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Flag of Andes
Map of Andes
Formation May 20, 2017
Type Regional alliance
Headquarters Santiago de Chile, Chile (de facto)
Secretary-General Icon-Mexico.png ChaniryXXI
Members 7

Andes is a regional alliance consisting of seven countries from Latin America.
It was founded by Icon-Bolivia.png Bolivia, Icon-Chile.png Chile, Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay and Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela.


 South America in recent times have put aside old ingame grudges and have built very strong bonds of friendship and brotherhood.
South American countries have fought side by side in unequal battles against superior enemies in damage and money, but never superior in HONOR.
It is for this joint work that decision was made to found an alliance whose basic principles are Honor and Respect.
What unites the liberators, what they have in common and what they leave as historical legacy is the confrontation to death against European colonialism and the project of Latin American unity, the project of the people in arms and the revolutionary war on the continental level.
That is why both Simon Bolivar and San Martin, Tupac Amaru, Artigas, Fulgencio Yegros, Tirandentes and O'Higgings are still present in the struggle of our days fueling the fire of rebellion for the definitive independence of Our America.
They had the ideals of independence, lack of personal egoism and greatness, which Andes set as the principles that govern their destiny.


Member countries (avocado green)