eRepublik Partnership of Interdependent Countries

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eRepublik Partnership of Interdepent Countries
Flag of eRepublik Partnership of Interdepent Countries
Map of eRepublik Partnership of Interdepent Countries
Formation Day 1,542
Type Military
Secretary-General Mister Terminator
Members 12

eRepublik Partnership of Interdepent Countries (abbr. EPIC), was a military alliance consisting of twelve (12) countries.


The alliance was named by the countries and Blagota, EPIC was founded in order to organize the proONE countries.


The citizen Blagota requested a meeting between the CP of the proONE countries in February 2010. The alliance was created in order to accomplished one main goal: Every member country will have Congress. The founders members are Mexico, Montenegro, New Zealand, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, South Korea, Slovakia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. The first meeting of the countries was held in February 6, 2012[1].


Member countries (red)

Alliance Leadership

Country Citizen
Secretary General
Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand Mister Terminator
Military Commander
Icon-Thailand.png Thailand BeLpHeGoR-6-6-6 aka Belfegor
Deputy Secretary General
Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia Nerux
Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay Leonidu
Deputy Military Commander
Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand MarkoStojsic
Icon-Thailand.png Thailand dedaSRB
Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand Windvry aka Ronell
Military Cabinet
Icon-Mexico.png Mexico Drako Yang
Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela Syrkius
Icon-Egypt.png Egypt Varlosh
Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela Talkewa


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