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Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
Date of birth August 20, 2009
Day 639 of the New World
Date of death April 2015
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper e i to me zabole
Minister of Information of Serbia
5 July 2011 – 5 August 2011
Served under Cowboy_from_hell
5 August 2011 – 5 September 2011
Served under Lukaz
Succeeded by marko1996
5 October 2011 – 5 November 2011
Served under Cowboy_from_hell
Preceded by marko1996
Succeeded by marko1996
5 December 2011 – 5 January 2012
Served under desert hamster
Preceded by marko1996
5 January 2012 – 5 February 2012
Served under Slobodan Prvi
Succeeded by serbiankid
Military rank Icon rank God of War***.png God of War***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dasa1234567890 was a citizen of Serbia. During his life, he lived in Serbia, Malaysia, Pakistan, USA, Argentina, and again in Serbia.


In his life, Dasa didn't like politic so he didn't been in any Party seriously. Few times tried to be congress member under Stranka Zdravog Razuma but every time he failed in that. Dasa has served 1 term as a member of Ministry of Defense in Serbia (October 2010) and 3 terms as a Minister of Information (July, August and October 2011).

Dasa was party president of "Freedom For Texas" party for a long time while he was in the USA, but upon his return to Serbia he become part of Samo Srbija party.

"Freedom for Texas" thing

After almost a year of playing for Serbia, Dasa has decided to move to another side - to USA - enemy of Serbia. Main reason for that was political instability in Serbia, but also he was looking for more fun. Many Serbian players started to troll around with "Freedom for Texas". After arriving in USA, he started his own companies for third time and he was lucky. He earned small fortune there.

Five months Dasa was in USA, writing articles, making money and fighting for USA. In first days of Spanish invasion on USA he was fighting against Spain and his allies (Serbia, Poland, Hungary) to defend homeland. When Serbia started expansion on East through Romania and Ukraine he went back to homeland and again, he was Serbian fighter.

For six months in Texas (USA) he learned that Texas is free under USA borders. Two months after that, Serbia "freed" Texas, but it was lost after two days and whole thing with Texas freedom was ended.

At fifth of November he earned Battle Hero medal in battle for Texas between Serbia and USA. Unfortunately Serbia was defeated in that battle. Dasa lives to see Texas in borders of Serbian Empire.

On 15th November 2011 Dasa and his friend Andrej.M formed party which was called "Freedom For Texas".


Avatar of Gerila MU - MU that he started

Dasa's first military unit was Srpski Korpus. He joined it in April after he back in game. He was officer there and after three months he decided to leave Srpski Korpus and go to Serbian army (VeS) - unit "Panteri".

When he joined Panthers, after short time he become officer. In this unit he made big experience as a soldier which will be useful in his later life. In November, he decided to leave Panthers and make some vacation without army.

After month of vacation he joined military unit "Pirati" (Pirates) and becomes second in command. After short time unit was dismissed and his military carrier has been ended for few months.

After few months, in July he joined newly formed militia called "Juzni Front". Because of his big military experience, Dasa has become officer. In July 17th, because of commanding officer inactivity, Dasa taking command above unit and starts reform. Few weeks after that, Juzni Front was renamed into "Gerila" (Guerilla) and went under big changes, most of them brought activity and much better organization of the unit.

Sometime in 2012, Dasa1234567890 decided to join US ARMY where he was until end of 2013 when he joined Prison Force where he served as 2nd Commander.

Randomly checking information about Dasa1234567890, in March 2015 it was detected that he is the Commander of Croatian military unit - Osyris.


Dasa is the owner of the successful newspaper, e i to me zabole, formerly known as Texas Nevvs, with over 3800 subscribers. He writing mostly about Military events in Serbia and world, but there is few other kinds of articles such as Candidatures, trolling articles, "drunk" articles (he writing it while he is drunk) etc.



Icon achievement freedomfighter on.gif 34x Freedom Fighter.
Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 54x Hard Worker
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 0x Congress member.
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif 3x Media Mogul.
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif 10x Battle Hero.
Icon achievement campaignhero on.gif 3x Campaign Hero.
Icon achievement resistance on.gif 2x Resistance Hero.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 288x Super Soldier.
Icon achievement society builder on.gif 2x Society Builder.
Icon achievement mercenary on.gif 14x Mercenary Medal.
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif 20x True Patriot