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Icon Plato foundation former board member.pngeRepublik AmbassadorSenior Game ModeratoreRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazilian
National rank 19
Date of birth 22 June 2008
Residence Southeast of Brazil
Sex Male
Political party PANELA
Faith Dioism
Newspaper eDuck News
Member of Parliament of Brazil
Party president of Uniao Brasileira
16 August 2009 – 15 September 2009
Preceded by Flausino
Succeeded by Gahnkaz
Party president of Uniao do Guli
22 January 2010 – 15 May 2010
Preceded by Nosrial Olem
Succeeded by dinossauro
Minister of Social Affairs of Brazil
06 June 2010 – 05 August 2010
Vice president of Brazil
06 October 2010 – 05 November 2010
Party president of O.D.I.N.
16 December 2010 – 15 January 2011
Preceded by Lisbela
Succeeded by Hugan
Brazilian Ambassador of Russia, Bulgaria and India
20 June 2011 – 30 November 2011
President of Brazil
01 July 2012 – 05 July 2012
Preceded by Kuarw
Succeeded by Volkofff
Vice president of Brazil
07 December 2016 – 06 January 2017
President of Brazil
07 April 2017 – 06 May 2017
Preceded by SEP II
Succeeded by Milk007
Military unit Esquadrao Sorvete
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank Titan***.png Titan***
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 3.png Chief Master Sergeant***

Gulitiwi is a Brazilian citizen born in the Southeast region of Brazil. Gulitiwi fluently speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English; he's also a student of Russian language. As a politician of Brazil, he's the player most elected for congress in his country and with the largest amount of votes in Brazilian history. Known as the duck of Brazil, he is constantly using different references within the game.

Icon welcome.gif Birth and first steps

Gulitiwi is a Brazilian citizen born in the southeast region on June, 22nd 2008, day 215 of the New World. Gulitiwi got to know the game on a big Brazilian forum known as VT, invited by nelio. He first saw the advertisement of the game in May, but didn't want to join the game alone and waited until his friend Champer accepted his invitation to join this unknown world. In the Beta version of eRepublik you were required to publish your résumé in wait ‘til you have received a job proposal by the employer. He wrote what his fellow VT Forum members recommended, “I work every day with 100% wellness”, and waited for his very first job.

Icon impeach.gif.png Close death and new beginning

V1 and Bugs

eRepublik Server in the beginning of V1

On October 14th, 2008, eRepublik launched its new version V1, replacing the previous beta version of the game. After the launch of V1, Gulitiwi slowly started his hibernation.

At the beggining, the game suffered with endless instability, items disappearing and some boring features, some now extinct, for example Trivia. After the update, Gulitiwi's journey began to cease. At the first few days, he bought food to keep his account alive, but a week later he completely stopped logging in the game. His old friends also left the game in the same period.


If you're dying you will get emailed

After his long period of inactivity, on May, 7th of 2009, Gulitiwi received an email from eRepublik warning about his close death. At first, he didn't pay much attention as he had no interest to return to the game.

On May, 15th of 2009, Gulitiwi logged in the game for the first time in five months, however, took a couple weeks to fully return to the game and get together with the whole eBrazilian social places: MSN ChatGroup and Erepublik Brazil forums.

Icon position party member.gif Social Activity

Gulitiwi is always active on mIRC and forums of eRepublik. Usually known as Guli or Duck.

He was the Social Minister for two months in 2010 and with some efforts managed to answer over 50 daily messages helping players during this time.

Icon position press director.gif Media Activity

Gulitiwi is known by making articles with prizes or giveaways. He created his newspaper for free a couple weeks after registering on the game, formerly named eWorld News!. A couple months later he wanted to change the newspaper name to eDuck News! with no success, eRepublik stopped accepting special character for newspaper names, obliging him to use eDuck News instead.

Although he became a successful journalist, it took several weeks before he published his first article, on the day 277 (August, 23rd of 2008) of the New World.

During the launch of Erepublik Rising he created many tutorials to help Brazilian citizens get used to the new features, some of them reaching the world Top articles.

All of his articles have reached Top 5 of Brazil, with some of them reaching Top 5 of the world.

Icon position party president.gif Politics

A few days after registering to the game, Gulitiwi joined the party Partido Republicano Brasileiro, but never really interacted with its members. After his long-lasting hibernation period ended, when Guli returned to the game, his party had already become Uniao Brasileira.

In May of 2009, approximately day 528 of the new world, Gulitiwi started to interact with his party members, especially Flausino, Gahnkaz and Nosrial Olem, whom later became some of his best friends in the game at that time. Although he was chatting, the main interaction with the Political module only started on July of 2009, due to Poland trying to take over Brazil.

Poland take over of Brazil

Until late 2009, there was no citizenship module in the game, meaning that anyone, from any country, could vote in any election at that time.

Although that was not the first try to takeover of Brazil politics, was the biggest and most well-coordinated of that time. Polish players managed to get a party to the Top 5 of Brazil, and, at some point, changed the name of it to Uniao Brasileira, his own party, who had to temporarily change its name to Real Uniao Brasileira, to avoid uninformed members of voting in the wrong party.

At that time, Gulitiwi didn’t want to join politics because he was afraid it would consume way too much of his free time, but later agreed after Flausino told him it wouldn’t be a problem, so he became one of the official candidates of the party during the anti-takeover act.

Many countries have helped to block the political takeover voting in the official candidates, and Gulitiwi helped to coordinate votes to every party until day change. The hard work was rewarded with just a dozen of Polish players being elected and his first Congressman medal.

Uniao Brasileira

When Guli returned to the game, his former party Partido Republicano Brasileiro, had become Uniao Brasileira and Gulitiwi was one of its oldest members. At that time, the older member you were, the first you would be in the party member list, meaning Gulitiwi was among the top 3 of oldest members still alive in the party.

Uniao Brasileira was known among older players as a way too young party, with many of its members not active in the main Politics and barely electing any congressmen at that time. The party was often seemed as useless among the Brazil Elite because the lack of interaction with the major active parties and mostly doing bad opposition at that time, it changed after Poland take over trial.

A month after the takeover, on the day 634 of the new world, Gulitiwi was elected as the party president and started to interact deeper with Brazil politics and to gather more members to his party. After that election, he started to coordinate his party elections every month, managing to elect most congressmen of the party history.

Around January of 2010, Gulitiwi started to get tired with the politics and created his party Uniao do Guli.


A group of friends, well-known players of Brazil, that were all tired of the repetition in national politics, worked for months to build the foundations of O.D.I.N., a party that would shake up eBrazilian politics with its roleplay and elect most of the presidents of the Brazilian history. The party was officially founded on the day 920 of the New World by dinossauro, Fernando Sucre, Gulitiwi, Hugan, Jazar, Lucas DG, Marco Polo, Megaduck, nuutxer and Welington.

Icon-war.png Milestones

Day 215 – Registered on Erepublik;

Day 235 – Foundation of his newspaper eWorld News!;

Day 277 – Created his first article Need gifts to recover your wellness?, first article to reach 100+ comments;

Day 302 – Changed his newspaper name to eDuck News;

Day 557 – First Company created – Guli Armas Q1;

Day 613 – First time elected as Congressman;

Day 619 – First article to reach 100+ votes Children’s day raffle;

Day 753 – First article to reach 200+ votes The Beta times;

Day 794 – Founded the party Uniao do Guli;

Day 860 – First article to reach 400+ votes Meanwhile in the Dead Party;

Day 904 – First article to reach 500+ votes and 500+ comments Get a food from Guli;

Day 920 – Co-Founded the party O.D.I.N.;

Day 1058 – Joined and left CAT Elite;

Day 1123 – Earned his first Battle hero medal.

Day 1210 – Founded the Esquadrao Sorvete Military Unit;

Day 1501 – Earned his first Campaign hero medal.

Day 1649 – Completed 24 terms (2 years) as a congressman;

Day 1685 – Became President after kuarw Impeachment;

Day 1810 – Reached the Military Ranking God of War;

Day 2326 – Reached level 100;

Day 2780 – Earned his 1.000th medal;

Day 3182 – Completed 7 years of Hard work medal;

Day 3231 – Reached level 200;

Day 3197 – Earned his first Sky hero medal;

Day 3202 – Earned his 200th Battle hero medal;

Day 3273 – Earned his 300th Battle hero medal;

Day 3285 – Earned his first Top fighter medal;

Day 3313 – Earned his 400th Battle hero medal;

Day 3325 – Completed 36 terms (3 years) as a congressman;

Day 3391 – Earned his 500th Battle hero medal and 100th Campaign hero;

Day 3400 – Earned his 2.000th medal;

Day 3420 – Earned his first Prestige hunter medal;

Day 3426 – Elected as president and earned his first President medal;

Day 3497 – Earned his 600th Battle hero medal;

Day 3498 – Established residence in the same region he was born, Sao Paulo;

Day 3498 – Completed 8 years of Hard work medal;

Day 3533 – Earned his 700th Battle hero medal;

Day 3555 – Earned his 2nd Prestige hunter medal;

Day 3551 – Reached level 300;

Day 3573 – Earned his 800th Battle hero medal;

Day 3617 – Earned his 900th Battle hero medal;

Day 3625 – Earned his 3.000th medal;

Day 3633 – Earned his 1000th True Patriot medal;

Day 3648 – Earned his 1000th Battle hero medal;

Day 3663 – Earned his 100th Hard work medal;

Day 3663 – Earned his 10th Prestige hunter medal;

Day 3687 – Reached level 400;

Day 3695 – Earned his 4.000th medal;

Day 3742 – Earned his 1100th Battle hero medal;

Day 3781 – Earned his 5.000th medal;

Day 3784 – Earned his 100th Resistance hero medal;

Day 3787 – Earned his 1200th Battle hero medal;

Day 3807 – Earned his 1300th Battle hero medal;

Day 3811 – Completed 48 terms (4 years) as a congressman;

Day 3832 – Earned his 1400th Battle hero medal;

Day 3843 – Earned his 6.000th medal;

Day 3844 – Earned his 30th Sky hero medal;

Day 3847 – Earned his 3000th True patriot medal;

Day 3848 – Earned his 1500th Battle hero medal;

Day 3864 – Earned his 1600th Battle hero medal;

Day 3872 – Reached level 500;

Day 3885 – Earned his 1700th Battle hero medal and 200th Campaign hero;

Day 3893 – Earned his 7.000th medal;

Icon military.png Military

During Guli's first few weeks on eRepublik, he has avoided every single battle. Even though they were rare, the Military module during the Beta times was devastating, destroying not just countries involved, but also damaging the players due to the difficulty to recover the Wellness (health, nowadays) and the way low health directly affected and reduced the production of goods.

Guli's first Battle Hero medal
On his first thrice years playing the game, he hasn’t focused on the Military module, but on the Social, Economic, and Political ones. Although looking at different aspects of the game at that time, he has barely missed a day of training and daily order after the launch of V1. At that time, he used to mostly fist fight, as weapons were not that impacting on the battlefield, and, of course, they were too expensive.

When paid trainings were introduced to the game, Guli avoided using it for the first couple of months, even though he was one of the top strength of the world at that time, as he thought it was a waste of gold to spend any Gold on the Military Module.

Gulitiwi started to avoid even more military groups when uniformized avatars started to be bigger than the main avatar, sometimes taking up to 50% of the whole useful area of the avatar. The only time he tried to join one group was when the co-founder of CAT, Fernando Sucre invited him to be one of the first 10 members of a new category of his Military Group – CAT Elite, a group of some of the strongest players of Brazil. Gulitiwi became an official member, even being quoted on the opening article, for nearly 10 minutes, once he realized the group avatar uniform was even bigger than any of the ones he saw before.

In the V1 era, Brazil created different divisions for national defense for soldiers and regular players, as Gulitiwi didn’t want to use any avatar, he created his own Military avatar that is used ‘til today: the Ice Cream Squad.

Esquadrao Sorvete logo

Esquadrão Sorvete

Gulitiwi founded his Military Unit on the day 1210 of the new world, just a few weeks after the introducion of the Military Unity on the game.

The main goal of his military unit when it was created was to keep all the known eBrazilians as members, some of the former or currently deceased members in the Military Unit were: Dio Jazar, Bunaly, Gahnkaz, Hugan, Suriat, Lucas DG, karysoares, Ryan Cullen, Lisbela, Cavalcanti, CivMasters, Borghild, Epita1997, asouza, Olorum, dinossauro and many others.

Later, the group became a graveyard of old players along with a friendly Military Unit that focused on players that didn’t want to join any Military Unit but to be independent. The members would receive weapons as bonuses every week, according to the amount of kills they managed to do during that time, the only requirement to receive the weapon bonuses was to add the Ice Cream in any part of the avatar, at any desirable size.

At this point, the Military Unit had a peak of 50 active fighters, and, at some point, managed to get over 500 members.

Icon economy.png Economy

Gulitiwi managed to make his own economic empire and is now one of the richest eBrazilian citizens.

Guli Armas Q1

Guli Armas Q1 was the first company created by Gulitiwi.

The company was created by Flausino around May or June of 2009, whom named it Antares Armas Q1. Due his short free time to manage the company, Flausino decided to sell it and put it up for sale on the market, with no luck – no one was interested. Then he began his quest to sell it on the already extinct eBrazilian MSN Chat Group for 18 Golds. Luckily, Gulitiwi was just planning to start his entrepreneur career. As an old bargainer of the eworld, he tried to buy it for 16 Golds, but Flausino denied, he wanted at least 18 Golds on it, or no deal.After many talks, Flausino surrendered and sold the company for 17 Golds.

Guli Armas Q1 was a success in the market, with an average daily production of 40 weapons and managing to sell the whole production, having a daily profit of 1 Gold, around 10% of the gross sales.

Although the company had successful sales for months after its foundation, the worst thing that could have happened to a small weapons company at that happened: Brazil started to have peaceful times, without a single war game, starting the collapse of the Weapons Industry in Brazil.

The weapons price hit their lowest mark and decreased from 7 BRL to 4.5 in a single week. Gulitiwi had to fast think and with some efforts, managed to keep the company stable and producing by decreasing production costs.

He wouldn’t be able to keep the company longer if the price kept getting new lows. The cost to produce each weapon was around 4.4 BRL and the market price was about to hit it anytime, making him decide to cease the sales and stock it. He would be able to stock up to 500 weapons without negatively affecting his personal account.

When the company had stocks of almost 200 weapons, the unlucky trend worsened; Gulitiwi’s computer crashed and he was unable to buy raw materials for the company for over 48 hours. The company ran out of raw materials and all the employees resigned to not lose their hard work medals, collapsing the company.

Gulitiwi was disappointed and has there was the need of 10 employees to reach maximum production at that time, he decided to close the company for good. The stock was used instead of sold and helped to fasten up his achievement of the General patent.


Gulitiwi was known by having organizations in every country of the world.Most of them created by himself, some of them inherited from dead players. This is the list of his known organizations:

Icon-Montenegro.png Abelhinha

Icon-USA.png BR Bank

Icon-Macedonia.png Brod King

Icon-Netherlands.png Closed Company

Icon-China.png Combatentes do Povo

Icon-Indonesia.png Corsario Corp

Icon-Brazil.png Empresas da UB

Icon-New Zealand.png Emo Duck

Icon-Chile.png Esfera Politizante

Icon-Turkey.png Esfiha

Icon-Taiwan.png Familia Restart

Icon-United Kingdom.png Gama DS

Icon-Switzerland.png Guli Bank

Icon-Spain.png Guli Collection

Icon-Hungary.png Guli Negao

Icon-Bulgaria.png Guli Organization

Icon-Germany.png Hugatiwi

Icon-Finland.png I dunno who i am

Icon-Poland.png Iamnot Meflusar

Icon-Bolivia.png Knights of Geass

Icon-Sweden.png Meflusar

Icon-Greece.png Nemly

Icon-Israel.png Nemlerey

Icon-Slovenia.png Oi qr tc

Icon-Belgium.png O Aprendiz

Icon-Austria.png Porco Aranha

Icon-France.png Ro Inv

Icon-Romania.png Sandi CH Org

Icon-Australia.png Sexy Duck

Icon-Belarus.png Somebody Love

Icon-Serbia.png Suicide Duck

Icon-Russia.png The book is on the table

Icon-Croatia.png Tribune of War

Icon-South Korea.png Uniao Empresarial

Icon political accept default.png Accomplishments

Icon achievement freedomfighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x235)
Icon achievement hardworker on.gif
Hard Worker (x114)
Icon achievement congressman on.gif
Congress Member (x57)
Icon achievement president on.gif
Country President (x1)
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x2)
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif
Battle Hero (x2758)
Icon achievement skyhero on.gif
Sky Hero (x19)
Icon achievement campaignhero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x350)
Icon achievement resistance on.gif
Resistance Hero (x171)
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x960)
Icon achievement society builder on.gif
Society Builder (x14)
Icon achievement mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x65)
Icon achievement top fighter on.gif
Top Fighter (x6)
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif
True Patriot (x9341)
Icon achievement prestigehunter on.gif
Prestige Hunter (x23)
Icon achievement party president on.gif
Party President* (x4)


Gulitiwi is known as the duck of Brazil, mostly because he's constantly using different duck references everywhere.