta12
26 November 2011 K0munista Samson Knight First president after the second Turkish occupation.
27 December 2011 Lieber7 One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[35]
28 January 2012 eyalbaruch OfirG One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[36]
29 February 2012 Perfect.Knight
30 March 2012 ArikAharon Sicarius One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[37]
April 2012 ArikAharon
31/32 May 2012 Perfect.Knight and eynetane Perfect.Knight was impeached on 12 May 2012[38] and eynetane assumed the position of CP.
33/34 June 2012 ArikAharon and Joe Franco ArikAharon was impeached on 10 June 2012[39] and Joe assumed the position of CP.
Afterward there was one unsuccessful impeachment attempt of Joe[40]
34/35 July 2012 Joe Franco and Sergeant Autumn avnerba Joe asked for the impeachment because of health issues. On 10 July 2012[41] Sergeant Autumn assumed the position of CP.
35 August 2012 Sergeant Autumn RoaiTG One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[42]
36 September 2012 K0munista Rickolas
37 October 2012 Rickolas ArikAharon
38/39 November 2012 Meow2 and a neria Meow2 was impeached on 30 November 2012[43] and a neria assumed the position of CP
40 December 2012 K0munista itaivardi
41 January 2013 Perfect.Knight Sergeant Autumn
42 February 2013 danis1982 Perfect.Knight
43 March 2013 a neria T.GodFather
44 April 2013 RoaiTG Israel3
May 2013 RoaiTG Con Dingo
June 2013 RoaiTG Rickolas
45 July 2013 Tsahi K Sergeant Autumn
46 August 2013 xMikiGOx Rickolas
47 September 2013 Sergeant Autumn Moran238
October 2013 Sergeant Autumn Marmaroth
48 November 2013 xMikiGOx Michael II Augustus One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[44]
49 December 2013 John TG T.FatherGO
50/51 January 2014 Israel3 and a neria eliraz Israel3 couldn't continue because of RL issues so asked for an Impeachment which happened on 19 January 2014[45] when a neria assumed the position of CP
52 February 2014 xMikiGOx ygalaviperez
March 2014 xMikiGOx israelthebest89
53 April 2014 John TG LiorD
54 May 2014 Persian Punisher Con Dingo
55 June 2014 NewSaver
56 July 2014 JMSPC ahava3233
57 August 2014 New Faustian Man
58 September 2014 The J givati187
59 October 2014 NewSaver Chris Emma
60 November 2014 Grim23 givati187
61 December 2014 John Rupert Miranda t0trag
62 January 2015 Tom Kafir Admiral General Mickey One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[46]
63 February 2015 flo rida20 Admiral General Mickey One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[47]
64 March 2015 Nebojsa M. Petrovic One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[48]
65 April 2015 Rufus1988 Chris Emma
66 May 2015 Tom Kafir Sergeant Spring
67 June 2015 John Rupert Miranda Filthy McNasty
68 July 2015 Krimpie RoaiTG
August 2015 Krimpie Yakattack
69 September 2015 Sergeant Spring givati187
70 October 2015 onrop DanKjell
71 November 2015 Sergeant Spring asdfa100
72 December 2015 Filthy McNasty Mikhail Zarevich Kalashnikov
January 2016 Filthy McNasty MiczuTG
February 2016 Filthy McNasty Aleksandar Djurdjevic
73 March 2016 Jascha Stark
74 April 2016 MiczuTG Sergeant Spring
75 May 2016 Sergeant Spring asdfa100
June 2016 Sergeant Spring Milo McInnes
76 July 2016 asdfa100 Sergeant Spring
77 August 2016 Sergeant Spring asdfa100
78 September 2016 Filthy McNasty omer touboul
October 2016 Filthy McNasty Mr.Robot
November 2016 Filthy McNasty FafoStyle
December 2016 Filthy McNasty orensegall32
January 2017 Filthy McNasty Michael II Augustus
February 2017 Filthy McNasty MiczuTG
March 2017 Filthy McNasty Dryf One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[49]
79 April 2017 onrop
May 2017 onrop Filthy McNasty
80 June 2017 APT28
81/82 July 2017 Filthy McNasty APT28 Filthy McNasty was impeached after one day in the office - on 8 July 2017[50] and APT28 assumed the position of CP.
82 August 2017 APT28 Jascha Stark
September 2017 APT28 Jascha Stark One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[51]
October 2017 APT28
83 November 2017 Filthy McNasty
84 December 2017 powerful333
85 January 2018 RazorbladeByte
86 February 2018 TheEnlightenedNaor
87 March 2018 RazorbladeByte
88 April 2018 TheEnlightenedNaor One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[52]
89 May 2018 RazorbladeByte TheEnlightenedNaor
90 June 2018 TheEnlightenedNaor
July 2018 TheEnlightenedNaor Israel joined the Orion alliance
One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[53]
91 August 2018 Golden Mamba EPI TG
September 2018 Golden Mamba
October 2018 Golden Mamba Mr.Robot
November 2018 Golden Mamba Yngi
December 2018 Golden Mamba DrHavoc
January 2019 Golden Mamba Robbie Lizzini
February 2019 Golden Mamba Filthy McNasty One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[54]
92 March 2019 CreepyRazor TheEnlightenedNaor
April 2019 CreepyRazor Yngi
93 May 2019 TheEnlightenedNaor MiczuTG
June 2019 TheEnlightenedNaor Filthy McNasty One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[55]
July 2019 TheEnlightenedNaor Filthy McNasty
August 2019 TheEnlightenedNaor Filthy McNasty
September 2019 TheEnlightenedNaor
October 2019 TheEnlightenedNaor Filthy McNasty One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[56]
November 2019 TheEnlightenedNaor Filthy McNasty One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[57]
December 2019 TheEnlightenedNaor Hillary.Clinton
January 2020 TheEnlightenedNaor Hillary.Clinton
February 2020 TheEnlightenedNaor Tom Kafir
March 2020 TheEnlightenedNaor
April 2020 TheEnlightenedNaor Filthy McNasty
May 2020 TheEnlightenedNaor Hillary.Clinton
June 2020 TheEnlightenedNaor Sir Peter Otool
July 2020
August 2020 TheEnlightenedNaor givati187
September 2020 TheEnlightenedNaor givati187
October 2020 TheEnlightenedNaor givati187
November 2020
December 2020 TheEnlightenedNaor DrHavoc
January 2021 TheEnlightenedNaor givati187
February 2021 TheEnlightenedNaor givati187 One unsuccessful impeachment attempt[58]
94 March 2021 CreepyRazor givati187
April 2021 CreepyRazor Apollo72
May 2021 CreepyRazor givati187
June 2021 CreepyRazor givati187
July 2021 CreepyRazor givati187
August 2021 CreepyRazor DrHavoc
September 2021 CreepyRazor Apollo72
October 2021 CreepyRazor Apollo72
95 November 2021 Vlad Gordin
December 2021 Vlad Gordin
January 2022 Vlad Gordin
February 2022 Vlad Gordin
March 2022 Vlad Gordin
April 2022 Vlad Gordin
May 2022
June 2022 Vlad Gordin
July 2022 Vlad Gordin Majlo89
August 2022 Vlad Gordin
September 2022 Vlad Gordin
October 2022 Vlad Gordin
November 2022 Vlad Gordin
December 2022 Vlad Gordin
January 2023 Vlad Gordin
February 2023 Vlad Gordin
March 2023 Vlad Gordin
April 2023 Vlad Gordin DrHavoc
96 May 2023 HladenSpricar The Prince Simba
June 2023 HladenSpricar
July 2023 HladenSpricar The Prince Simba
95 August 2023 Vlad Gordin
September 2023 Vlad Gordin

* If there are 2 presidents who served in one month (either due to resignation or impeachment of the elected president), this field will show the third place in the elections; if there are 3 presidents who served in one month, this field will show the fourth place on the elections, and if there are 4 presidents who served in one month, this field will show the fifth place on the elections. If this field is empty, that means that there were no more presidential candidates than are mentioned in the President field.
** Impeachment information is for all successful impeachments and the unsuccessful ones which happened between the 7th and the 3rd of the month (the ones between the 4th and the 6th are not mentioned as they are "blocking" law proposals)

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