Al Raposas presidential campaign, July 2013

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MAHARLIKA nomination of Al Raposas.
Official campaign banner of Al Raposas in his third bid for country presidency.

The Al Raposas presidential campaign of July 2013 began when Al Raposas transferred to RSP and got nominated by Vincenzo Roque on June 27, 2013 (Day 2046) as the presidential candidate of Kilusan ng Makabayang Pilipino for the Philippine presidential elections on July 5, 2013.[1]


The new Department of Education logo by Al Raposas.

Al Raposas had been a long-time Cabinet member, a career he began when he was appointed Vice Minister of Education in October of 2012. For his second bid for the Country Presidency, Raposas was the Prime Minister of the Philippines, the first time the position was held again since February of 2013. He had only held an elected position when he won a seat (out of six gained by KMP) for the Forty-Fourth Philippine Congress on January 26, 2013. He again won a seat for the Forty-Fifth Philippine Congress on February 26, 2013, but he resigned his post on March 1 when his tax reform for food was rejected. He ran for party presidency of LAKAN-KBP on March 15 but lost heavily against a Macedonian candidate. Still, he ran as RSP candidate for the April 5 elections, of which he again lost to a Macedonian candidate (who gave out Q6 weapons for votes, some of which were never given). He then transferred to KMP, wherein his only cabinet work was during the short term of Boy Pick Up (May 24 - June 5, 2013). He was then nominated by former president kb1992 to be the party's candidate.

June campaign

Raposas began his campaign a full three days after his nomination, which is June 30 (Day 2049). He began his campaign with a quote from the Bible[2]:

"I saw [all Israel] scattered on the hills like sheep without a shepherd..." --1 Kings 22:17

He also reasserted a former claim that the current administration is a lameduck one, comparable to a white elephant:

"Now, what I see of our current administration is a white elephant, as I already said in my recent article. We have no shepherd to guide the sheep!"

July campaign

Public service record

On Day 2050, Raposas released an updated record of his government service. It can be seen here. On the same date, the political party MAHARLIKA decided to shift its support to the Raposas mandate.

Presentation of Platforms

Raposas also presented his updated list of platforms, of which he said none were actually implemented in the past administrations[3]:

Ministry of Defense Supply Program Expansion: Recipients will now reach citizens up to Level 30, Military Units under the government shall have no limit in experience level to be recipient. (It was Level 34 before, but the treasury had been drained in the past months, thus the necessary downgrade from the past platform. The original program only reached Level 29.)

Hunger games: a food-raising contest for citizens above the Level 34. Food accumulated would benefit the recipients of the MoD supply program.

Let’s Take The Initiative Program: launching of a national initiative program which would entertain proposals that are not in-game, like E-Palarong Pambansa or a national religion. This is aimed to increase non-governmental citizens’ participation in national affairs.

Individual Stimulus Package: allows citizens to apply for funding from the government to buy permanent infrastructure like mines or plantations

Expansion of the National Armed Forces: as of today, only PSF forms our official armed forces. The Raposas mandate is determined to absorb more units under the government’s fold.

The Military Unit Requirement: if you are a Philippine citizen, your military unit must be in the Philippines. Otherwise, you will not be covered by any subsidy from the government.

Veterans One-Time Big-Time Allowance: in commemoration of the fourth year of the Philippines in the New World, we will provide veteran citizens a one time allowance from the government to express our gratitude to their work.

Free Philippines Project: for some time now, we have been under the occupation of an Asian giant in the New World, China. We must work upon freeing at least two of this regions to give the country a Congress once more.

Helping NaN: We can always help fight with nations allied with us in NaN, which actually makes us more busy in military campaigns than before, but let us keep in mind to fight for the Philippines first when our country needed us.

Ghetto Program: learning from the past PTOs, the Raposas mandate campaigns for limiting the number of foreigners in the country, while conducting baby boom from RL Filipinos and Filipinos at heart.

The Ministries that will be perpetrated if the Raposas mandate is elected are the following:

•Ministry of Defense (in-game)

•Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in-game)

•Ministry of Education (in-game)

•Ministry of Finance or Governor of Central Bank (in-game)

•Ministry of Culture and the Arts: in adherence to our commitment to promote Philippine culture, arts and national patrimony

•Ministry of Transportation: the government shall subsidize moving fees for citizens who need to finish their daily orders, or who is abroad and is needed to fight here in the Philippines

Opinion polling

Opinion polling (locally known as "surveys") is measured by the number of votes of the last day articles of the presidential candidates, dated July 4, 2013 (Day 2053).

Name Current government position Party/ies Votes and Percentage
Al Raposas none KMP, MAHARLIKA 80 (29.30%)
ePece Philippines DI Party President Philippines DI, Philippine ImmortalS 13 (4.76%)
Kristijanmkd93 none DPP N/A
agent of chaos RDPM Party President RD Philippines Movement N/A
r1ste none LAKAN-KBP N/A

Opinion polls for Raposas

Opinion polls for Al Raposas
(As of April 4, 2013)
Date Votes Percentage*
June 30, 2013 (Day 2049) 20[4] 7.33%
July 1, 2013 (Day 2050) 10[5] 3.66%
July 2, 2013 (Day 2051) 25[6] 9.16%
July 3, 2013 (Day 2052) 80[7] 29.30%

* Percentage to national population (273) as of July 4, 2013 20:45 Erepublik time


  • Papa Franciso I (Pope Francis)
  • Sparkfyre, Country President of Pakistan
  • RaymondN, Commander of Philippine Military Academy
  • tolgaksk, Spokesman of DirenGezi
  • GSmyrlof, Minister of Education of Cyprus
  • Alicia Florenca, Party President of the Republic of Taiwan


Election results around time of concession of Raposas.

At around 21:00, Raposas conceded to the Czech candidate, ePece. He announced his concession to his party mates at KMP, which had mixed reactions on the result. However, jubilation reigned in the countryside upon the release of the official results, which gave Raposas an outright majority win.


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