Hugo McFartalot

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Hugo McFartalot

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Nationality Flag-United Netherlands.jpg eRepublikan
National rank 36
Date of birth 22.05.2009 - Day 549 of the New World
Residence West Netherlands
Political party Green Liberal Democrats
Congress member of West Netherlands
26.12.09 –
Preceded by Trinc
Congress member of Brussels
26.07.09 – 25.11.09
Preceded by Cocoamok
GLD Head of Congress Delegation
26.10.09 – 25.11.09
Chairman of The United Netherlands Congress
27.07.09 – 27.08.09
Preceded by Frerk
Succeeded by Peter van der Voort
Ambassador to eIreland
12.09.09 – 26.11.09
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Hugo is a citizen of the United Netherlands.

Early Years in the eWorld

Hugo was born in the North-East region of England (United Kingdom) on day 549 of the New World. He was quick to engage in military training and learn construction-related trades. Hugo has a passion for politics and likes nothing better than engaging in debate on 'bread and butter' issues that matter to ordinary eCitizens i.e. wages, the cost of RAWS, availability of hospitals. He is liberal in his politics; meaning he prefers to see a small state but with government retaining a key stakeholder interest in key areas like defence and foreign affairs. The first party he joined in eUK was the Liberal Social Democrats, followed later by The Unity Party because they were able to exert real influence in eUK politics while retaining a centerist political manifesto.

Relocation to The United Netherlands (eUNL)

Friend and business partner Thomas Fairfax moved to North Netherlands from Eastern England very early on in his life in the New World. Happy with the society he found in eUNL he convinced Hugo that a move abroad would be a positive one; especially as wage levels looked to be more generous! Hugo flew over to West Netherlands and settled there on day 605 (approximately). He immediately gained employment with another construction firm and enlisted in the eUNL Army to continue his development as he was still a Private soldier at the time. Hugo joined the Libertarian Social Democrats and immediately started getting busy with party affairs by commenting on blogs written by senior party figures.

Political life in eUNL

Very early on in Hugo's time in LSD, he made an audacious attempt to be elected Party President of LSD, standing against Sir Olf. Unfortunately he failed to be elected (which he expected!) but by gaining over 20% of the vote he did attract the attention of party members as someone who wanted be an active member and drive the party forward. He first stood for Congress, in West Netherlands, on the 25th June 2009 Congressional elections but failed to gain any significant level of support to challenge other candidates for one of the five seats on offer. However the achieved a breakthrough in Brussels when standing as an LSD candidate there, on 25th July 2009. He was elected along with marijn and ArtemIvanov from LSD.

Hugo moved to new political 'pastures' very late into his first term as Congressman for Brussels, when he joined the Green Liberal Democrats. He felt more comfortable with their [GLD] centrist manifesto that put individual opportunity and freedoms above the temptation to expand state control over all areas of life in eUNL (in particular the growth of state companies and the effect on wages and prices in the domestic market).