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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth March 8, 2009
Date of death November, 2009
Residence London, UK
Military unit USA
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

gunnah was USA citizen living in Florida, USA but born on the 8th of March, 2009 or Day 475 of the New World in New Jersey. Being level 11, gunnah barely participated in military but has declared a political affiliation and joined the United States Green Party.

NJ, USA: 12 Mar - 16 Mar

gunnah was born into the region of New Jersey and worked for Neck of the Woods Inc. based in Illinois under Jaylord Perry.

Reaching level 5 on the 14 March, gunnah soon realized the importance of the Hospital and began making plans to buy a Moving ticket and move to a region with more then a one star Hospital. gunnah did deal 10 damage in the protection of Valley of Mexico against Portugal on March 14 though the territory was eventually lost. Despite being able to fight for one's country, gunnah was still too low in levels to vote in the party elections on 15 March.

gunnah officially resigned from the previous job on March 16 to find another pay, near doubled, for Ulusal Oil Q2 based in Texas owned by 1inci Kamu Iktisadi Tesebbusu a Turk from the Central Anatolia. This move was in hopes to gain a moving ticket quicker.

FL, USA: 17 March - April

With the bonus for getting to level 6, gunnah quickly jump on the next train out of New Jersey in the hope that a state with a better hospital can help accelerate gunnah through the levels. While not wanting to go abroad yet, gunnah went to the only state in the USA with a five-star hospital, Florida, in the hopes of finding fame and fortune there. On 18 March, gunnah reached level 7 and was finally able to join a party and so joined the US Green Party, though thinks more independently about issues then party lines.

After several days of day in, day out work, gunnah managed to get enough experience to go out and find a new job. On March 24, gunnah left the old position in favor of the California-based Buck Wheat, owned by Buck Industries of Idaho.

During the War Games of March-April, gunnah picked up 247 damage towards the military rank. Upon the 25 April, gunnah was promoted from Private or Corporal.


  • The name does begin with a lower case letter, this is not a typo or lazy typing but a preference of gunnah.
  • Current preoccupation is collecting currencies from all of the Countries.
  • Her death was discovered in November 2009, but it is believed that she died sometime in Summer 2009.